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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Staple Jewelry

If you've followed my blog for a while now or follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I wear the same jewelry pretty much every day.  Occasionally I'll throw on a statement necklace or a strand of pearls depending on the occasion, but for the most part, I stick to my staple jewelry.  I used to think that I was weird (and a bad blogger!) for doing that until I read an article that Kate Middleton does the same thing with earrings.  If it's good enough for Kate, it's good enough for me.  Above are the pieces that I wear basically every day, with the exception of the earrings; I alternate the earrings depending on my mood.

I worked with Lauren at Rose Water Designs to create this necklace, and it's one of the most special pieces of jewelry I own.  The roman numerals on the necklace are the date that I was declared cancer free, and 2016 marked five years cancer free.  I wear it almost daily as a reminder of where I've been and what I've overcome, and it was a major comfort to me when I had a cancer scare this spring.

Gucci Watch  (similar option)

My dad bought me this watch for my 25th birthday, and I wear it every day.  Previously I wore a really dainty watch with pave diamonds around the face, but I have retired that one to my "event watch."  The sleek band on this watch makes it perfect the perfect watch to wear to work every day.  (And yes, I am one of those weirdos who wears their watch on the same arm that they write with.  I can't help it!)

Lilly Pulitzer Bow Earrings  (similar option)

I rotate between these earrings and a pair of Kendra Scott earrings.  The gold bows are classic, but don't really stand out unless I wear them with a ponytail.  I love that I can wear these earrings to work, to events, and on the rare occasion that I go out.  

I purchased these when I went to visit Nicole in Nashville for her birthday.  I don't wear much green, but I knew the emerald would look really nice with the abundance of navy and black in my wardrobe and would be a great color for fall.  If you're looking for a great pair of every day earrings, I highly recommend getting a pair of Kendra Scott earrings in a color that's versatile.  


I wear three rings every day - a thin channel set band on my right ring finger, my Kappa Delta ring, and a David Yurman cable band (not pictured.)  

My mom gave me the channel set band my senior year of college, and I'm pretty sure that if I was a piece of jewelry, I would be this ring.  It's dainty, practical, and it doesn't ask for attention, but when the light hits it right, you get a little sparkle.

I purchased the David Yurman band on a whim because I thought I needed another ring.  (I totally didn't, but I ended up keeping it because it's classic and went well with the other rings I wear.)

My mom bought me the Kappa Delta Sorority emerald ring my freshman year of college as a Christmas gift, and I've worn it every day since then.  It's a nice reminder of college memories, as well as women that I look up to.

What about y'all?  Do you mix up your jewelry day to day or do you stick to the staples, as well?  Any suggestions on pieces that I should add to my daily rotation?

Happy Tuesday friends!


  1. Love your jewelry! I love that most of your rings have meaning to you behind them!

  2. Great jewelry! Those earrings are to-die-for; makes me wish I had my ears pierced again. Thanks for sharing, babe <3 xo, sharon

  3. I don't wear the same jewelry staples every day but I definitely have pieces I wear consistently and then pieces I rarely wear (usually statement pieces). Your everyday jewelry is really pretty and sentimental. My favorite pieces of jewelry have meaning behind them too (:

  4. Me too! I feel like I own so much jewellery but I only ever wear like two things. I love the gold plate necklace and that the message is so special x

  5. I am the same way! I definitely have a few pieces of jewelry that I constantly wear on repeat!

    The Blush Blonde

  6. I am definitely a jewelry staples girl as well. Before getting engaged, I didn't really wear rings, and I really only stick to about 3 different pairs of earrings. Necklaces are usually dainty chains with something significant on it: a crucifix, a miraculous medal, or my grandmother's ring.

    I have so much jewelry that I hardly ever wear because I love the idea of being a jewelry person, but it turns out that's just not me!

    Sweet Spontaneity

  7. I wear the same earrings and rotate two necklaces in and out daily!

  8. I wear the same jewelry every day too: a watch, two David Yurman bracelets, a monogram ring that was my mom's when she was younger, a monogram necklace, and pearl earrings! Your Kappa Delta ring is so pretty!


  9. Love those green KS earrings! I wear a similar version of those every day!

    Greta |

  10. I absolutely love the first necklace! x

  11. I love staple dainty jewelry! I think they're classic pieces to invest in

  12. So many pretty pieces. It's so important to have staple jewelry pieces. I still can't get over how beautiful your Gucci bag is! Amazing!

  13. I really love the necklace and the bow earrings. I tend to go for the same pieces over and over again too!

  14. I usually wear the same jewelry every day too ! I have a lot of necklaces but almost always choose the same simple one !!! Love your adorable blog !

  15. Love this! I definitely have the same pieces of jewelry that I stick to as well (with a little variation here and there!) I typically wear my pearl studs everyday, always my engagement/wedding rings, & I have three or four necklaces I rotate between (my favorite being my open heart necklace, my very first jewelry gift from my now husband!)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  16. Beautiful jewelry!

  17. i like the roman numeral necklace... its so simple and look elegant. nice share! berita terkini terbaru hari ini