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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Blogging Secrets... REVEALED!

We all have our secrets, especially when it comes to blogging.  It's not necessarily a bad thing; if you've found a little hack that helps give your blog an extra edge or makes taking flat lays for Instagram less frustrating, go you!

I'm a big fan of Helene Sula.  I think she's awesome, and I love that she makes it clear that there's room for everyone at the top.  While I am definitely not at the top, I do want to share a few of the little "blogging hacks" I've found with you in hopes that it will make your life a little easier!  (And if you want to send any my way, I'm all ears -!)

Blogging Secrets Revealed

SECRET ONE:  How I get free Kendra Scott goodies!
(I have only purchased one pair of Kendra Scott jewelry.  I got the rest of it free, and you can too!)  

Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings via Rocksbox

I love Rocksbox.  My mom doesn't really believe in costume jewelry, and I didn't purchase any until high school (much to her dismay.)  So Rocksbox has been huge with helping me build up my jewelry inventory, especially when it comes to KS.  (I love to wear my hair in a side braid, and I feel like doing so with the Danielle earrings takes it from casual to office.)  Anyone who is subscribed to Rocksbox is part of the referral program!  You can gift three "one month free" subscriptions each month, which can add up to $75 a month in referrals PLUS the monthly $10 spend you automatically get.  Think of all of the Kendra you could be collecting right now!

If you're not subscribed yet and are interested, use "seersuckersassxoxo" for your first month free!  (Full disclosure - this hooks both of us up.  You get your first month free, and I get a $25 credit for goodies.  My first Rocksbox didn't come with Kendra, but I updated my wishlist and requested it for my second box, and I've been getting Kendra each box since!)

SECRET TWO:  How I make my blog collages

How to make blog collages

I was talking with my blogger besties Jenny & Annaliese about blog collages one day, and they encouraged me to write a blog post about it... so I did!  You can read all about it HERE!

SECRET THREE:  How I boost community on my blog

Millennial Blogger Network Logo

I started blogging to connect with people.  I was lonely, in a long distance relationship, and I was just beginning to establish myself professionally.  I love when blogs have a sense of community - new readers turn into friends, and you no longer feel like you're reading a blog, but that you're catching up on your friend's life.  I'm really thankful to have found that in the Millennial Blogger Network!  If you are interested in joining, apply here then apply to join the Facebook group here.  (Be sure to do it in that order - it doesn't help to do one without the other!)  If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email!

SECRET FOUR:  How I use Pinterest to boost traffic

Pinterest to boost blog traffic

It's no secret that Pinterest boosts blog traffic if utilized correctly.  However, I definitely wasn't utilizing Pinterest the way that I should have been.  I thought that because I had analytics installed, I was on top of my game... wrong!  I was accepted into Ahalogy a couple of months ago, and I'm addicted.  Ahalogy differs from other pin schedulers I've used before; it's free, it's a network along with being a scheduling tool, and it has without a doubt shown me the most results.  My Pinterest is now flooded with notifications, and I have been getting around 100 new followers a month! (PS - You can check out my Pinterest here.)

SECRET FIVE:  I don't do this alone.

I'm not a one woman show.  There are lots of bloggers who are, and kudos to them!  I'm really blessed, because my boyfriend is super creative and has an art background.  He knows how to use a camera, he styles flat lays 900 times better than I will ever be able to, and he gives me solid post and strategy ideas.  I won't post his photo on here because of personal preference, but I do want to publicly thank him for being such a big part of the less than glamorous, behind the scenes part of this blog that sometimes involves tears and cuss words.

If you find these posts helpful and would like to suggest future topics, or just have any questions for me to be answered on the blog, submit them at this form.  You can leave your information to be linked to or you can do it totally anonymously.  (PS - This was also my boyfriend's idea.  #lovehim)

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, and that you all get to enjoy Christmas Eve Eve!


  1. Thank you for these tips! I just signed up for Ahology and I can't wait to use it.

    XO, Brooke

  2. I had no idea you could earn so much free jewelry from Rocksbox. I've never used the service before but I've heard so many great things. My boyfriend is always a big help for my blog too!!

  3. All great tips :)
    Love MBN & the new collage method haha it's been a lifesaver.
    I use BoardBooster for Pinterest and pay $5 a month. It's been lifechanging.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  4. Facebook communities have helped my blog so much this year! Not sure what I would do without my Millenial girls :)

  5. I love this post! Thanks for sharing your secrets, and thank YOU for being such a great blogging resource to me! Merry Christmas my dear!

  6. I am so glad to be apart of Millenials with you! I've always been jealous of your KS collection! Such a good tip!

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  7. Your posts are always so helpful, and this one is no exception! Thanks for sharing!!
    xo, Syd

  8. Love how you shared your insight! Blogging is not easy but so worth it!

  9. Catching up on all of your post love, and I am enjoying them all!
    Be prepared for a mountain of comments!


    xoxo Lex // LexMeetsWorld

  10. I love these secrets! I'm so glad we're both part of the Millennial Blogger Network! There are so many amazing bloggers in the group!

  11. I love and agree with all of these tips. Joining MBN was the best thing I could've done for myself and my blog. It encourages me to read other blogger's posts and get meaningful feedback on my blog! I'd love for you to do a post on Ahalogy... I got accepted but I have no clue how to use it! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas :)

    Kayla |

  12. Thanks for the shout-out in this post. ;-) I love how one of the main reasons that you blog is for the community aspect- I think that's why you and I are blogger besties, haha!! I absolutely adore the community of the blogging world too.

    xoxo A

  13. I just adore you for being willing to share these tips! I need to check out those pinterest hacks!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  14. Thanks for all the great info!!
    I think it will help me a lot.

  15. Oh! Love. I need to try that Ahalogy thing!! I need help with Pinterest and blog traffic..

  16. That you so much for all of these tips. I found them really helpful. Happy holidays <3

  17. Great hacks Dana! I think my first big project of the new year will be figuring out how to best utilize Pinterest!

    Merry Christmas!!
    Kristine | My Little Box of Tricks

  18. I love Helene! XO Ellen from Ask Away

  19. Wow! Thanks for sharing these amazing secrets! I'm totally checking out Ahology!

  20. Thank you for sharing your secrets! I have never heard of Ahology but I'm definitely checking it out! I need to step up my Pinterest game!

    Lauren | The Arizona Prepster

  21. Thank you for all of your hard work with MBN!

  22. I also tried RocksBox and it was an amazing experience!

    Thank you for sharing your tips! Your blog post inspired me to start taking my Pinterest game more seriously.

  23. These are great tips! Love from MBN <3

  24. Aw this is such a fun post. It's always great to get insight into how other blogger's do things. Hope you had a great Christmas!

    Diary of a Debutante

  25. Loved this post! Always looking for more ways to help out my blog and I had no idea about Ahalogy. Just signed up and hopefully that will help me make my Pinterest even better.