1. Claire
    April 7, 2015 / 4:16 pm

    This sounds amazing, I've never heard of anything like it!God bless, XO, ClaireHttp://www.littlemissfashionqueen.blogspot.com

  2. Mrs. Mason Dixon
    April 7, 2015 / 4:30 pm

    Wow this is pretty incredible. I never would have thought this would be a real thing, but hey science is crazy!xoAlex | Mrs. Mason Dixon

  3. Jordyn Brown
    April 7, 2015 / 4:41 pm

    That's actually pretty cool, you never know what is going to be developed now-a-days!xoox, SSThe Southern Stylista

  4. A Peachy Sonder
    April 7, 2015 / 4:44 pm

    I'm so glad you found something that you like! I too prefer unscented lotions- especially on my hands. Some of the scents out there can be overpowering during the work day. Thanks for sharing!xox. A Peachy Sonder

  5. Kat M
    April 7, 2015 / 5:41 pm

    I can't believe this works!!! What a fab idea, i'm glad it's working for you :Dhttp://katsbeautytales.blogspot.co.uk/

  6. Linda Libra Loca
    April 7, 2015 / 6:08 pm

    And it really absorbs as well as the pill? Great.LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  7. Amanda Winchester
    April 7, 2015 / 8:09 pm

    What an interesting concept! I would definitely give this a go. I'm always applying lotions and hand creams, there's something therapeutic about it, so if this has the added bonus of vitamins, then great!Amanda Winchester ♥ | AmandaSays

  8. Alex
    April 7, 2015 / 9:00 pm

    Lately my skin has been super dry and I've been using hand lotion every few hours to add some moisture to my skin, this sounds like it offers a little extra bonus!-Alexwww.monstermisa.blogspot.com

  9. From Aliona With Love
    April 7, 2015 / 10:20 pm

    Very nice. Would love it if you could check out my latest lookbook where I’m celebrating the end of colder season!Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love 

  10. Lindsey Lam
    April 7, 2015 / 10:22 pm

    This is so cool! I've never heard of this type of product before. Do they offer a variety of vitamins?High Heels & Happy Feels

  11. Annaliese
    April 8, 2015 / 12:18 am

    Wow that is so fascinating!! Goodness- the things that are coming onto the market these days! :-)xoxo Awww.southernbelleintraining.com

  12. Caro @ The Caro Diaries
    April 8, 2015 / 12:58 am

    It's crazy what you can buy these days! This sounds fantastic!

  13. The Life You Love
    April 8, 2015 / 2:14 am

    I would totally be open to trying something like this. I've been trying to take more vitamins, and I've been trying to stay moisturized. If I could take care of both at the same time, that would be amazing!

  14. Shannon Jenkins
    April 8, 2015 / 2:21 am

    How cool is this?! I definitely need this! I hate swallowing pills so this would be perfect!<3 ShannonUpbeat Soles

  15. Anonymous
    April 8, 2015 / 8:08 am

    I am very open to this concept!! I love the sound of it. Thanks for sharing! xo ALLURE OBSESSED – BEAUTY BLOG // BLOGLOVIN'

  16. Zarrah Jane
    April 8, 2015 / 8:29 am

    I don't leave our house without lotionFor me it's an essentialXOCheck my new post.The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  17. Arden Rubens (TOPCOAT)
    April 8, 2015 / 12:44 pm

    This sounds actually really good! It makes gettin' those vitamins so easy! xxTOPCOAT – FASHION BLOG

  18. meandmr.com
    April 8, 2015 / 2:04 pm

    This lotion looks fantastic! Melanie @ meandmr.com

  19. Chontelle Louisee
    April 8, 2015 / 2:22 pm

    This is actually pretty interesting, the things that are being invented nowadays are crazy haha! I'd try this ! xwww.chontellelouise.blogspot.com.aucome visit my blog if you like <3 xx

  20. Brooke
    April 8, 2015 / 3:12 pm

    It's incredible that we can now "take" our vitamins through lotion! Crazy sauce haha!xoxoBrooke|LookBrooke

  21. Natasha Ahmed
    April 8, 2015 / 3:17 pm

    I hate taking vitamin capsules so this looks ground breaking! great review xillustrated-wardrobe.blogspot.com

  22. Bash Harry
    April 8, 2015 / 4:25 pm

    Wow, that sounds so interesting! I'd love to know more about it <3xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  23. Kim Alston
    April 8, 2015 / 8:28 pm

    I think that is so cool! I would love to try this! I need vitamins in my life. HaHaHa All the energy and help one can get. Thanks for this review. This was new to me!http://www.averysweetblog.com/

  24. Jeans and a Teacup
    April 9, 2015 / 4:24 am

    This is really interesting! I've never heard of taking vitamins through lotion!~JessicaJeans and a Teacup

  25. Anonymous
    April 10, 2015 / 6:30 pm

    Never heard of anything like this so thanks for sharing!Head over to my blog and check out what I’m upto :)Sarahhttps://everydayconcepts.wordpress.com/