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Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Favorites - the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Edition

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Happy Friday, y'all!  How has your week been?  I'm a little disappointed that I only managed to blog three times this week, but I had an amazing week at work.

Lets talk about the elephant in the room - The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  Social media is going crazy, and not in a positive way.  To be honest, I find that a little disappointing.  We're a community of women who preaches that we should all lift each other up, but the second that someone posts about the #NSale, everyone loses their ever-loving minds.  I get it, it can be annoying.  If you don't like that content, don't read it.  The mute button on Twitter can be your best friend for the next three weeks ;)  Sure, I'm a little annoyed that my timeline is clogged, but I respect the hustle of the women who are churning out that content!

My personal approach is to share content, but not to over do it.  I do a lot of research on my audience so that I know who I'm writing for.  My goal on this sale isn't to make an income; honestly, my biggest goal is not to spend all of my money at the sale.  I know a lot of us are in the same boat - we're young (or young at heart!) women who are trying to navigate the real world, which includes building a professional wardrobe on entry-level or non-profit salaries.  I love a good splurge, but I'm not ever going to be the person who tries to tell you that $65 for a basic white v-neck t-shirt is a good deal.  I'm sure it's a steal in someone's world, but that's not the world I live in.

So, here are my Friday Favorites for myself and the women like me who are working to climb the corporate ladder and look stylish while doing so, hit the gym, and still find time for friends.

PS - I know there are a lot of tops on this list, but I invest in good work pants that I wear year round, then just buy a couple of new tops each season to stay on trend and replace things that I no longer love.

Tie Hem Sweater ($50) //  While perusing the sale catalog, this was the only piece I fell in love with.  I have so many ideas on how to style this sweater - with pixie pants for work, with boyfriend jeans or leggings for a casual look, and with skinny jeans or leather leggings for a dressier look.  The tie hem sweater comes in 3 colors.

Moto Jacket ($65) //   I really want a moto jacket, and I've been trying to find one for the past month.  I'm so glad that I waited, because this is a steal!

Nike Running Shorts ($23) //  If all of your norts from college are getting worn out, this is a good chance to restock!  I love that they have the classic black pair, because that's always been the hardest pair to find, in my opinion.

Two-Way Seamless Camisole (1/$21, 2/$36) //  This is a wardrobe staple, especially during sweater season.  (Don't you hate it when the knit is just loose enough for your bra to peek through?!)  This camisole comes in 11 colors!

Tressed to Impress Collection ($154) //   My CHI gave out a few years ago, and since then I've been using the straightener I used to keep at my dad's house.  It's 12 years old, so I'm expecting it to bite the dust on me any day.  This is kind of a splurge, but it's an item that I'll use at least twice a week for the next three years, which brings the cost-per-use down to about .50... and that's on the conservative side and doesn't even factor in all of the goodies that come with it ;)  I love that it can also be used as a curling iron, meaning I only need to bring one hot tool when I travel instead of two!

Open Front Blazer ($50) //   I love this style of blazer because it's feminine.  I always notice when women wear these because they look so sharp!  This is an amazing price for a blazer.  This blazer comes in blush, black, and magenta.

High Rise Skinny Jeans ($45) //  I had the hardest time finding a pair of high rise skinny jeans, and these are about half the price of the pair that I ended up purchasing.  I thought I would share this in case anyone else was struggling to find them!

Split Back Turtleneck ($45) //   Probably an unpopular opinion, but I love turtlenecks.  They get a bad rap for being matronly, but I think the split back style makes these a little trendier.  And how comfy does that fabric look?!  This turtleneck comes in four colors.

Moscow Mule Mug ($12) //   Moscow Mules are my favorite cocktail, and I love making them at home.  But they just don't taste right if they're not in a copper mug.  This is an amazing price for one of the mugs.  (This is also a great housewarming or bridal shower gift!)

Ryder Cardigan ($65) //   I'm stoked that oxblood is considered "on trend" for yet another year, because it is my favorite color for fall.  Doesn't this cardigan look cozy?!  I'm sure you can find cheaper versions of the cardigan, but it's from a brand that is typically great quality (Madewell), and the cost per wear is great!  (If you wear it once a week from September to January for a single year, the cost per wear comes out to $4.  But let's be real - this looks too comfy to only wear once a week, and you'll probably be ready to pull it out again next fall!)  This cardigan comes in three colors.

I want to hear from you!  What are you looking to purchase during this year's #NSale?  (Knowing this helps me make sure I'm giving you content that you actually want!  If you're looking for work pieces under $40, and I'm giving you weekend wear under $100, that's not helpful for either of us!)

PS - If you want to see more things that I'm loving from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, check out my Shop Page.


  1. Loving everything that you picked out!

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  4. Oh my gosh the moto jacket is SO good. I love to laugh at how much bloggers/social media hype up the sale but I honestly don't really care. I don't know how anything other than bullying on social media can bother anyone all that much. I just think it's funny that something as simple as a sale can create two weeks worth of content...but I certainly don't mind seeing what everyone likes and I especially love seeing pieces styled as orders are fulfilled. And of course nothing can stop me from shopping the sale, even all the crazy website drama, you bet I was refreshing for two hours trying to get my order to go through! (:

  5. That moto jacket is amazing and such a good deal! I can't wait to shop the sale!

  6. Love your picks! I'm with you on making the investment in a few nice dress pants for the year and getting multiple tops each season to mix. So much easier (and cheaper) than buying a whole new wardrobe!

  7. I personally loved that they had Nike shorts in this sale, because I absolutely live in them all summer long!

    xoxo, SS

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    xx Pia

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