When I was starting my career, I used to get so excited when I was invited to a meeting.  Now I feel like sometimes my life is death by meeting… and to be honest, a lot of that is my own fault because I’m not the best at setting boundaries with my time.  The above post by Paige was a big help.


My sweet friend Jordyn just had an absolutely stunning, whimsical wedding.  I feel like so many wedding planning posts are really sunshine and rainbows, and I appreciate how honest Jordyn is in this “top wedding planning tips” post.


I love the Real Women, Real Clothes series by Draper James.  This article highlights Karen Anderson, the artist known as Tiny Doors ATL.  I love her philosophy and her passion for building community.


The Tipping Point

And last but certainly not least is this post from Carly.  It touches on how the blogging industry has changed.  In a small way, I relate.  I often worry if I’m wasting my time because my blog doesn’t compare to those of professional bloggers.  I’m not great at editing photos, and I really hate posting on Instagram.  It will be interesting to see if the industry ever shifts back to Instagram photos taken on iPhones… or even away from Instagram and on to the next big thing.


I want to hear from y’all – What are you up to this weekend?  And if you’ve read (and wrote) something this week that you absolutely love, I hope you’ll leave it in the comments!


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