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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

My 12 Goals for 2018

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We're a week into 2018, and I've been taking the past week to really reflect on what I hope to get out of this year.  It's so easy to step into a new year expecting to see results from all of the resolutions and lifestyle changes all at once.  This year, I'm reminding myself that it's a marathon, not a sprint.  And I'm not worrying about resolutions.  I've set 12 goals for myself - some experiences and some lifestyle changes, but nothing unrealistic or out of reach.  Maybe this is my year of managing expectations?! 


Visit Memphis.  To make a long story short, ten years ago I was on a high dosage of steroids for my chronic illness following a hospitalization and wasn't sleeping.  It was around the anniversary of Elvis's death... y'all, I watched an excessive amount of TV shows and documentaries about Elvis and most of his movies because that's what was on TV.  This sounds so cheesy, but it was seriously the best distraction.  Ever since then, I've been determined to make it to Graceland to pay my respects to the King.  From where I live in Tennessee, it is a shorter drive to Canada than to Memphis, but I am ready to make the trek this year.

Go to goat yoga.  I love goats.  They make me so happy that I could cry.  I have been wanting to go to goat yoga since I heard about it, and events keep getting closer to me, so I really have no excuse.  

Visit the Gentle Barn.  Goats are my obsession, but I really love all animals.  The Gentle Barn is another place I'm determined to visit this year.  The purpose of  The Gentle Barn is to open people's hearts to connections with nature, and one of the ways they do that is by allowing the public to love on rescued farm animals.

Create a vision board and update it quarterly.  My stepmom has been taking courses to become a life coach and has been sharing nuggets of wisdom with me.  When I visited over Thanksgiving, she encouraged me to create a vision board.  This is something that I have been trying to do for years, but have never completed.  This year, it's happening.  There will be visuals for my 2018 goals and a list of affirmations.  If you have any vision board best practices, send them my way!

Read 12 books.  Growing up, I was a total bookworm.  I recently started reading for pleasure again this summer, when I realized just how helpful it was to my anxiety to read before bed.  My goal for 2018 is to read 12 books.  I'm off to a good start on this one, as this weekend I read In Over Her Head and Can't Stand the Heat.  (I alternate between chick-lit, autobiographies, and self help, and I'd love to hear your recommendations and connect with you on Goodreads!)

Organize.  I'd really like to be more organized when it comes to clothing, accessories, and beauty/skincare/hair care products.  I've tried this before and have gotten extremely overwhelmed, so I'm tackling it in slow steps this year, giving myself a small project each weekend.

Go on more fancy dates with my girlfriends.  I could not ask for better friends.  They inspire me in so many ways, and I am convinced they are all saints for putting up with me.  Something I always look forward to is going on "fancy dates" with them.  It's nice to have an excuse to get a little more dressed up than usual and go to a place that's typically saved for special occasions!  

Incorporate more natural products into my daily routine.  In July, I made the decision to see if I could control my chronic illness by diet and without any medication besides my infusion.  (If you're considering this, please consult your doctor.  My doctor monitors me very closely because of this, and I'm thankful for that!)  This eventually spilled over into wanting to eliminate more chemicals from my life.  So far, I've switched over my yoga mat cleanser, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, mouthwash, and dental floss, and I have a natural deodorant on the way.  I don't think I'll ever fully switch over to all natural products (like yesterday when I was thanking the Lord for Clorox wipes because my boss has the flu and I have to be healthy for my infusion on Friday), but I do hope to drastically cut back on chemicals.

Do things that make me feel like "me."  I'll have a whole post about this in the future, but when I was diagnosed with a chronic illness, I really felt like I lost my sense of self.  In 2017, almost nine years later, I finally felt like myself again.  So I'm going to cling to those moments where things feel right and keep doing those things.

Meditate daily.  I've never really felt like meditation would be a good fit for me.  I don't like sitting still.  But this post from Carly inspired me to give it a try.  I use the Headspace app for three minutes each evening to meditate before bed.

Write more.  I love writing.  It's my favorite part of having a blog.  If I could outsource everything else and just write and do social media, there's no telling how much content you'd be seeing on the blog.  My goal for this year is just to write what I'm feeling - whether it be a blog post, a short story, a poem, or 100 words about my day.

Have New Year's Eve plans.  I haven't had NYE plans since 2013.  There's nothing wrong with that, I'm just sick of having FOMO every NYE.  I'm looking forward to changing that this year!

What are your goals for 2018?  What steps are you taking to achieve them?


  1. oh, never thought about a vision board, but i totally think i want to do that this year too :) hopefully after i graduate!

  2. I tried to make very attainable resolutions for 2018 as well! Best of luck with these! Memphis sounds like such a fun city to visit and I love the reasoning behind your trip. :) Also- I started being determined to have NYE plans for 2016 and haven't looked back since, it's a great goal to have!

    xoxo A

  3. These are great goals! Fancy dates with your girlfriends sounds like so much fun!


  4. Memphis is on my to-visit list too! My husband and I have always wanted to go there and I think visiting Graceland would just be the icing on the cake :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  5. I am loving your goals for the new year! I've been off to kind of a rough start with all of this crazy weather, but I'm ready for a great year!

  6. Goat yoga!? I've never heard such a thing!! Sounds fun!

  7. I love your goals! My sister adores goats, so it would be a fun surprise to take her to goga. I'll have to find a place near Atlanta.

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  9. These are such great goals. I also really want to try goat yoga! One of my best friends in the world was diagnosed with a chronic illness last year and has been incorporating more natural products and foods into her life. I think it's probably a good idea for everyone and I want to start incorporating it into my life more, too. I know you'll crush all these goals! xo!

  10. I absolutely loved Memphis when I went as a kid! Graceland is such a cool experience.
    Tori || Victori Media