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Monday, January 16, 2017

Apartment Upgrades

Happy Monday, y'all!  Long time no talk.  To be completely honest with y'all, I've been in kind of a funk since 2017 kicked off.  I am borderline annoyingly optimistic on a normal day, so this is really frustrating for me.  What do y'all do to help break out of a funk?

One of my goals for next weekend is to start organizing my apartment.  The weeks following Christmas have been a whirlwind of travel and sickness, so I still have stuff sitting in Christmas bags (and stuff to be mailed... sorry!)  I want to really focus on making sure everything has a place, and I'll be doing some purging and packing things into storage totes along the way.

The thing that excites me most about this is doing some apartment upgrades at the same time.  I've had the same apartment for 2.5 years, and the perk of being somewhere that long is that you really start to get a feel for the space.  I plan on doing a few inexpensive updates on each room of the apartment to make it feel cozier and more representative of my personal style.

Living Room

Coffee Table Books -  My mom started my coffee table book collection off right by giving me the coffee table version of The Widow Clicquot for Christmas.  I'd love to have a few more to stack, and I've added Paris in Color and Pop Art to my wishlist.  I think these will be great to flip through when I need a little motivation.

Cozy Throw - I have a couple of blankets I keep on my couch,but as cozy as they are, they aren't the cutest.  This sage throw is cute and comfy and would be a nice pop of color against my couch.


Clear Organization Boxes -  Something I really love about blogging is the opportunity to try so many awesome products.  However, they're all just kind of scattered about under my sink.  This weekend, I plan to toss products that are out of date and gather goodies that haven't been used in a while to share with friends.  What I keep will be housed in clear acrylic organizers.  I'd love to have this one on my sink, these for stacking underneath the sink, and this style for under the sink, as well.

Piece of Art -  I currently have two pieces of art on my bathroom walls - a "wash, brush, floss, flush" wall hanging and a giraffe that I painted in one of those painting classes where you drink wine.  Haha!  I really like this eyelashes print and this bobby pins print.  They're both under $20 and go nicely with the other fun pieces.


Nightstand Area Makeover - My aunt bought me this glasses holder for Christmas, and I absolutely love it!  There is nothing worse than reaching over to grab your glasses in the middle of the night, knocking them off, and having to look for them in the dark.  The red lips are my favorite part, and I'd love to have a faux floral arrangement to match.

Curtains -   I think curtains would be a nice touch in my bedroom.  These blackout curtains are only $30, and the navy matches my bedroom suite.

What do y'all think?  Any other suggestions for making the most of a small space on a budget?  I'd love to hear a little bit more about your home!


  1. I love giving a room a bit of an upgrade! It can be so simple and look amazing!

  2. Great picks! Changing out throw pillows is my go to! It always makes things feel so fresh!

  3. I have that pencil holder and makeup organizer!!! Seriously the cutest!

  4. Simple changes can make such a difference. I've created a few different gallery walls in my apartment to bring a different vibe to each space. I also love flowers and plants everywhere.

  5. These are all great upgrades. Hope you get out of your funk soon!

    Greta | www.gretahollar.com

  6. I've been trying to give my space an upgrade lately and these are great tips. Books and art prints are some of my fave ways to spice up a room!


  7. i swear curtains make such a difference in upgrading a room, def try them! and godspeed re: your funk, I'm right there with you creatively :/

  8. That glasses holder is adorable and so cute! Love these new additions!

  9. I have that acrylic drawer set and LOVE it, helps keep some of my makeup nice and organized. Greta picks!

  10. I'm sorry you've been in a funk, I definitely know the feeling! I felt a bit under the weather through most of the fall. I know when I am in a funk it helps to take a little break from social media "obligations" and spend a little more time with the people I love. Family time or friend time usually helps pull me out of a funk!

  11. I have a lovely collection of coffee table books at the moment so I need a cute coffee table to put them in.

  12. You can never have too many throws or blankets in my opinion! These are such great picks!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  13. I am always looking for little things for my apartment! All these things are so cute. I especially love the prints! I'm a big wall decor fan. xx thecarlycollective.com

  14. the smallest updates can make the biggest difference! my roommates and I recently re-did our bathroom and all it took was some new towels & bathmat. make sure you show/tell us what you update! x, nicole // www.nicoleeigh.com

  15. I totally need to start organizing our apartment... we're moving again, so it'll just make it easier!
    I love that pencil cup and the ideas of just a couple of flowers in a vase!

  16. I love these ideas for your apartment! Don't you just love Home decor?!