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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Weekend Reading

Happy weekend, y'all!  I am sooo excited to be creating new content today.  My laptop stopped working on Wednesday, and with everything going on at the office, I finally got to drop it off at my local Simply Mac.  Fingers crossed that there is an easy fix, and that I don't lose allll of the photos I took for a beauty post I had planned on sharing Thursday.

Last night was the social event of the year in my community, and I had an absolute blast!  It was another chaotic night, but it was so nice to hang out with 1700 of my closest friends ;)

Tomorrow I plan to just take it easy and enjoy the Super Bowl... and lots of food that's totally bad for me!  If you're planning to do the same, I've linked to some yummy recipes in this post :)

Get long, lean thighs with barre
Achieve the perfect red lip
Workout at home
Chic tissue paper art


Snakeskin + Stripes
The prep effect

My Monday Glow

How's your weekend going?  Who are you pulling for tomorrow night?!  My dad is a proud alumna of the University of Tennessee, which is where Peyton Manning played, so we are pulling for the Broncos!


  1. Excited to check out the Super Bowl party snacks post!

  2. Computer problems are the absolute worst! I almost had a heart attack last week when my internet stopped connecting. I hope everything works out!

  3. I could really use those skinny nachos right now! I love your weekend posts!

  4. Thanks a bunch for the weekend reading tips. Even though the weekend is over, I'm definitely going to check out a few of these links :)

    Best Wishes,
    Allison | www.LiveLifeWellBlog.com

  5. I hate computer problems! Those first two links are awesome--I love barre and I'm always too lazy to focus on a good lipstick application.

  6. Those Super Bowl snacks look so good!