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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

MEGA Father's Day Gift Guide

I'm a lot like my dad.  He's always evolving and always into something new.  This can make shopping for him very easy or very difficult depending on the year!  While struggling to figure out what in the world I was going to buy him this year, I decided to make a mega Father's Day gift guide!  I've created short guides based on possible interests - the techie dad, the trendy dad, the traveling dad, the fit dad, the foodie dad, and the fix it dad!  With the exception of a few splurges (that are still under the $150 mark!), the majority of the items on this gift guide are under $100!

Father's Day Gift Guide techie dad

Drone - because who doesn't want a drone!
Bluetooth tracking tag - never lose your iPhone again... or at least find it when you do!
Beach sounds player - a fun twist on a classic!
Smart phone sanitizer - because smartphones are gross
Ditto Notification Wearable - Ditto vibrates to let you know you've receive a text, call, etc.

Father's Day Gift Guide Trendy Dad

Dollar Shave Club gift set - so on trend right now
Leather iPad sleeve  - your dad's "in meeting" cool factor just sky rocketed
Sneakers  - for the dad that's into shoes
Cotton jacket - the perfect replacement for the classic dad jacket
On the Rocks set - for the dad who likes to entertain

Father's Day Gift Guide Traveling Dad

Noise cancelling headphones  - for babies on planes & hotels with paper thin walls
Messenger bag - a nice upgrade to the computer bag he's carried for years
Travel kit - another nice upgrade
Carry-on cocktail kit - Cheers, dad!
Mophie charging case - definitely beats attempting to find a charging port in the airport
Tile - great for tracking luggage just in case it goes missing
Collar Perfect - a mini iron, in case he's going from the plane to a meeting

Father's Day Gift Guide Fit Dad

Pro-Tec roller massager - these are amazing for sore muscles
Swimbuds 100% waterproof headphones - made for swimming, but great for any physical activity
iPhone armband - this ones has a little pocket for a key!
Blender with travel bottle - eliminates the mess in your kitchen
3D Golf swing analyzer - if your dad golfs, he needs this
Fitbit Charge HR - what I gave my dad last year!  (It was a hit.)

Father's Day Gift Guide Foodie Dad

Molecular mixology mojito kit - the perfect combination of food, liquor, chemistry, and art
Beer jelly  - jelly that tastes like beer needs no explanation.
Himalayan salt plank  - cooking on salt enhances the flavor & holds the temperature
Make your own hot sauce kit - a fun project to do with your dad!
Bluetooth food thermometer - cooking data will sync to his phone through an app #mindblown

Father's Day Gift Guide Fix It Dad

Fix It:
Vampliers - for removing the most difficult screws
Multitool - includes 17 tools and is only four inches tall!
Magnogrip - keeps screws all in one place... and out of your tires.
Extension cord reel - dad's workshop just got a little less cluttered!
Contractor pen - a fancy pen with a level and a ruler
Digital tape measure - no more almost snapping your finger off using a metal tape measure

What do y'all think?  See anything that your dad might like?!  Any big plans for Father's Day?


  1. Great picks! That cell phone sanitizer is great! Cell phones are super gross!

    1. I'm tempted to order one for myself! Haha. Happy Tuesday :)

  2. These are awesome picks! I got my husband that "tile" for Christmas and it has been so useful!

  3. Love the gift guides! All dads really should have some of these, and they'd love them!

  4. Great picks!!! I bought my father Himalayan Sea Salt Shot Glasses last year (he loves tequila) and they were a huge hit.
    XO Amanda |

  5. I'm seriously thinking about buying my dad a drone for Father's Day because hello, a drone is cool as hell and he would love it! Great picks!


    The Southern Stylista

  6. I love that you listed so many different options for the "different types" of dads-it definitely makes shopping a bit easier!!

    Sami ||

  7. Great gifts!!

    Xo, Alex

  8. This is such an amazing roundup!! You just gave me so many great idea! THANK YOU!!

    xo Ashley

  9. These are such good choices! I need to choose something to get my dad.

  10. So many fun picks! I need to get shopping!

  11. Dads are so hard to shop for! I might have to use one of these picks!

    xoxo A

  12. Love your picks! I got my Dad a Villanova Basketball National Championship hat for Father's Day that I know he'll love!

    The Blush Blonde

  13. Great ideas! Love how you did different things for different types of dads!

    XO Corbin Tate

  14. Great gift guides Dad is seriously SO hard to buy for but I want to treat him for father's day!

  15. I love gift guides!! It is so hard to buy for men so this is great!

  16. Great round-up! I got Bryce that beer jelly set at Christmastime and it was a big hit!