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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Snapchat Strategies for Bloggers

Confession:  I am old.  I've been out of college for three years, and I loved Snapchat for a hot minute.  But then I graduated, and my friends were still in college sending snaps from mixers, and I had nothing to snap other than excited faces when I fixed the dreaded copier and "I miss you too!" to members of my Greek family.  When I got my new iPhone a few months ago, I decided to give Snapchat another try.  This time, I was ready to take on Snapchat like a blogger!

I was really disappointed when I posted my Snapchat code to Instagram and Twitter and only got 15 followers.  So I started toying around with things, and I've become much more confident in my Snapchat skills!  If you're looking to grow your following on Snapchat or need suggestions on what to post, I'm excited to share mine with you today!  (And if you want to pre-creep, my Snapchat username is the same as all of my social accounts - seersuckersass)

Snapchat Strategies for bloggers

Cross promoting teasers • This one helped me out the most! Last weekend, my newest Rocksbox came in the mail.  So I shared on Twitter and Instagram that I would be unboxing it on Snapchat and left my username... Boom!  Instant followers.  Cross promoting on other social accounts is probably the biggest way that I gain followers.

Snapchat Strategies for bloggers

Giveaways • I'm a big fan of College Prepster!  On occasion, Carly will give away some of her branded stickers via Snapcat.  She includes a web address on her snap, and then followers will go to the form and input their address.  There's usually a limited number, so it's like a little contest.  A sticker might not seem like much, but who doesn't love stickers?!  If you have cute branded items for your blog, or if you're doing a giveaway, snap about it!  (But tweet about it first!)

The College Prepster Sticker

Play nice •  I hate seeing snaps of bloggers making fun of the way someone else dresses.  Fashion blogging is all about embracing personal style, so why would you make fun of how someone else dresses?  It's immature, mean spirited, and a great way to get deleted and tarnish your personal brand.

Use your "analytics" •  You can see how many people have viewed and taken screenshots of each snap.  If outfit snaps tend to get lots of screenshots, keep those coming!

Use discretion in following back •  I follow most people back on Snapchat because I like to interact, and I like to know what the people that are following me like!  However, I don't usually follow back men I don't know or have no connection to.  After getting a few weird messages, I decided that was what was best for me.

Write a blog post about your strategies ;) •  Seriously, do it!  And then send me the link, because I'm always looking for more ideas!

Unboxings •  I talked about this earlier on, but unboxings are a great way to gain followers on Instagram.  Whenever I get a goodie for a sponsored post or a review, I like to post it on Snapchat first!  If I receive beauty products, I'll unbox and then do my first impressions.  I reviewed a COVERGIRL mascara and lipstick on the blog yesterday, but I had already shared my first impressions of the products on Snapchat last week!

Snapchat Strategies for bloggers

Travel • I posted a ton of photos from my trips to New York & Connecticut on Snapchat!  Travel snaps are probably my favorite thing to see in people's stories, because they either give me a major case of wanderlust or evoke memories if I've been there before.

Day in the life •  Sometimes when I'm alone in the office, I'll do a "day in the life" Snapchat, where I (satirically) show people how exciting my job is.  I'm a very curious person, so I always enjoy seeing what someone else's job is like, especially if it's in a field that I'm interested in.

New blog post •  I like to let people know that I have a new blog post up and include a URL back to my site.  There's not really any way to track if it works, but it's fun to have one more promotional outlet!

Ask a question •  Want people to interact with you?  Ask them a question.  Trying to decide on a new conditioner?  Can't decided between a color of nail polish?  Ask! 

Things that you don't share anywhere else •  Don't get weird with me here... Keep it appropriate!  Here are some examples:  I don't feel the need to alert Twitter every time that I have a glass of wine, but on Snapchat I'll share a photo of the bottle of wine that I just bought at the store because it's my favorite!  My boyfriend doesn't want to be on my blog, but he is totally cool with being the star of my Snapchat story.  I don't post photos of my face on Twitter, but I will send super silly and unflattering photos of myself on Snapchat.  My photos aren't styled, and I'm not wearing makeup half of the time.  I love doing this, because I think it not only gives a little more insight into my life, but it always shows that bloggers are real people.

I hope you found this post to be helpful!  If you have Snapchat, be sure to connect with me!

What are your Snapchat strategies?!

PS -  Total teaser, but I'm getting a hair makeover tonight, and I will be snapping the whole thing and first reveal ;) 


  1. I've never really thought about connecting my snapchat to my blog, but I do agree I think it would be a fun way to have your followers interact with you more! Might have to start trying it! Thank you for the tips!

    Quick question: Do you have a separate personal snapchat?

    My Pop of Color

    P.s. Just followed you!

    1. Hey Cassie! I do not have a separate personal Snapchat. I stopped using my personal one forever ago, so when I got a new phone, I started fresh with one for my blog. Yay, followed you back!! Happy Tuesday :)

  2. This was such a helpful post! I definitely had similar feelings about Snapchat - the platform feels so young and filled with college mixers. I've been considering creating a snapchat for what seems like forever though and this post really helped to cement it!

    Lace and Combat Boots | a life + style blog

    1. Yay! I hope you love it! Let me know when you start your account so that I can follow you :)

  3. This is awesome! I’ve been out of college for a while now too, but still LOVE snapchat. I don’t really have a strategy, I mostly just post random things going on in my life hahaha.

  4. Such a great idea to utilize snap chat!

  5. I'm loving all these ideas, I've been trying to get into snapchat more!
    xo, Syd

  6. I love following you on snapchat! I felt the same way about the whole thing with my college friends at first and to be perfectly honest, you inspired me to snap more...even though I don't do it near enough. I need to get better at blog related snaps too. xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

  7. I love the techniques you shared. I honestly don't put much effort into my snapchat and totally need to improve. When I am on vacation or doing something exciting I'm good about it but on a regular I love your tips though and always love your snapchat story!

  8. I love these tips! I am probably the only person my age who doesn't have a snapchat but I have considered getting one a few times for my blog!


  9. These are great tips! I love snapchat!

  10. I love these tips! I added you on Snapchat as well :) I'm kimberlyygracee but it should show up as Kimberly | Blogs for Days!

    xo, Kimberly

  11. Okay, if you are old, then I must be ancient.... LOL Not only have I been out of college for a hot minute, but I'm not even on Snapchat (or is it "in" Snapchat? or "with" Snapchat? Who knows...) I did, however, find your post helpful for social media in general. It's tough figuring out how to constantly engage with your audience, and you bring up some good points! Thanks for sharing!