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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Necessities for Post-Grad Survival

I'm not exaggerating when I say this is the second busiest work week of the year for me, with next week being the busiest.  In the midst of all of the work chaos, I still have responsibilities outside of the office.  I've compiled a list of hacks for post-grad life to help you survive both the normal days and the chaotic days, while appearing like you totally have your life together!

Card Box •  I have a shoebox from Michaels that's stocked with cards for different occasions.  While I love to pick out cards with a specific person in mind, having a box of cards for backup keeps me covered in situations where I'm invited to a last minute birthday dinner for an acquaintance or a coworker's birthday sneaks up on me!  (If you're hoping to stock up, check out these thank you notes, these birthday cards, and this set of random, hilarious cards.)

Gift Box •  Similar to the card box, I keep a shoebox of little random goodies for above mentioned situations.  (I learned this from my mom, who has a little stash of random things she picked up on sale.)  You know those crazy good sales where they're practically giving things away?  It's the perfect time to stock up!  (Think candles, decorative wine stoppers, pretty photo frames, etc.  I'll also buy those nail color and lip color sets and break them up.)  If a small gift won't do, pair one of the gift box goodies with a gift card.  It will make your gift card appear like you actually put a little thought into it.

The Skimm •  The Skimm is basically a daily briefing of international news that has occurred over the past 24 hours, but it's presented in a casual way that doesn't stress you out about what a scary place the world can be sometimes.  (It also recaps political debates, which is awesome if you're like me and don't watch them because all of the yelling stresses you out.)  You can sign up for the free email subscription here.

Band-Aid Friction Block  •  I wear heels to work pretty much every day, and there's nothing worse than when I try to break in a new pair on a busy workday.  I rub friction block on problem areas or on areas that I think the shoe might potentially rub my foot, and it creates a snug sensation with no blistering.  Seriously the best $5 I've ever spent.

Lint Roller  •  Buy a few lint rollers and keep them everywhere - your car, your work bag, etc.  It seems like a common sense thing, but you'll appreciate having backups when you walk out the door wearing a linen little black dress and everything is sticking to you.  (aka me today)

A place to store important documents  •  Buy a few pretty folders and a portable file box, and keep your important documents there.  There's nothing fun about it, but when you're having a crisis and need your insurance info or misplace your drivers license and need to find your passport so you can go out with your friends (basically me every other weekend in college), you'll know exactly where it is.  Other unsexy documents to store - retirement and 401k info, bank statements if you aren't paperless, and anything related to finance.  

Sunday ritual  •  Sunday scaries are a real thing, and they're mean.  It really helps me to have a routine for Sunday afternoons and evenings, and I try to make it full of things that I enjoy.  I usually spend about an hour on Sundays taking photos for the blog, another hour or two writing, then I take a long shower, pick out an outfit for Monday, and read the latest chapter of You Can Even.

  Do you feel a little more prepared to survive post-grad life?! Haha. I want to know - What's your hack for post-grad survival!  I'd love to feature some of my favorites in an upcoming post!

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  1. I love using The Skimm. Will bookmark these tips for when post-grad life finds me ;)

  2. The Skimm is great. So perfect for women on the go. Hahah lent rollers are much needed too though.

    Sara Kate Styling

  3. I have been searching for the band aid friction block ever since i first heard of it and have never had luck finding it in stores. Love the card box idea.

  4. I also love the band aid block - I always have it on me! I pack my lunch, lay out my clothes and pack my bag the night before (about 90%) of the time - then it takes the stress out of my mornings. I also like to preplan my week on sundays - when I have post work commitments/appointments, what workout I'm doing, etc. I also cook ahead usually one or two days. More if my week is crazy. it's definitely an adjustment but finding a schedule that works is the bomb!

    xo, Maddy

  5. I definitely need to sign up from the Skimm now! Thanks!

  6. How have I never heard of Blister block? I swear new shoes give me blisters no matter what so even though I adore shoes I dread wearing them for the first few times. Ordering adapt!

  7. These tips are awesome!! I also keep cards on hand at all times and I need to get better about keeping gifts as well!

    xoxo A

  8. These are some great tips, I always have pens and cards in my bag just ic case.

  9. Great tips! I should really keep a box with cards and random gifts just in case!


  10. I would be nowhere without The Skimm!! I definitely need to try that friction block - I'll be spending all day (and some nights) on my feet and need all the protection and comfort I can get!


  11. Lint roller's, tide to go pens and the band aid block save me every day!

    Greta |

  12. Love this!! I need to check out The Skim!

  13. As I've begun taking on more "adult" tasks (i.e. paying bills, getting a credit card, etc.) I have really enjoyed coming up with a filing system both for paper documents, but also electronic documents. Great tips, lovely! I can't wait to read more post-grad type posts in the future :)

  14. Such great necessities. I have a card box and it has come in handy on so many different occasions.

  15. I love keeping a card and gift stash on hand as well, they're perfect for last minute occasions! My husband and i usually stock up on gift cards from Sam's as well (you save several dollars if you buy a bunch at one time) and keep them in a drawer to give out over the year. It's perfect if you forget a birthday, you have an instant gift!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  16. I love The Skimm (and I always keep a ton of stationery for various occasions around the house).
    XO Amanda |