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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ornament Obsessions

One of my first childhood memories is of our Christmas tree.  My parents and I would make the trek to Knoxville to pick up our order of ornaments at Hallmark, and I would love getting to help decorate the tree.  Taking down a Hallmark tree is a completely different story.  We would all dread trying to match what seemed like a million ornaments to their very specific boxes, before carefully wrapping them up and packing them away.

One year, my mom decided she'd had enough.  We bought a ton of brightly colored green, pink, silver, and purple bulbs and matching garland that looked like Mardi Gras beads and did a 60's themed tree.  A few years later, we did a candy themed tree.  When I went away to college, my mom gave me a tiny silver tinsel tree, which is what I've used in my apartment for the past two years.  Long story short, I've come to believe that a decorated Christmas tree should be fun and show off your personality.

I've done some digging and found some really fun ornaments.  We're all in different places in life, so I've picked ornaments from all price points.  (They're all under $30!)  I've linked to them underneath and included pricing, but you can also check them out just by clicking them in the collage to make things a little easier!

Cuties that didn't make the collage cut:

Sometimes it's just not possible to fit all of the cute things that you've fallen in love with into a collage.  Here are some additional ornaments that I couldn't cram on to the collage, but that I still find to be adorable!  I love ornament sets because they're affordable and can fill up space on a bare tree.

I want to hear from you - which ornament on your tree is your favorite?!  (If you don't celebrate Christmas or don't have a tree, I'd love to hear about your favorite holiday tradition!)


  1. These are adorable! We're starting our Christmas collection and both of our families buy ornaments in places that they visited! We have ornaments from all over the world, and I can't wait to decorate our tree!

  2. I am a huge ornament fan. My godparents used to send me a different one each year so I always grab a few to decorate my tree. Jess at Just Jess

  3. Okay, those are the cutest ever! I love the champagne one!!

    xoxo Lex // LexMeetsWorld

  4. Oh my goodness, they're all so pretty!!

    xo Kylie

  5. OMG I LOVE ALL OF THESE! I love finding new cute ornaments to add to my tree! My favorites are the hedgehog, the champagne bottle, and the fortune cookie!


  6. I grew up with a Disney Christmas tree so now that I live away from my parents I too have a Disney tree. My favorite ornament on it is a Minnie Mouse tour guide. I was a tour guide at Disneyland!

  7. I love cute ornaments! My favorite is the red lipstick one!
    -Anna | www.fivefootandfabulous.com

  8. oh my gosh so many cute ornaments!! I love the macarons and the champagne bottle!

    La Belle Sirene 

  9. These are all SUCH cute ornaments!! I'm so into them...I've been collecting them for years!

    Coming Up Roses

  10. I totally have such an ornament obsession too! I am so excited to add some new ones to the collection this year

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  11. love all of those ornaments!! especially the champagne and macarons!

  12. Beautiful ornaments! We usually just get ours at a craft store or something lol.

    Alix | www.apintsizedlife.com

  13. I'm such a sucker for cute ornaments! My husband and I went with rustic decor our first year, but we like to pick a special ornament that makes us think of the other one-so we keep constantly adding! I love the boot, the flamingo, and the pink champagne bottle!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  14. Oh my gosh!! How cute are those. I want them all.


  15. Love those ornaments! My tree is so boring, I bet yours is gorg!

  16. The little champagne bottles are gorgeous! I can't wait to have a tree of my own to decorate

  17. These are all so cute! I love the idea of having a themed tree- so cute but can get pricey quick, especially with all the adorable ornament options :P

  18. Our Christmas tree is very fun it is a white flocked tree and we have all the decorations to represent us!

  19. Those are all sooooo cute! I have an obsession with cute ornaments too. Simply can't resist them :)

  20. I love all of these! It's tradition for my grandma to get me an ornament every year - I love your picks!

  21. These ornaments are so cute- I love the macaron one! My mom always buys an ornament whenever we travel so we have lots of ornaments from all the places we've gone over the years!


  22. Those macaroon ornaments are so cute! I love that ornaments often have personal stories.

  23. I love putting up the tree and reminiscing about the stories behind the ornaments! I love those Gatsby-inspired ornaments!

  24. I think all the retailers got together and decided to each create their cutest ornaments to date. There are too many adorable ones! I went to LLBean, and even they have a bunch of cute ornaments that aren't even listed on their website. I want them all!!!

    Diary of a Debutante