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Monday, July 3, 2017

July Coffee Date

Happy Monday, y'all!  How was your weekend?  If you're off today, I am insanely jealous. I have tomorrow off, but I'm working today and wishing I was out on the lake.  On the bright side, I got another day out of my hair before needing to wash it, I remembered to pack my breakfast and lunch for today, and it's monthly coffee date time!

Grab a cup of coffee, and let's catch up!

Getting my health under control  •  The air was out in my office for over two weeks, and I ended up having some issues with my chronic illness because of the amount of time I spent in the heat.  On Thursday, I bought a bunch of healthy foods, and on Saturday, when I was too sick to attend my best friend's gender reveal party, I knew I really needed to kick it into high gear.  I bought even more healthy food and cleaned my fridge out last night, and I've been looking for new recipes to try so that I'm not eating chicken, rice, and veggies for every meal.  I'll be chronicling my progress on here and on Instagram Stories (username is seersuckersass over there, too) for accountability.

Taking blog photos again  •  I shot fashion content three days in a row over the weekend!  Taking photos in public used to really stress me out, but I'm starting to have fun with it and feel more confident.  Honestly, I feel really self-absorbed having someone follow me with a camera, and I'm working to get over that.

Style Your Mind accountability group  •  I bought Style Your Mind back in February as a birthday gift to myself, and I haven't made it as far as I would like to.  The book is on sale right now, so I thought it might be fun to start an accountability group if anyone was interested.  Are you in?

Making tough decisions  •  I quit Junior League a little over a week ago.  Junior League is something that I knew I wanted to join immediately out of college, but I wasn't invited to join until two years later.  (I honestly had no idea that I could just fill out a form and join Junior League.)  I spent two years in League, and I really enjoyed my experience.  But I realized that something had to give from my schedule.  I'm sad that my membership was such a short one, and I'm extremely grateful for the leadership and training opportunities I received through the organization.  If you're considering joining Junior League, I encourage you to do so!

Trying to become a morning person  •  The hot yoga/barre studio near me is finally opening up at the end of this month!  I want to take morning classes a couple of days a week before I go into work.  If you have any suggestions for how I can become a morning person, please send them my way!

Lake house adventures  •  I spent my first weekend in the completed lake house two weekends ago, and I can't wait for my next lake house adventure!  The house is absolutely gorgeous, and so well lit that my first thought was that I couldn't wait to shoot blog photos there!  Haha.  I also really appreciate the spotty phone reception; it's nice to unplug for a bit!

Shopping the sales  •   There are so many amazing sales going on right now!  Since sales can be overwhelming sometimes, I've picked out the best sales and some of the best pieces under $100 from each sale.  (And I've linked some pieces at the bottom of this post, as well!)

What's new with you?  Fill me in!


  1. my biggest tip to being a 'morning person' is waking up at the same time on the weekends too! that'll help set a consistent schedule!


  2. You have been making some big steps in life! Go girl!

  3. You have been killing it girl!!! hope you ha a great long weekend.

  4. Sales are always my biggest weakness. I'm sorry your health has been troublesome...nothing in the world is worth your health! I can't wait to see the blog photos you have shot recently, I'm sure you are stunning & stylish as always <3

  5. Ugh sorry you got sick, that's the worst! I'm also trying to be a morning person!

  6. Your lake house adventure sounds super fun- happy 4th!

  7. I hope you have a great holiday! I used to be so anxious taking pictures before too!

  8. I'm working on waking up earlier as well. It's seriously so hard! I'm not a morning workout person, I really love midday workouts! I hope you have a great long weekend :)

  9. I totally what you mean about taking blog photos haha it gets less weird when the person isn't following... and it's easier to tell yourself other excuses xD

  10. I am such a morning person and my husband is not... I am trying so hard to make him get up and be happy in the am lol


  11. Hopefully your health is starting to get better! I love working out in the morning, it's the best way to start the day!

  12. Hopefully, you are starting to feel better! I have a chronic illness too so i can understand if only a little.

  13. Love hearing an update from you Dana! I'll be praying for your health to continue to improve!
    xo, Syd

  14. so cool to hear these things bout you! try to stretch when you wake up. you'll get an amazing energy after.

    Courtney Bentley || http://www.starsystemz.com

  15. it is a great idea to catch up with you like this.
    Big hugs,


  16. Good for you getting things in order! It's always so so tricky!

  17. I had to quit Junior League too, it was just too difficult trying to balance it out with my already busy schedule.

  18. blog photos are definitely awkward at times! I just try to ignore my surroundings! ha!


  19. I totally know what you mean about the feeling self absorbed being followed around by a camera. It just feels so awkward and it's like nooooo I'm not obsessed with myself, just have to get some pictures for my blog hahaha don't judge meeee!! I try to not think too much about it which is so much easier said than done. Alsoooo for the morning person thing, it took me a month or so to really get into the habit of it but I went from sleeping in until 11am every day to waking up around 7:30 without an alarm. I try to get in bed by 10 or 11pm and I didn't sleep with my phone near me for the first few weeks. Having to get out of bed when my alarm went off in the morning really helped and I made a rule for myself that I couldn't get back into bed once I got up.

  20. Such a cute post! I've been trying to be a morning person for the last 3 years...I can't seem to figure out how to make it happen lol! lmk if you do!!!

  21. I hope you are feeling better! The heat can suck the life outta you! I am NOT a morning person, but used to do wake up to go to the gym, I woke up and just got moving!

    xo, L

  22. Love this post! I still get so embarrassed taking photos in public lol!!


  23. I always love being able to catch up with you on these posts! I can't imagine having to be in the office with no AC, the heat makes me feel a million times more terrible so I completely feel you there. I'm glad you took it though and put a positive spin on it though!

    The Blush Blonde

  24. Love life updates like this! I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well! Glad you have a plan to tackle it. I totally hear you about feeling self conscious being followed around by a camera... I feel the same way!