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Monday, February 8, 2016

Gala Glam

Y'all, I have been striving for authenticity, so here it goes, camera phone photos and all! Every single year, I look forward to the social event of the year where I live.  This is my fourth year attending, and the first year that I haven't actually worked at the event!

I had this really great plan that I was going to get to the event venue early and get checked into my room, get all glammed up, and take blog photos in the lobby before people started showing up.  #LOL  Because of the recent demands of my job, I ended up running errands up until about two hours before I was supposed to pick up some guests, meaning I had an hour and a half to get ready.  On a typical day, this would have been more than enough.  But on an event day, I needed to do my whole beauty process + event appropriate hair and makeup.  (Side note - would y'all be interested in a post about my event makeup routine?)  I ended up being soooo crunched for time that after I dropped my guests off at the event, I slipped into a side door at the hotel and went back to my room to finish my makeup.

Regardless, I wanted to share this look with you anyway, because this dress is perfect for Valentine's Day!

Perfect Little Black Dress

This LBD is only $59!  The dress has kind of a bandage feel to it, but it squeezes everything in without appearing skin tight.  (Weird comment, but if armpit "fat" stresses you out, this dress doesn't create that issue like so many dresses tend to do.)  I really adore the lace neckline because it adds something special to the dress, and just gives it a little "wow factor."

But my favorite thing about the dress is the back.

Backless Little Black Dress

This dress is backless, and ties at the neck.  (And stays tied!)  The little lace applique that I love so much is also on the back of the dress; this makes me so happy because I hate when the back of a garment looks "unfinished."  In my opinion, this dress truly is the perfect combination of elegant and sexy, so if that's what you're going for this Valentine's Day, look no further :) 

After dropping everyone back off for the evening, I was able to cut loose and really enjoy myself.  These hats were party favors, and I have been wearing mine nonstop since the event!  #hatewashingmyhair  My boyfriend's "trademarks" are his glasses and a backwards ball cap, so this photo was kind of a fun nod to that :)

I hope everyone is having a happy Monday and that I didn't bore y'all to death with my dress obsession and a peak into my life!  What did y'all do this weekend?  Did you have a favorite Super Bowl Commercial?!  (The Audi commercial was hands down my favorite!)


  1. That dress is so cute and I agree the perfect blend of sexy and classy for Valentine's Day. The photo of you and your boyfriend is asorable!

  2. I can't believe how affordable that dress is, it looks so expensive! It is absolutely stunning and you look amazing!

  3. You looked gorgeous! Sounds like a fun night :)

  4. That dress is so pretty! I can't believe it's only $59!
    -Anna /

  5. You looked stunning! Looks like you had a great time :) I would love to see your event makeup routine!!

    Sweet Spontaneity

  6. You look great despite the time crunch!!

  7. Gorgeous!!! Omg that back detail is amazing.

    Sara Kate Styling

  8. Love the detailing on that dress, so gorgeous!

  9. That dress is gorgeous! Sounds like it was a great night and I love the bottom photo. You two look so adorable. :)

  10. Your dress is adorable. I love the back details. It looks like it was a fabulous evening!

  11. The struggles of being a blogger and trying to plan out photos. I love the dress!

  12. That dress is so pretty on you! Sounds like you had a fun time too :)

  13. Love, love, love the back of that dress!

  14. You two are adorable! This dress is gorgeous on you

  15. I love the back of your dress and the event looks so fun!


  16. You look as gorgeous as ever in that LBD! xo

  17. You look STUNNING in these pictures, sweet girl! I'm so glad you had such a fun time :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  18. I love love love your dress! When I saw you share the pictures the other day, i was stunned at how awesome it looked!
    I'm also glad im not the only one who gets completely lost in event planning and forgets I actually need time to get ready.