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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Men

My boyfriend and I celebrate our two year anniversary today!  He doesn't really enjoy being #ontheblog, so today's post will instead be centered around the biggest challenge that comes along with an anniversary - gift giving.  We don't usually shower each other with lavish gifts, but instead with small thoughtful or practical gifts.  All of the gifts in this post are under $100 and could easily be used as Christmas gift ideas, as well!

anniversary gift ideas for men

Sock of the Month Subscription ||  My boyfriend loves wearing a suit to work every day.  If you think I'm well-dressed, you should see him.  It's unfair.  He absolutely loves funky socks, and this subscription service is much cooler than me just handing him three pairs at once and calling it a day.

Upgraded Duffle Bag ||  With family spaced out everywhere, we travel a lot.  This duffle bag is such a cool upgrade from the polyester version that I feel like every 20-something man still hasn't parted with yet.

Patagonia Fleece Zip Vest ||  One of our favorite activities is taking our dog to a local nature conservatory.  It's usually chillier there because of the altitude, so this vest is perfect for a little extra warmth. With temperatures dropping a little bit each day, this is a good gift to gear up for cooler temps, and makes a great gift during the fall, winter, and even early spring.   

Thermos ||  My boyfriend is forever walking off with my travel mugs.  Solution?  Get him a super masculine one!  This one will keep his coffee warm for five hours!

Book ||  If your man loves learning, pick up a book for him on one of his favorite topics. My boyfriend is fascinated by war and the military, so I could totally see him loving this book.  For our first Christmas together, I bought him some silly Duck Dynasty books, and they were a hit.    

Gift Card ||  There are restaurants my boyfriend and I usually don't go together.  For example, there's a wine bar in town that I only go to on GNOs.  There are places he goes to so much during the week for lunch that we never eat there together on weekends or evenings.  Those are the kind of places you want to get a gift card to!  Something simple like a $20 gift card to his favorite lunch spot or $10 to the coffee shop that he stops at on the way to work are an easy way to brighten his day and make him think of you.  This is also an awesome option if you're in an LDR and want to have a gift arrive on his actual birthday!

Lab Cocktail Set ||  How cool is this?!  My boyfriend isn't into science, but this is such a fun gift for a boyfriend who is.  (I kind of want this for my bar cart area, and I took all "intro for non-majors" science classes in college. Haha)

Thoughtful gifts under $5 ||  Use your talents to come up with something that's both thoughtful and affordable!
  • Are you Crafty?  Peruse Pinterest for a handmade craft idea like the $1 deck of cards being made into "52 Things I Love About You" or putting a photo on canvas or wood (you might already have the supplies necessary in your craft box!)
  • Good with words?  Write a sweet letter or homemade card.  Fill a notebook with your favorite memories!
  • Awesome in the kitchen?  Whip up some cupcakes or whatever yumminess you already have the supplies for in your kitchen.

What's your go-to gift for an anniversary or for a special occasion?  Am I the only one who finds it difficult to shop for men?!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. The Patagonia vest is always my go-to for guys! So perfect!

  2. All cute ideas!
    Michael used to be subscribed to the sock club and loved it.
    Happy two year anniversary girl!

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  3. Gift giving is so difficult, especially for boys!! Great gift ideas. Happy anniversary!!
    xo, claudia

  4. The sock subscription box is such a cute idea!

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  5. Oh my goodness! That sock subscription and the lab bar set were soooo made for my boyfriend. He loves fun socks and loves all things science. Thanks for the Christmas ideas :)

  6. My boyfriend loves funky socks too (and also dresses better than me, so sad haha). I've never heard of the sock subscription but I know my boyfriend would love it. Thanks for the gift ideas and happy anniversary!

  7. Shopping for men is the bane of my existence! I never know what to get my Dad and brother (so I bake!) They love socks though and I'm so glad to know that the sock subscription exists! This would be perfect for them!

    Alessandra |

  8. My husband loves vests...I think a Patagonia is on my list of what I'm getting him for Christmas! I'm definitely pinning this for future reference :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  9. Cute ideas! Thanks for the tips. Happy anniversary! xo


  10. These are such great ideas! I always tend to go for something that I can find useful, too (that way it isn't a waste if the person doesn't like it), like a hoodie or a fleece. Or, a nice shirt because if they look good in it, I'm a happy camper!
    with southern grace,

  11. Hahah, my boyfriend is like that too. Love that lab set!! That is SO cool!!!

    Sara Kate Styling

  12. I got my boyfriend a nice Herschel duffle + he lovedddd it. I'd highly suggest checking those out! x Nicole |

  13. These are such great gift ideas! Happy Anniversary!!

    xoxo A

  14. This is a great list of goodies!! Definitely keeping a few of these in mind for my husband! Happy anniversary, sweet girl!

    xo Ashley

  15. Happy anniversary! I love the science glasses set.

    Julia | Pennies & Paper

  16. So, how did you know our anniversary was coming up haha these are perfect gift ideas for the guy that always SO HARD TO SHOP FOR! Hope you had a great anniversary!

  17. Oh my gosh I love this. I'm bookmarking it because my fiancee is impossible to buy for. I think my mom might use this for Christmas! Great list, happy anniversary! My fiancee & I have been dating for over 2 years, and personally it keeps getting better!

  18. That duffel is perfect for the gym or a quick weekend away.

  19. Thank you SO much for this, I am so bad at shopping for my boyfriend, guys can be so hard!

  20. Love these ideas, except for the gift card! An anniversary gift should be something special, and it definitely doesn't have to be expensive.

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