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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Natural Products Worth Trying

If you've been following along for awhile now, you know that I've slowly started cutting back on the chemicals in my life.  I know I'll never live a lifestyle that is 100% free of harmful chemicals (is that even possible?), but I've started making small changes for healthier options.

I was diagnosed with cancer at 20, and it was related to a medication that I was taking for a chronic illness.  Last summer, my chronic illness flared up, and I decided that enough was enough.  I didn't want to go back on steroids and taking a literal handful of pills twice a day.  So I did my research, and I started taking the steps to control my health through my diet.  I worked with my specialist on this, and she set up benchmarks.  I understand that being able to do that is a luxury, because there was no way that this would have been feasible 10 years ago when I was diagnosed.  (I am currently still receiving my infusion, but I am getting a second opinion soon to see if I can start to get a lower dose less frequently.)

When I began researching how my diet affects my health, it opened my eyes to what I was putting in my body.  This is when I really started swapping things out for healthier options.  I'm really excited to share some of my recent finds with you. 

I want to preface this by saying that I'm going to be sharing what I like about these products... that's it.  Nothing along the lines of shaming or scaring you into buying them, because that's silly.  It's so important for us to make choices that work for us and our lifestyles.

Thieves Dental Floss  This is the easiest swap I made.  I like that this floss is a little thicker and sturdier than flosses I've used in the past.  It's Thieves branded, but there isn't much of a taste.

Thieves Mouthwash  This is not the most delicious mouthwash I've ever used, but I prefer it's spicier taste to the sometimes overwhelmingly fresh taste of other mouthwashes.  My teeth and gums are sensitive, and I have found this to be less irritating.

Lavender Essential Oil  I use lavender for everything.  Blemish?  Lavender.  Can't sleep?  Lavender on the wrists.  Not sure which oil to use?  Lavender.  And it sure doesn't hurt that it smells amazing.  (When people ask me if I could only have two oils, this is consistently one of my picks!)

Native Deodorant  This product has been a game changer for me.  I spent over six years struggling to find a natural deodorant after cancer.  I had lymph nodes removed from my right arm pit, and everything irritated my armpits.  There are so many things I love about this deodorant.  It's aluminum free.  I can actually use a scented deodorant (#thelittlethings).  And Native offers free shipping and free returns, and you can even purchase in bulk and save some money.  I could go on and on about how much I love this product.  

Thieves Spray  I originally purchased this to use on my yoga mat, as the hot yoga studio I attend uses a similar essential oils based cleaner.  I usually keep this in my purse just in case, especially during flu season when it seems like everything is covered in germs.  I like to use this on my bathroom counter, I even took my mom some of this when she was in the hospital so she could keep her food tray wiped down.

Thieves Toothpaste  I switched over to this toothpaste because it was another easy swap, and fluoride is added into the water where I live.  I have sensitive teeth and gums, and this is extremely gentle on them.

Thieves Waterless Purifier  I cannot say enough positive things about this product.  Unlike hand sanitizing products I've used it the past, this doesn't dry my skin out, doesn't irritate cuts, and doesn't have that strangely sterile smell of other sanitizing products.  (I actually love how this smells so much that if they made this in giant bottles, I would stock the office with them.)

Maple Holistics Tea Tree Oil Shampoo (c/o)  This stuff is amazing if your scalp starts to freak out and flake when the seasons change or if you accidentally sunburn your scalp.  I use this every other time I was my hair, and I continue to be pleased with the results.  It uses some of my favorite oils - lavender, tea tree, argan, rosemary, and jojoba.  (And it's Prime Eligible!)

Floss  ||  Mouthwash  ||  Lavender Oil ||  Deodorant  ||  Thieves Spray  ||  Toothpaste  ||  Hand Sanitizer  ||  Shampoo

I hope that you enjoyed learning more about some of my favorite natural products.  I want to hear from you - have you found any natural products that I should check out?!

Also, somewhat unrelated, but I'm going to Asheville this weekend to celebrate my birthday, and I will finallyyyyy have the chance to shop at Trader Joe's.  Any recommendations?  So far I have their frozen dumplings, turmeric tea, and chicken less tenders on my shopping list!


  1. I didn't know switching was this easy! Also i love your take on this, I don't appreciate being lectured about natural beauty products! I tend to be a little lazy with my beauty products, so I'm saving this post so the next time I run out of something I can replace it with one of these!

  2. Love that you use YL products; I really love essential oils.

  3. I had no idea lavender had that many uses- oh my goodness! That's amazing. Keep us updated as you try new natural products!

    xoxo A

  4. i use native!! It's SO great! I loveeee the smells!! i would never go back to any other!

  5. I love Thieves! I've used the Maple Holistics shampoo and agree - it's great!

  6. I love natural products so these products are right up my alley!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  7. I know I added to your TJ's shopping list on Twitter (so I'm sure lots of other people gave you recs too!) I would be so interested in hearing what you pick up sometime either here or maybe on an Insta story?!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  8. Ok, I really need to give these a try! They sound amazing!

  9. I've heard so many good things about YL's thieves products! I've been wanting to switch to a natural deodorant, I'm going to have to give this one a try.

  10. Question - do you have any idea what chemicals or anything are in normal dental floss? Like, why did you make the decision to switch? Just curious! I LOVE diffusing Thieves in my house, but have never used their other products!! I've also been wanting to try out that deodorant, so I'm so glad you gave it a good review!

  11. I really need to make more of an effort to find and try natural products. All of the chemicals cannot be good for us! Thanks for just sharing what you love about each product and not lecturing on why chemicals are harmful; no one appreciates a pushy blogger!

  12. I have not heard of some of these products. I really would like to start being smarter about the products I use. Thank you!

  13. It is so crazy to me how many chemicals are in our everyday products, it is so intimidating to try and make the switch because it seems like you need a chemistry degree to really decode what is in most products. I want to switch to natural deodorant because the typical drug store deodorants really freak me out! I'm going to try native and hope it works for me #fingerscrossed!

  14. I love to diffuse lavender oil! It helps me sleep!

  15. I'm glad you're enjoying the Native deodorant, I am too! And yes, lavender oil - I use it for so many things! I even have a couple drops in the bum spray I made to use with my daughter's cloth diaper wipes.

    Sweet Spontaneity

  16. There has long raged a debate about the safety of conventional deodorants and antiperspirants and it has been suggested for quite some time that the regular use of antiperspirants could be linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease.Primitive Outpost

  17. Thanks for sharing this. I really need to be more conscience of the chemicals in the products I use.