Seersucker Sass: May 2017

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Nordstrom Sale Picks

Nordstrom is, hands down, one of my top five favorite retailers.  In fact, I feel like a lot of major retailers could take a few lessons from Nordstrom.  Shipping is always free, and returns are not only free, but surprisingly simple.  Knowing that I can easily return something if it doesn't fit properly makes it easier to shop with confidence.  So when Nordstrom has a sale, I am all about it!

Some of the pieces I've picked are great for spring and summer.  Others are pieces to buy dirt cheap right now and hang on to them until it's time to transition to fall.  Regardless, all pieces are under $100 & the majority are even under $50!  (If you want to see my full list of loves from the Nordstrom sale, including my favorite splurge pieces, they're linked on my shop page!)

Row One:

Row Two:

Row Three:

Row Four:

Happy Tuesday and happy shopping!  Have you picked up anything from the Nordstrom sale yet?

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Disclosure - this post contains affiliate links.  Thank you for supporting Seersucker Sass.

Happy Thursday, y'all!  I don't know about y'all, but this week has been crazy and I feel like I'm running on fumes today.  What better way to add a little motivation to my day than make a list of goals for the next few months?!


Drink more water    I have been dealing with a lot of bloating and just feeling gross lately, and I definitely feel like it is related to carbonated beverages.  On Sunday I bought a bunch of fruit to slice and keep on hand for infused water.  I've found that if the fruit is pre-sliced, I'm a lot more likely to grab that instead of grabbing a soda out of the fridge.

Become a morning person  •  I love sleep.  But my schedule has gotten a little out of control, and I want to really take control of my mornings for "me time."  A hot yoga & barre studio is opening about a mile from me, and it's right on my way to work.  I'm hoping to start getting up a little earlier every day so that by the time the studio opens in late June, I'm ready to take 6 AM classes.  (There's a $30/30 day class pass deal... can't beat that!!)

Update Instagram regularly  •  I've said this so many times, but I just don't love Instagram.  The idea of having a "theme" stresses me out, scoping out the perfect hashtags is time consuming; Instagram just doesn't do anything for me.  But I know it's important to have as a blogger, and my biggest goal for my blog right now is to focus on high quality photography.  So here's to hoping I can update Instagram at least three times a week!

Create a better newsletter routine    I love sharing my newsletter with y'all, but I haven't written one in quite some time.  My goal was for the newsletter to be a value add, but by judging trends in open rates and click rate, I felt like maybe it wasn't.  So I'm brainstorming new things to write about that are a value add to my readers, and also considering switching up the schedule.

Get everyone I know reading theSkimm  •  I don't really love watching the news, but I think it is so important to be informed.  theSkimm makes that easy.  It's a free, non-partisan email newsletter that will arrive in your inbox each weekday morning.  What really hooked me is the conversational tone of the email.  I don't feel like I'm reading the news, I feel like I'm discussing it with a friend.  (You can sign up here!)

Organize my closet  •  Summer is almost here, and I need my closet to reflect that.  My style is a lot better when I can actually see what clothing I own, and there's something relaxing about stepping into an organized closet.  Maybe I'll get motivated and work on that this long weekend.  

Learn more about the business side of essential oils  •  I signed up as a distributor through Young Living because I like their products and I wanted the discount.  But I'm yet to make my first dollar.  This summer, I hope to learn more about essential oils and how to grow the business side so that I am making a (small) profit... that I will probably spend on more oils.

Continue seeking out partnership opportunities  •  I love partnering with brands.  But I'm not great at pitching myself or my blog.  I'm hoping to really work on that this summer, especially because Jenny and I are planning something really cool!

Find a casual black dress for family photos  My family is having family photos taken for the first time since I was in high school.  I bought a package from a local photographer through a silent auction, and I am really excited because I've grown up admiring his work.  When my mom went to the consultation, they explained to her that he really likes to shoot casual looks... which is awkward because that's just not us.  I can't think of a single time I've seen my brother wear jeans in the past four years.  So my mom and I will be wearing casual black dresses.  There are so many gorgeous options out there, so choosing one is going to be a difficult task.

One last thing - before I end this post, I want to give a shout out to my blogger bestie Jenny! Jenny is launching a new product today, and I'm so excited for her! I purchased it last night, and I can vouch that the social media bundle she's selling is not only amazing, but will really help you reach your social media goals.  (And I love the fact that she is going to continue to update it as she comes across more helpful information.)  It's $27, but if you are in her group, there is a discount code for $10 off.

This isn't an affiliate link or anything like that.  I am just over the moon thrilled for one of my best friends.  Congratulations, J!

I want to hear from y'all - What are your goals?  How do you stay accountable?

Monday, May 22, 2017


Confession - I love beauty samples.  I have sensitive skin, so I love the opportunity to try something out for a couple of weeks before committing.  It's so frustrating to try something once in a store, love it, and then get it home and immediately have some kind of allergy to it.  

One of the things I love most about trying skin care samples is that I can see how it works in my beauty routine.  If I'm at Ulta playing around with moisturizers, I may find one I love.  But what if I get it home and it just feels too greasy when paired with the plethora of products that I use every night?

In today's post, I'm sharing reviews of nine of the products I've sampled lately!  Just to let y'all know, I have sensitive skin, and I would define my skin type as combination, with some parts being super oily and some parts being super dry.

MAC Prep + Prime Skin ($31)    I didn't love this.  I wanted to, and I kept trying to, but I didn't.  It gave my skin a weird sheen, similar to how I look when I'm sick.

Received this sample via Nordstrom
Would I purchase?  Nope.  I've had much better experiences with this primer.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Poreless Finish Airbrush Powder ($29)  I really liked this powder!  It didn't eliminate my large pores, but it did minimize their appearance.  However, I have a ton of unused translucent powder.

Received this sample via Ulta (gift with purchase)
Would I purchase?  I can't justify purchasing more loose translucent powder.  However, I have considered purchasing the compact version of this product to carry in my purse.

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet ($39)  I love this stuff.  The "sorbet" formula is great for my skin type.  It's not too heavy and it's not too light.  It soaks in just enough, and it leaves my dry skin feeling softer than usual.  I'm weird about scented products on my face, but this one is lightly fragrant and smells wonderful.  A little goes a long way; this sample lasted about a month.

Received this sample via Sephora (birthday gift)
Would I purchase?  I almost did.  But I started trying a new moisturizer sample after this one, and now I'm a little torn between the two.

Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Body Cleanser ($20)  This stuff is amazing.  The scent is clean, refreshing, and really wakes you up... without smelling like a citrus scented home cleaning product.  It lathers nicely, and I give it bonus points for being a unisex scent.

Received this sample via my stay at the Hilton Downtown Nashville
Would I purchase?  Already have!  For reference, the bottle contains half as much product as most Philosophy shower gels.

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream ($52)  I loved this gel moisturizer.  It was light and soaked immediately into my skin.  While using this, my skin was the clearest that it had been in quite some time.  My only frustration is that it didn't do much for the drier parts of my skin, so I had to layer on a sleeping cream in the evenings to be sure my entire face was properly moisturized.  A little goes a long way with this product; I used the sample for about a month.

Received this sample via my monthly subscription to PLAY! by Sephora
Would I purchase?  I almost did!  I went to order via Nordstrom (I'm a cardholder and I like buying everything possible there for points), but it was backordered until mid-June.  I've decided to sample one more moisturizer before trying to decide between this and the Caudalie sorbet.

Sephora Collection Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover ($11)  I didn't find this product to be anything special.  It worked okay, but I don't use many waterproof products, so it's not necessary.  I typically use coconut oil to remove my eye makeup, and I had better results with the coconut oil.  I'll keep this product just in case I try out a waterproof product, but I doubt it will get much use.

Received this sample via my monthly subscription to PLAY! by Sephora
Would I purchase?  No.  If I needed a waterproof makeup remover, I could purchase one at the drugstore for much cheaper.  I just wasn't that impressed with the formula.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream ($48)  I already had an eye cream when I received this sample, but I gave it a try because I love IT Cosmetics so much.  Y'all, this eye cream is amazing.  A little bit of this goes a long way; I've been using this sample for about three weeks now, and there is still a good bit left.  The packaging advertises that you'll notice a change in your skin after one use, which I didn't believe, but... surprise!  There was actually a change!  (I wish I would have taken before and after photos now.  Haha.)  The product has a bluish hue, which makes your eyes look brighter and whiter.  On days that I know I'm skipping face makeup, I'll apply this in the mornings, as well.

Received this sample via QVC with my purchase of IT Cosmetics Brow Power & Anti-Aging concealer bundle
Would I purchase?  Yes!  Hoping to find it in a bundle on QVC, but if not, I will suck it up and pay full price, because it is worth it!

Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye Pencil in Black ($21)  My blonder hair has left my face looking a little washed out, so I've been meaning to pick up a new eyeliner to help with that.  (I know that sounds crazy, but my eyes have looked very pink lately, and eyeliner helps for some reason!)  After trying this, I will stick to liquid liner.  It didn't go on very smoothly and was kind of chalky.

Received this sample via my monthly subscription to PLAY! by Sephora
Would I purchase?  No.  This product was a little too high maintenance for my liking.

Diorshow Maximizer 3D Lash Primer ($30)  Following the removal of my lash extensions, I was desperate to look like I actually had lashes again.  This stuff was a lifesaver.  It basically creates little white tubes around your lashes, and the tube extends beyond your natural lash.  You apply like a mascara primer, then immediately coat with your regular mascara, then move on to your other eye.  It's imperative to apply the product immediately to get the best results.

Received this sample via Nordstrom
Would I purchase?  Already have!  I absolutely love it.  It's a little pricy, but I imagine it would work well paired with just about any mascara, as it does the heavy lifting and the secondary mascara mostly just provides color.

What do you think - see anything you'd like to try?  What have you sampled lately?

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mother's Day Gift & Experience Ideas

This year, I was really determined to make an awesome gift guide for Mother's Day.  I did polling to see what y'all's budgets were, and I perused pages upon pages of products on Nordstrom, Amazon, Uncommon Goods, Draper James, and QVC.

I think the reason that I am struggling so hard to make a gift guide this year is that my family is focusing on experiences this year.  We all have so much stuff, so instead of adding another item to the pile, we're going to spend Mother's Day with my mom.  She wants to go to a local museum, so my brother and I are planning to cover the tickets and lunch.  I realize that some of y'all may be in the same boat this year, so I'm sharing a list of experiences.  I totally realize that experiences aren't everyone's gift of choice and aren't always possible, so I've also included three gift options that I think your momma will love, and they're under $50!

Gift Options

Arrangement from BouqsLast week, I learned that all flower companies are not created equally.  Bouqs came highly recommended to me from multiple people in my life, but I didn't use it because I felt like paying for a vase on top of a $50 arrangement was ridiculous.  Instead, I used Teleflora, paid basically the same amount, got an arrangement that didn't look like what I ordered, and was met with horrible customer service.  I learned my lesson, and I will order from Bouqs next time.  If you order from this link, you'll get a $10 credit that can be used to upgrade your blooms or for a free vase!

L'Occitane Nourishing Favorites • I love L'Occitane products because they feel luxurious and smell amazing.  If you're looking for an "every day upgrade," give this to your momma.  It's a sampler, so the hand cream and lotions are perfect for tossing in her handbag or gym bag.

One in a million necklace • This necklace is absolute darling, and the messaging behind it is even sweeter.  It comes in gold and silver.

Mother Knows Best trinket trayThis trinket tray is only $18, and shipping is free!  Order this, pair it with some of mom's favorite candy or a handwritten list of lessons you learned from your momma.

IT Cosmetics Five Piece Travel Brush SetWhen was the last time you bought new makeup brushes?!  This little set is only $30!  It's great if your mom travels a lot or carries a makeup bag with her.

Gift Experiences

Museum Passes • Including this because it's my family's gift of choice this year!  These can be expensive at retail value, so be sure to keep an eye out for coupons, AAA discounts, promotions, etc.

Family Photo Shoot • This one may be a little more difficult under $50, but if you have siblings or split the cost of the gift with someone else, this is an awesome option!  My Christmas gift to my mom was a gift card for a family photo shoot and canvas print that I won in a silent auction.  (PS - If you're bidding at a silent auction, be sure to check into what you are actually getting.  I was fortunate, but I have heard horror stories about the purchase of an affordable photo session but having to pay more to access the photos.  Yikes!)

Spa Day • Another gift that's not quite $50, but is a great option if you can split the cost with a sibling!  Mom works hard, and even a small, more affordable service is sure to make her happy.

Day at the Movies • My mom loves seeing movies, but rarely makes time to go.  Take mom to see the movie of her choice, order one of those date combos with an enormous popcorn and two massive drinks, and go all out.

Flower Planting •  If your mom loves her flowerbed, buy some plants that would work well and offer to help her plant them.  Or work together to start an easy herb garden!

Girl's Night Out • When was the last time you had a girl's night out with your mom?  To keep it in the price range, keep an eye on Groupon and restaurant specials.  Or find a Happy Hour with endless apps!

Hope that you found this post helpful!  I want to hear from you - what are you giving your mom for Mother's Day this year?

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Monthly Coffee Date

Happy May, y'all!  Long time, no talk.  It feels like I haven't written anything in forever.  I have been trying to get in a better rhythm of writing, but my goodness, it is so hard with other obligations. Kudos to y'all who manage blogging, a demanding job, and community involvement.  Send me your secrets please!  It feels so good to sit down and catch up with y'all.  I can't wait to hear what you're up to :)

Current coffee of choice • Iced lavender latte

Good news •  Thank y'all so much for your kind words regarding my biopsies.  Everything came back benign, and I am so relieved.  There has just been good news all around lately, and I am praising God for it.

New favorite snack •  I'm probably late to the game on this one, but y'all, Halo Top's chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is everything.  I crave it constantly.  I don't count calories, but I feel better about my snack of choice knowing that there are only 360 calories in a pint.

Track meet season •  My brother is a runner, and my spring basically revolves around his meets.  I'm such a nerd, so I am constantly getting on Milesplit and pulling analytics on him, his teammates, and competing teams and scoping out the best places at the stadium to take photos and video.  Last weekend, my family helped throw a signing party for his best friend / teammate, and it was just the coolest experience.  

Essential oils •  Did y'all know that you can use certain essential oils on dogs?  I have been so pleased by my personal results that I've started using Young Living's Animal Care products on Francis.  She outsmarts me when it comes to doggy medications, so being able to use oils for things like storm anxiety and itching has been a big help!

Chop chop •  I cut six inches off of my hair and touched the blonde up.  I feel like a new person!  On the mornings that I wash my hair, I actually get up, wash it, condition it, and then blow dry it.  When I had long hair, I think I used a blow dryer once a month, and that is being generous!  On day two, I use a curling wand for fun waves, and on day three (I can actually get three days out of my hair now!), I play it by ear.  I can actually run my fingers through my hair now, and that is exciting.  I'm on the hunt for the perfect product for beachy waves, so please send those recommendations my way!

Shopping list •  Nordstrom triple points will be here tomorrow, and I have an entire list of goodies that I'm purchasing at that time so that I can take advantage of those points!  Haha. I fell in love with this shower gel while staying at my favorite hotel in Nashville, and I fell in love with this moisturizer when I tried it in the PLAY by Sephora box; I can't wait to order both of them!  Also planning on picking up a few goodies for my Momma during the sale.

Please please please tell me what's new with you!  How's work? School?  Tried any new products lately that I need to check out?  Keep me in the loop :)

Happy Tuesday, sweet friends!