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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Office Inspiration

I recently celebrated a full year at my "new" job, and I'm finally getting around to making my office feel like my space.  My former office was a large cubicle in a brand new building with these amazing overhead cabinets that were perfect for displaying art and framed photos.  It was so cute, and I felt like it really reflected my personality.

Fast forward to my current job where I have a desk in the lobby.  I can't complain because it's a tiny office with no foot traffic, my office is secluded from the other three offices, and I have an entire wall of windows.  (I used to dream about having an office with a window in my cubicle days!)  I also have couches that are never used, so sometimes I work from the couch with my laptop.  The downside is that it took me forever to figure out how to decorate because of the shared space.  I finally settled on decorating my immediate desk area and the cabinet behind my desk as "phase one."  (Phase two will occur when we remove the wall decor that came with the office and start hanging art on the walls.)

The furniture in our office is really heavy and dark, so I chose the recurring theme to be white, gold, and clear acrylic to balance that out.  When I decorate, I tend to move pieces around a bit.  I'll get sick of looking at something or I'll pick up something new, and I'll totally rearrange things.  White, gold, and clear acrylic were so appealing to me because I can easily float things in and out.

With all of that being said, here are some pieces that I have already purchased or recently added to my office wishlist:

Office inspiration white gold and acrylic

Pineapple Candle Not only are pineapples adorable and on trend, they're a sign of hospitality!  This candle is only $15 and also comes in gold.  I chose white because I thought it might be fun to paint it a funky color down the road when it ultimately gets bumped from my office.  Haha.  (PS - I use this candle strictly for decor purposes.  Definitely check your company handbook before lighting a candle in your office.)

Upgraded office supplies • I ordered an acrylic stapler, acrylic tape dispenser, and pair of gold scissors yesterday because I was so frustrated over people walking away with all of my office supplies!  I paid less than $50 for all three items combined.

Gold letterI love using letters when decorating because they add a little personal touch.  I found the gold letter that's in my office a few months ago at Michael's, but there are a ton on Etsy!

Funky bookendsDespite the fact that I'm always scrounging to find books to put in between the bookends, I love having a set of funky bookends in my office.  I currently have an old gold set that have the bust of a greyhound dog on them.

Desk tray • I currently have a nude faux leather file tray at my desk, and it keeps my desk from becoming an absolute wreck.  Acrylic is one of those things that can look incredibly cheap if not done properly, but this acrylic desk tray is super chic.

Trinket trayI currently use a trinket tray for my pens, pencils, hair ties, etc., just because I'm afraid I would knock a pencil cup over since its right next to my phone.  I also use the trinket tray to store shared items like keys.

Colorful print I wanted my office art to be bright and fun to really pop against all of the white.  This print was only $5 and came from one of my favorite artists.

Funky frames • I don't do matchy match when it comes to picture frames.  It stresses me out when things look too "done", so I tend to collect frames as I need them and rarely buy two of a kind.  I'm currently ordering a cool acrylic frame, a white frame, and a pastel pink frame.

I am so excited to share the finished product with y'all!  I'd love to hear from you - What does your office look like?  Any decorating tips you'd like to send my way?


  1. A colorful print makes the whole space pop! Love these, can't wait to potentially decorate my own office space someday!


  2. Amazing picks! I am obsessed with office decor. I have those scissors and they are my favorite.

  3. I have that same pineapple candle but mine is in the melon color. I love having it on my desk.

  4. I love your office picks! Decorating your space is one of the best things about working in an office. I miss that aspect of office life!

    Greta |

  5. Cute picks, you'll have the best desk there! I am so going to have to get that pineapple candle- love it!

  6. These are so cute pieces and great to spruce up an office area!

    -Meagan | Love by Meagan

  7. Yes! All these products are beautiful!
    Anna |

  8. So exciting that you have a new space with all of the windows you could dream of! I think the white, gold and acrylic is a really smart choice because it's neutral and a theme that most people like so it works in a shared space!

    La Belle Sirene 

  9. Obsessed with that pineapple candle!!!

  10. I have an acrylic stapler and tape set and I love it! They look so cute!

  11. Love all of your picks! The pineapple candle is definitely my favorite, I've been loving all things pineapples lately!

    The Blush Blonde

  12. Congrats on one year at your job, that's awesome! All of these items are so cute!