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Monday, January 1, 2018

Best Purchases of 2017

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Happy New Year!  As I'm putting the finishing touches on my list of goals for 2018, I wanted to share one last post about 2017 with y'all.    2017 was the year that I cut back on the amount of stuff that I purchased and started investing in myself a little bit more.  In today's post, I'm sharing the best purchases I made in 2017, with prices ranging from $3 to $395.  (Most are under $30!)  You'll find a lot of practical stuff on my list, because I really enjoy products that make life easier.

Young Living Set • ChapstickTea Tree OilMascara
JacketTopSkin SmoothieCandyTurtleneck
HighlighterIce scraperLink braceletDavid Yurman BraceletCuff braceletInvisibobbles
EarringsIT CosmeticsNikes

Young Living Premium Starter Kit ($160)  MLMs can get a really bad rap, but I love Young Living.  After about a year of bumming oils off of my best friend when I had a random ailment, I bought a starter kit.  It was the cheapest way to get a good selection of oils and a high quality diffuser, and it also gives you access to wholesale pricing.  I had a lot of fun experimenting with different oils last year, and I hope to learn even more about them in 2018.  (And it doesn't hurt that I've made a little extra cash from Young Living!)

ChapStick Sweet Papaya ($3) [c/o]  I was sent a set of ChapStick for a blog campaign and when I finally went through the other tubes and got to this flavor, I was hooked.  I ended up getting my entire family hooked on it.  I have no clue if they even make it any more since I can't find it in stores, but I'm consistently ordering tubes of this at a time.

Tea Tree Oil ($26)  As I've learned more about oils, I've started incorporating them into my skincare routine.  My brother and I both use tea tree oil for our blemishes, and it works better than anything else we've tried.

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara ($26)  This mascara takes me back to my lash extension days, as it makes my lashes crazy long.  Since I don't wear much makeup, I love having dramatic lashes.

Ralph Lauren quilted jacket ($140)  There was a gap in my wardrobe for a really good jacket.  I own two beautiful jackets, but neither one has a hood.  I adore this jacket because it's warm, it has a hood, and it also has snap tabs on the side to cinch it in a little bit at the waist to prevent you from looking like a blob.

Lilly Pulitzer Sunny Shoulders Top ($148)  When I graduated from college, I basically stopped purchasing clothing that couldn't be worn to work.  I wasn't making much, and my clothes budget was strictly for business casual pieces.  When spring rolled around, I realized I had a serious deficit in my closet.  I love this top because it's not only amazing for weekends or casual Fridays, but I can throw a blazer over it and wear it to work.

Skin Smoothie Primer/Moisturizer ($28)  This has been a game changing product.  Most days, I don't wear face makeup and just wears this.  It makes my skin look so glowy.  Out of all of the products on this list, this one is my favorite.

Williams Sonoma S'mores ($20)  These are my favorite candy of all time.  I wait until they go on sale after Christmas, buy a couple of tins, and try to ration them through at least March.  They're individually wrapped, making it easier to actually only eat one at a time.

Tissue Turtleneck ($30)  I really love easy pieces, and this turtleneck is amazing.  It's incredibly soft and comfortable, and it's great alone or layered.  It is 100% worth $30, but keep an eye out for sales - it's on sale pretty frequently.  I paid $18 for it.

Trestique Highlight and Multipurpose Stick ($28)  This is another one of the five beauty products that I use every day.  I'm pale and can look pretty sickly at times, so I love to add a little life to my cheekbones using this product.

Ice Scraper Mitt ($15)  These are a game changer.  No more freezing your hand off while scraping off your car.  I loved this so much that I ordered two more as gifts!

Statement Bracelets - 2017 was the year of bracelets.  Haha.  I don't wear much jewelry, but I love having a stack on my wrist.  This year I started with the David Yurman Starburst bracelet ($395) as a birthday gift to myself, then received the J.Crew Factory gold link bracelet ($16) as a Christmas gift from my best friend and the J.Crew Factory golf cuff bracelet ($10) as a Christmas gift from my mom.

Invisibobbles ($9)  I was never able to rock a topknot until I purchased these.  These are great for any updo, but especially buns because you can wrap the stray hairs around the coils.

SugarFix drop earrings ($13)  I picked these up at Target on a whim, and I wear them constantly.  They're a lot lighter than the Cripsin drops I own, and the gray color goes with just about anything.

It Cosmetics products  I had a makeover this February, and the make up artist used all IT Cosmetics products.  I needed foundation at the time, so I picked some up and made it a goal to slowly transition all of my makeup products over to the brand.  Slowly but surely, I've made it a reality!  My favorites are Brow Power ($24), this contour palette, and this lip color that I also use as blush.

If you're interested in trying IT Cosmetics, this $73 superstar set is a great place to start.  You receive five full sized products (CC Cream, pressed powder, brow power, mascara, and lip color) valued at $197!!

Nike Flex Supreme TR5 ($60)  I finally broke down and bought a new pair of tennis shoes after my beloved neon pink Nikes bit the dust.  These are so comfortable, and the light gray color goes with everything.

I want to hear from you - What were your top three purchases in 2017?! Also, how did you spend your new year?! One of my goals for 2018 is to actually have NYE plans, so leave me some inspiration for my planning :)

HAPPY 2018, Y'ALL!


  1. Your David Yurman bracelet is so pretty, I love the little diamond accents. I can never make a top knot work, I might have to try out the Invisibobble if I can figure out how to use it...hehe!

  2. AHH that highlighter is gorgeous and I kind of want to get it for myself now! :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  3. I love IT Cosmetics products. I'm looking to get more into oils this year and you'll be my go-to for sure. <3

  4. I love that gold link bracelet & the mascara! Those are two of my fav purchases, too :)

    -xo, Azanique |

  5. I love tea tree oil. I put a little on my floss before flossing. Love it

  6. I love every First Aid Beauty skincare product!

  7. I love these kinds of posts! I also got some Young Living oils in 2017 and LOVE them. Thieves is my life line!

  8. I love that quilted jacket! It would be perfect in Vermont- so cold here!

  9. That YL starter kit is the best investment ever!! I LOVE my oils!

  10. Trestique was on my favorite purchases list too! Young Living sent me a set and I'll have to give it a try after reading your review.

  11. I had no idea Williams Sonoma sold s'mores but there goes all my moneyyyyyy.
    Tori || Victori Media

  12. We also have an ice scraper mitt and it's so magical haha