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Monday, January 18, 2016

The Importance of Self Expression

My parents always encouraged self expression.  I started ballet lessons before I was three, and my mamaw started working with me on the piano soon after.  Growing up, I always planned to pursue a career in the arts.  (Specifically, I wanted to be a Radio City Rockette, and even trained under one for middle school and high school!)

If you follow along with my blog, you know that wasn't the path that I went.  Having a corporate job that keeps me behind a desk for the majority of the day, I definitely see the need for a creative outlet.  I love to blog because it combines my two favorite ways to express myself - writing and fashion.

Today I've teamed up with Motorola to share some photos of outfits that I really feel express who I am and my personal style!

Corporate fashion does not have to be boring!

I love wearing bright colors to the office, specifically this red blazer with matching red lipstick!  I choose pixie pants over traditional slacks, because I find slacks and traditional dress pants overwhelm my petite figure... and make me look like I'm playing dress up in my momma's closet.

I love bright colors and big patterns!

Whether it's Lilly Pulitzer or leopard print, I love bright colors and bold patterns!  I love to wear something that makes someone say "Oh, I've never thought about styling that piece that way!"

I love fun accessories.


I love tortoiseshell accessories like the monogrammed necklace and the glasses that I only wear when I am trying to look a tinge older and more professional.  (I wear contacts every day.)

I also have a tendency to be a little over the top when attending a themed party...  Do you like my Kentucky Derby hat? ;)

But my favorite "accessories" are books and magazines!

I didn't have a lot of friends in elementary school and middle school, but I had books.  My mamaw was a librarian, and she really instilled a love for reading in me at an early age.  I don't go anywhere without something to read.  You never know when you'll be stuck in a waiting room or when you'll need an escape!

I love embracing the moment.

I will never be one of those girls who is "too cool" to do something.  If it rains during my photo shoot, I'll throw on a (monogrammed, of course!) rain coat.  If there's any kind of animal walking around, I will pet it!  So much of my self expression is dependent on the moment that I'm in and the circumstances that I'm under.

Are you noticing a trend?  There are so many ways to express yourself!

I mentioned above that I really love to express myself with accessories, but an accessory that a lot of people may not think about is a cell phone!  Think about it - we don't go anywhere without them, and they're usually in plain site of everyone.  Jonathan Adler's designs span furnishings to fashion, and now... a fun collaboration with Motorola on the Moto X Pure Edition!  

Moto X Pure Edition

Moto X Pure Edition

Moto X Pure Edition

There are three styles, as shown above, and they're as functional as they are gorgeous!  The phones have a top-rated 21 MP camera (very important for bloggers!), all day battery, TurboPower for the world's fastest charging, and advanced water protection.  The phones are unlocked, so you can use the phone on any network, and you won't have to buy a new one if you switch carriers.  I don't know about y'all, but I am having major phone envy!!  If you're interested in more info, or just want to admire these beautiful and functional pieces of technology, you can do so here.

How do you express yourself?
Happy Monday!


  1. This is a super cute post! I think self expression through fashion is so important and these photos really show your personality. Blogging is my form of self expression too (:

  2. I just started ballet classes a year ago and I'm having trouble getting flexible, do you have any tips that you used to use?

  3. This is awesome, what a great post to show your personality! I love using fashion to display who I am in the workplace, as well as a brightly colored desk!


  4. I am the same way, I always have a book in my purse! And I love having a fun cell phone cover. I have a girl reading with a stack of books on mine. It is so me!

  5. I loved seeing all of your fun and colorful outfits together in one post. Definitely gave me some needed inspiration to keep the winter blues from getting a hold of my closet!

  6. I love that you are never too cool to express yourself...I think Lilly is a fab way to express yourself and one of my fave ways to do it ;)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  7. Um you are just the cutest ever!! Love your sense of style and your wonderful passions! You are truly a gem!

    Xoxo A

  8. You look gorgeous girl! I am trying to get out of my current job because it doesn't allow for enough self expression

  9. Love this! I love how you let your personality show through what you wear. I think that's one of the best forms of self expression :)


  10. This is such a fun post! Love all of your outfits!

  11. Loved this post! It is SO important to stay true to yourself, I love that you aren't afraid to wear colour!

  12. This post made me super happy to read! There is NOTHING better than a good book :) Also, you look gorgeous in all of these photos... love the pink cashmere cardigan...

    also.... I completely agree about pixie pants, I hate that most corporate fashion is geared towards men, it makes me feel like I'm playing dress-up as well and I love that more options are slowly becoming available...


    Hannah from HMS Jewels

  13. Love your style! Especially the hot pink and leopard print! The phones are so pretty too!


  14. I love how you use your style to express yourself! I like to wear a lot of bright colors and fun patterns too. All of these photos are so fun!

  15. I love this! Self expression is so important and is so often over looked!

    xoxo, Jordan and Grace

  16. This is all so lovely! I'm obsessed with your kentucky derby hat and loved getting to know you a little better :)

    Jennifer Ashley  

  17. Completely forgot about your chicken shoot - how funny and perfectly candid was that photo?! Loved following along how you express your style - I do it too with my phone! I am always switching phone cases and I love the new designs for the Motorola (especially the Jonathan Adler one, how perfect is that?!)

    Pick Your Beau