Seersucker Sass: Let's Collaborate

Let's Collaborate

There are lots of blogs out there to work with... why work with me?

I come from an entrepreneurial family.  Growing up, my mom owned a preschool for fifteen years.  My grandfather owns a welding business and owned a construction company before that.  A passion for small business was ignited within me at a young age.

My first job after graduation was in marketing for a small business development organization.  The two years I spent helping small business owners and entrepreneurs expand and promote their businesses provided me with invaluable experience.  I heard their struggles firsthand, and I realized that there's no "one size fits all" method for brand promotion.

I don't want to provide my readers with a review; I want to tell a story with your products.  And I want to tell your story to 10,000+ monthly pageviews, 4,300+ Twitter followers, 1,700+ Instagram Followers, 1,300+ Pinterest followers, and 400+ Facebook followers.

Sound good?  Shoot me an email at  I'd love to talk with you about your business!

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