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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Splurge Item Wish List

One of the most difficult things for me to do is spend money on myself.  I have goals that I really want to achieve in the next three years, and saving money is something that I know that I should be doing.  But all work and no play makes a girl dull, and I constantly remind myself that it's okay to splurge on myself every once in awhile.

Whenever I splurge on things, I set a few rules for myself.  It needs to be something that I already have the money for (but I will put it on my Nordstrom card and pay it off at one time so that I can get the points! haha)  I also prefer to buy splurge items on my own.  Now that I'm an adult with an understanding of how much things cost, I can't bring myself to ask relatives for lavish gifts.  Plus, there is something so rewarding about saving up for something and treating myself!

Because my birthday will be here tomorrow and we are in the middle of tax return season (even though I'm a buzzkill and dump it all into savings), I thought it would be fun to share with y'all the splurges I have my eye on, and in some cases, why I haven't been able to pull the trigger yet.

T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand //   I have heard so many bloggers rave about this curling wand set.  I finally learned the proper way to use a curling wand a few weeks ago, and now I am hooked.  I've heard that the curls last more than one day, which would be amazing.  

What's holding me back?  I have a $50 curling wand that I bought in high school, and saying that I have used it 10 times is a generous estimate.  I've discovered that with enough hair spray, I have two day curls with it.  The biggest drawback is that I'm really considering chopping my hair off, and I won't have enough hair to use the two larger barrels on.

Gucci Belt //  I have seen so many bloggers wearing these belts, and it's such a sharp look!  I wear a lot of flowy silk tops, and I think they would look great tucked in behind such a gorgeous belt.  Plus, I need a belt because none of my jeans fit the way that they should.

What's holding me back?  I couldn't tell you the last time I wore a belt.

Cartier LOVE bracelet //  This is my ultimate wish list item, and I'm embarrassed at how much time I spend researching these online.  If I could only purchase one more accessory and it had to last me the rest of my life, this is what I would want it to be.

What's holding me back?  The $7,000 price tag.  That is a lot of money, and I'd rather put that toward a new car or part of a down payment on a house or even just toward my retirement.  And imagine how many people I could help with $7,000!

Burberry Scarf //  I think a Burberry scarf is one of the most classic items you can own.  And as someone who loves practical things, what's more practical than a scarf?  Imagine how many winter looks this scarf could upgrade!

What's holding me back?  The price alone.  (But I'm warming up to it because you get complimentary monogramming if you order from Burberry!)

Ferragamo flats //  Ferragamo flats are classic and so chic.  I don't love buying shoes, so really investing in a pair would eliminate that problem for a few years.  Black flats have a really good cost-per-wear ratio, so I feel like this is justified.

What's holding me back?  I'm really rough on my shoes.  I rarely wear flat shoes.  Last time I bought a pair of designer flats, I had to wear blister block with them every day, and the sole wore out so quickly and couldn't be replaced.  #bummer

Hermes Clic H bracelet //  Another blogger staple, I feel major wrist admiration whenever I see one of these.  The white and gold would go with pretty much everything, but I'm also eyeing the black and silver.  (I know yellow gold is hot right now, but my watch is silver and my jewelry is white gold, and it would match so much better!)

What's holding me back?  I haven't had an opportunity to try one on... I worry that it would be bulky on my wrist.

Diva Ring //  I really want to dabble in Youtube.  I'd love to share tutorials with y'all on how I do certain hair styles (like my braided bun) or quick time lapse videos of how I do different makeup looks.  The lighting in my apartment isn't great, so Diva Ring to the rescue on that!

What's holding me back?  I have one video on my Youtube channel.  I'm going to start with mini-vlogs of different weekend adventures, and if I can figure it all out, I'll revisit this purchase in Q3.

David Yurman bracelet //  A Yurman bracelet has been on my wishlist for years, and I believe that it will be my first splurge of 2017.  We all have different pieces of jewelry that we love, and for me, it has always been bracelets.  (Arm party days were my favorite!)  I have my eye on a few of them - one // two // three // four

What's holding me back?  I have tiny baby wrists and physically need to try on items, which I haven't had a chance to do yet.

Black diamond earrings //  Over the past six months, I've really fallen in love with Mejuri.  I love jewelry that is dainty and perfect for everyday wear, and this brand just gets it.  I've been eyeing a lot of their black diamond pieces because I wear a lot of black, and I enjoy the uniqueness of black diamonds.

What's holding me back?  I've never invested in a pair of earrings because they are so easy to lose.  If I bought these, I think the only solution would be to never take them out.

Diane von Furstenburg wrap dress //  I have a small closet, so my wardrobe is something that I don't mind to invest in.  Something I've always wanted to add to my closet is a DVF wrap dress!  I bought my first wrap dress at 14 and never looked back.  This would be a beautiful addition to my closet, and sometimes you can even find DVF on Nordstrom Rack.

What's holding me back?  I prefer to splurge on accessories, as they have a better cost-per-wear ratio.

Thanks for letting me share my wishlist with you!  I want to hear from you - what's at the top of your splurge wishlist!

(And if this isn't your thing, no worries!  We'll be back to business tomorrow with more practical posts!)


  1. So many fun items on your list. I'm the same way with how I don't always splurge on myself, even when I can, but I have three of these items on my list right now! The curling wand, the belt, and that diva ring! Hopefully at some point I'll convince myself to actually bite the bullet and get them haha! Oh, and happy early birthday!!

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

  2. I think a DVF wrap in a neutral color can be a great splurge...I know I wear mine SO often for work or nice nights out! I also love the Cartier love bracelets though I know I won't ever buy one for myself-at that price point I need a diamond. I also really want a pair of black diamond earrings, so chic!

  3. I am in desperate need of that ring light as well!

    xo, Lauryn

  4. I would kill for any of the bracelets. I know the struggle of wanting to splurge but also loving to save! I just treated myself to a Prada after saving for years for it! :)


  5. I've been dying for that gucci belt!

  6. I too have been lusting after a Yurman bracelet, but as a newlywed (okay, almost married two years...but whatever lol!) I feel like we need to be saving for a house we want to build in a few years and paying off other things first. I totally understand all your "what's holding me back" because I feel the same way about similar things!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  7. Definitely love your round up of items. The bow flats are definitely a wardrobe staple and would get so much use over the years!

  8. Great splurge picks! I'm totally in need of a light ring!

    The Dainty Darling

  9. So many great items! I have the T3 curling trio and I LOVE it, and that Hermes cuff is calling my name. But woah, 7k for that cartier bracelet. I think I'd be afraid to wear it! =P

    Happy Friday lovely



  10. Everyone and their mother has that belt! Makes me feel like I'm missing out on life... LOL

  11. The T3 Whirl and a ring light are both on my wish list, too! I have been wanting to try out YouTube as well, but proper equipment has held me back. I've been practicing being comfortable in front of the camera, though, so still making progress!

    I can't justify the T3 Whirl quite yet. My really amazing curling wand stopped functioning in the fall because of careless handling while traveling, which caused the cord to cut in an out (obviously unsafe, even if I could have forced it into a position that made it stay on). With our wedding in December, I wasn't in a position to replace it right away, so I went for a Conair curling iron that I just use as a wand anyway. It works fine, but my curls don't last quite as long and they're not quite as bouncy. Still, this one doesn't actually need replacing. Ugh... I sometimes hate being sensible haha

    Sweet Spontaneity

  12. This is a great wish list for designer items! I have also eyed Ferragamo flats for awhile but haven't taken the leap to purchase those; I'm so Tieks ballet flats loyal! I also love Burberry & recently splurged on their wool coat at a steal of a price :)

  13. I want all these too! Especially the Gucci belt! It is so popular in the fashion blogger world!

    xoxo, Candice

  14. Love those Ferragamo flats and the Burberry scarf, so pretty!


  15. Amazing! Loving every single item!


  16. I've gotten really good deals on all my DVF dresses on Poshmark and sometimes they even still have the tags on them! I'd highly recommend checking there!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  17. I totally want one of those ring lights too!

  18. I'm not much of a belt person, but I want that Gucci belt!