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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Treating Your Acne Just Got Easier

Have you ever had something bother you and your immediate reaction is Oh, I'll just see a doctor later if it keeps up.  And two months later, its still keeping up, and you still haven't seen a doctor?  That's kind of what has happened with my skin.  I've been battling cystic acne since about a year out of college, and I legitimately had no idea what to do. 

I kept saying I would see a dermatologist, and I finally decided at my last skin checkup I would talk to someone about the acne.  Three biopsies from my lower body later, I made the decision that I actually didn't want to talk about my acne after all.  I'll schedule a follow up, I convinced myself, even though we both know I never did.

My reasons were probably a lot like your reasons.  For starters, visiting the dermatologist can be inconvenient.  In my case, I would have to take time off work and then drive at least thirty minutes to a dermatologist.  Add in a co-pay or large out of pocket fee, plus treatment, plus that adorable little makeup and skin care room they want you to hit up on your way out, and it can get really expensive really fast.  Not only is there inconvenience, but there's discomfort.  I felt really uncomfortable talking about the fact that I'm 25 years old and have acne, especially because I didn't have it as a teen.

When I was given an opportunity to review YoDerm, I did my research and then jumped at the chance.  YoDerm is a three step process - choose your dermatologist, create a medical profile, and receive treatment.  It's fast and simple, so much so that I was able to do it entirely on my lunch break!

By eight that evening, I received a notification that my prescriptions had been called in.  I logged into the portal and easily accessed a list of my prescriptions, a recommendation for a different facial cleanser, and two messages from my doctor.  Any skepticism I had was gone at this point, because in the message he talked about how the medications wouldn't interfere with my infusion or my sensitive skin.  He suggested a two month follow-up.

It took my pharmacy a couple of days to get one of the medications, so I started taking them on Monday, August 29.  I was really nervous about how much the prescriptions would be, but with my insurance the cost of two medications, a topical treatment, and the new facial cleanser was $55.  Prescription coverage varies by provider and plan, and YoDerm does what they can to help minimize the cost of prescriptions by providing resources for prescription coupons.  (The cost of the visit is $60, but if you use my referral link, you receive $10 off your appointment cost.  $50 is my dermatologist co-pay, and to be completely honest with y'all, I'm glad to pay $10 more and have my visits at a time when it's convenient for me instead of having to take time off work, drive 30 minutes out of the way, etc.)

Yesterday was my two week mark, and I'm singing the praises of YoDerm even more.  I expected my skin care regimen simply to help with my acne, but my pores are tinier than they have ever been, and my skin actually glows.  This is the best possible result I could imagine since the days I don't wear makeup outnumber the days that I do wear it.

I plan to do a follow up post in a couple of weeks to share my results at a month out, but for now, here's my current progress - all iPhone photos, no makeup, none retouched.  (If you'd like to see the photo a little more clearly, just click on it!)

Along with sharing a new set of photos for my follow up post, I'd also like to answer any questions you may have about YoDerm in the post!  Chances are, if you're wondering, someone out there is wondering too.  Feel free to leave them in the comments, email me (contact(at)seersuckersass(dot)com), or tweet me.

Do you regularly visit a dermatologist?  What are your thoughts?  I want to hear from you!

Disclosure:  I received one free visit from YoDerm in exchange for an honest review about my experience.  I also received a basket of free skin care samples.  My referral link offers $10 off to my readers and is also an affiliate link.  (All YoDerm users are given an affiliate link.)  As always, all opinions are my own, and I only showcase brands that I truly enjoy.  Thanks for supporting brands that support Seersucker Sass.


  1. I have been using this great product line called FaceReality and changed my diet! My skin has really started to clear up, and I loved it! But this sounds awesome, I used to go to a dermatologist but they never were very consistent in my town! You look amazing as always!

  2. This seems like such a cool service. I am definitely guilty of pushing aside doctor's appointments for non "emergency" issues. For those who don't live near their dermatologist or don't have a flexible schedule Yoderm seems like the best service.

  3. Wow!! this is so cool!

  4. That's so awesome! I recently switched up my treatment for my acne and OMG it's like night and day.
    XO Amanda |

  5. You have had awesome results it looks like! I haven't heard of this, and I've fortunately never struggled with this too much but every now and then I do get a small break out!

  6. So happy you had a great experience! Technology can be wonderful sometimes! Do you actually meet with a doctor? I've seen similar services where you have a video call with a doctor. Or do you just list your skin issues? xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

    1. Hey Merisa! I filled out a thorough questionnaire and submitted photos.

  7. Those look like great results! I don't really use much on my acne anymore, thank god, but I swear by my face wash and clarisonic!

    Kirsten -

  8. This is so cool, thanks for sharing girl!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls