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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Subscription Box Roundup

Do you know why I love subscription services?  I love getting mail.  Letters, invitations, packages full of goodies, they all make me so happy!  But with so many subscription services out there, it can get a little overwhelming and a lot expensive (and both of those make me not so happy.)  Because of that, I've teamed up with some of my awesome blogger friends to share our experiences with nineteen different subscription services.  Here's what we found!

(PS - Some of the services offer specials if you use certain links or codes!  When possible, I've linked the affiliate link to the title of the service, and I will include the special code in the post.)

Subscription Box Reviews

Birchbox Review

explained by Jenny of Breakfast at Lilly's

Cost:  $10/month

Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription box that sends you 4-5 sample sized products with each box. Although I am no longer a subscriber because my budget doesn't allow for it, and I need to use up my mountain of beauty products , I truly enjoyed my experience with the company. I loved getting to try new products each month without spending a fortune on a product that I may not even end up liking at the end of the day. The only con was that sometimes they would send too many tin foil packets in one month, but from the looks of it, they have significantly reduced that and have upped their game tremendously.  I plan to subscribe again whenever I have a little extra wiggle room in my budget.

Blue Apron Review

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost:  $60/week for 3 meals for 2 people

Hate planning dinner? Me too! Blue Apron is a life saver. Not only do you get to skip the trip to the grocery store (everything you need comes to your door), you also get recipes that are created by their chefs. Now to be fair, not every meal we've ever tried has been a hit, however, the majority of the meals are quite enjoyable. It is a little pricey, but the amount of time it saves me every week makes it worthwhile.

Club W Review

explained by Jenny of Breakfast at Lilly's

Cost:  $39/month + $6 shipping fee  (use link above to get a bottle of wine for free!)

I recently became a Club W subscriber after receiving a referral code from a friend. Basically, you choose 3 wines per month to be delivered directly to your doorstep...or in my case, my apartment's office because you have to have someone 21 or over sign for it if you're not readily available. The boxes are $39 per month with a 6 dollar shipping fee. If you choose a more expensive wine for your box, you will have to pay a little extra...but I think $39 bucks for 3 bottles is a great deal! I have only tried one of the wines that I ordered so far, but let me tell you, it is absolutely amazing...and most of their wines have the cutest packaging so that's a definite plus. I can't wait to try the other two!

Dailylook Elite Review

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost:  $40 styling fee, items you keep vary in price

DailyLook already sells many great clothing, accessories, shoes, and jewelry items, and their Elite Box just upped the game. A stylist will select 6-8 (on average) pieces in your box and ship it off for your consideration. Keep what you like and deduct the $40 styling fee. Personally I felt the styling fee was a little high and the cost of the items sent varied so widely that it didn't work out in the long run, but I did find a few amazing pieces during my subscription.  Read more here!

Ditto Review

explained by me!

Cost: $24/month (first month free using my friend Mindy's code - AMIXOFMIN)

Sunglasses are probably my favorite accessory.  When I was in high school and college, I would buy myself a new pair of designer glasses every year with my holiday money.  Fast forward to post-college life and bills... that's not really an option any more!  So I signed up for Ditto so I could rent a new pair of glasses for a beach trip.  The glasses were awesome, but now that summer is over, I plan to cancel my subscription.  I reached out by email once and never got a response, and the next month, they raised the price from $19/month to $24/month with short notice.  Other than those experiences, everything else has been positive with Ditto!

Fabletics Review

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost: $49.95+ for one outfit (Get your first month for $25!)

Founded by Kate Hudson, Fabletics offers comfortable athletic wear. Like Lululemon, but cheaper, in fact. I love the Salar Leggings and the comfortable cotton tee shirts I've purchased in various outfits. The only downside is that collections are released on the first of the month and you only have 5 days to skip before being charged.

Golden Tote Review

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost: $49.95 for a small tote, $149.95 for a large tote, individual boutique prices vary

Golden Tote isn't technically a subscription service, but it's model is similar to one. What I mean is that you instigate the tote purchase whenever you'd like, however, they release brand new collections at the beginning of each month. Tote purchasers pick out 2 items from the collection in a large tote, or 1 in a small tote, and receive 4-6 pieces that are a surprise curated based on their style profile. Some months are better than others, as surprise items sometimes just aren't a fit for everyone. Their house brand, Puella, is one of my absolute favorites and I try to fill my tote with as many items from their brand as possible.  Read more here!

Graze Review

explained by Sockwun of ExtraExtravagant

Cost: $6.99 for four snacks or $11.99 for eight snacks (first and fifth boxes free using code SOCKWU1RP)

Graze is a great subscription service that sends you boxes of four snacks or eight snacks. You can also choose boxes specifically for sweet treats or low-calorie snacks. I was a Graze subscriber for many months, and I've loved every single box. I liked some snacks more than others, so the good thing is that I could go on my profile and rate the snacks, and Graze will "learn" from those ratings and tailor your future boxes to your tastes. The only downside is that this is quite a costly box. The snack packs aren't that big, so paying around $1.50 to $1.70 for each snack is quite expensive. 

Honest Company Bundle Review

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost: Bundles $35.95, individual product prices vary  (Save $10 on your first purchase by using code "Invited10" at checkout!)

If you're looking to make your home or beauty routine a little more "green" you're going to love Honest Company! Their bundles are where the value is at in my opinion. I love their laundry detergent, dryer clothes, and many of their other home products. Not everything is a hit though - I did not enjoy their deodorant and I do think depending on what items you include in your bundle it could be a little pricey.  Read more here!

Ipsy Review

explained by my grand little, Emily

Cost: $10/month

I recenly joined the Ipsy community and LOEV IT!  I mean, who doesn't love new makeup every month?  Like any other monthly makeup box, Ipsy sends you five items that relate to your skin and hair type and what your interests in makeup are.  Oh yeah, and Ipsy gives you a reusable makeup bag, which is fabulous!  So far, I have just received sample size items in my glam bag, but I do believe Ipsy sends full size items in bags on occasion.

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost: $45/quarterly

A brand new subscription box for 2015 from Jouer Cosmetics! This box is filled with makeup and skincare goodies from the brand. This subscription is perfect for anyone looking to develop a makeup collection, or who loves to have a lot of makeup to choose from. I like the wide selection of products, however, I do find the amount of makeup a bit overwhelming, even if it is only quarterly!

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost: $19.99-24.99/month  (Free welcome box for new subscribers, just pay $2.99 shipping!)

Julep Maven is a nail polish and beauty subscription box. Every month, Julep curates a new collection of polish colors and a new beauty product. In the past year, they've also opened up their subscription to allow fully customized options where you can pick items from past months that you may have missed. You also can skip the month if you feel like you have too much nail polish or don't like the offerings. I personally love their nail colors and formulas - the Stardust Finish is my absolute favorite - and I've found some really great beauty products over the years.

JustFab Review

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost: $39.95 for shoes, accessories, or clothing item (First month, buy one get one free!)

JustFab and Fabletics are owned by the same parent company, and have a similar business model. (So the pick or skip date applies here too.) JustFab offers shoes, accessories, and clothing at a reasonable price in a wide variety of styles. I personally have been pleased with their jeans and boots for the price point.

Rocksbox Review

explained by me!

Cost: $19/month (Use code "seersuckersassxoxo" for your first month free!)

I love Rocksbox!  I never really buy jewelry when I go shopping, so I love that this service sends me three pieces at a time, and I can wear them as long as I would like.  It gives me an opportunity to see what pieces go with my wardrobe, instead of buying a piece and then trying to figure out what I'm going to wear with it.  You can also make requests, so if you have a special event coming up, you could request a piece of jewelry appropriate for that event.  MY favorite thing about Rocksbox is that everyone gets a referral code - not just bloggers.  When someone signs up, you get $25 towards merchandise, allowing you to earn up to $75 a month.  I've managed to get all of my Kendra Scott goodies free through Rocksbox, which makes this blogging on a budget gal so happy!  Read more here!

Shoedazzle Review

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost: $39.95 for shoes or clothing  (50% off your first item + free shipping!)

While ShoeDazzle isn't part of the "Fab" family, it also runs the same business model. Trendy clothing and shoe collections are offered at the beginning of each month for a flat price of $39.95. I've been happy with sandals and boots I've purchased from them in the past, and they often offer some crazy good promotions around the holidays. 

Stich Fix Review

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost: $20 styling fee, items you keep vary in price

Stitch Fix is probably most synonymous with "clothing subscription." You set the schedule to receive your "Fix" and for a $20 styling fee (that you can put towards any purchase from your Fix) you'll receive a box of clothing and accessories. The element of surprise is probably my favorite part of this service, however if you keep your style profile and Pinterest board up to date, your stylist will more than likely send you great pieces.  Read more here!

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost: $100/quarterly  ($10 off your first box!)

My absolute favorite box and, of course, it's the most expensive! I do think it's worth the splurge, however, because the items I've received in past boxes are some of my most treasured pieces now (the fedora from the fall box and the lipstick from the summer box both come to mind as top picks!) I can't say I dislike anything about this box with the exception of the price, which is a small investment if you're new to subscription boxes.

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost: $5/quarterly

If you're a drugstore product junkie, you'll love this bargain. For $5 every quarter, you'll receive a random assortment of sample and full-size products that are typically sold at Walmart. Think new Revlon lipsticks, deluxe size mascara samples, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and sunscreen.

Wantable Style Edit Review

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost: $20 styling fee, items you keep vary in price

This is probably Stitch Fix's current top competitor. Wantable already has an intimates, jewelry, and makeup box, but they recently added clothing to the mix. For a $20 styling fee, receive 5 pieces of clothing tailored to your style profile. Personally, I wasn't very impressed with any particular box I received, but did like that their pieces were "upgraded" basics.   Read more here!

Whew!  Did y'all know that many subscription services existed?!  A big thank you to my friends Emily, Jenn, Jenny, and Sockwun for collaborating with me on this post!

Which services are you subscribed to?  (If I missed one, shoot me an email!  I have plans to do a follow-up post with more boxes!)


  1. I have heard of and tried a lot of these but I would really love to try some new ones!
    Thanks for letting me collab with you and for curating such a wonderful, extensive post.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lilly's

  2. Many of these are new to me and sound great! Thanks for sharing! I'm currently a Birchbox subscriber and love it for many of the reasons above. It's so much easier than going out and selecting new make-up to try, and they do a great job matching your samples to your profile requests in my opinion.

  3. I love this compilation of all the boxes. There are some that I've never heard of before, but I'll definitely have to check them out!
    xo, Syd

  4. What an awesome roundup! I've been looking for a post that compares all of the subscription services out there. Fabletics seems right up my alley.

    Alessandra |

  5. Fun post! Wow it sounds like you've tried them all. I love the idea of subscription services, but I'm so neurotic I end up not actually liking them because I hate not knowing what I'm getting (or getting something I don't love.) I am a huge fan of Blue Apron though!

    Sara Kate Styling

  6. I need to sign up for club w so bad!

  7. Wow great job everyone! This is a perfect roundup! I have always wanted to do Julep and I loved my experience with Birchbox. Hopefully I can hop onto Rocksbox soon!

    Nicole // Chronicling Home

  8. Ooo this post is no good for me lol! I have an unhealthy obsession with subscription boxes lol! Currently I'm subscribed to Blue Apron and I love how diverse the meas are. Stitch Fix is also one of my favorites. I love that you can send them ideas through Pinterest boards or Polyvore sets and they try their best to find you the pieces you want. One subscription box I'm excited for is the Sephora box that was announced earlier this year.

  9. Wow, so many subscription boxes! This list is a great resource! I've never actually subscribed to a subscription box but I love reading about them. I've heard so many great things about Stitch Fix, Rocksbox and Ipsy! I've never heard of many of these so it was really cool to see what they were all about.

  10. This is one of the best posts featuring subscription services that I have read! Most of these I have heard of, but I have only tried a handful. A couple, including stich fix and blue apron, I have been dying to try, but have been leery. Definitely going to look in to doing both after your review!! Thank you so much for this incredibly helpful post!

    xo Ashley

  11. It's so nice to have these all in one place for reference! But this is a dangerous post for me--sub boxes are way too much fun. Something about getting a present to unwrap every month... I've used Ipsy, Birchbox, and Graze in the past, plus some others not listed here. Have you heard about the issues with Fabletics though? I've never used it myself, but I know a lot of people felt it was a scam.

    Julia | Pennies & Paper

  12. I'm a Le Tote ambassador and would love to share my thoughts on it for your next subscription round up post!

  13. Oh, and if you haven't heard of Le Tote you can check it out here.

  14. OMG this is amazing! Such great reviews!

  15. I really want to try Blue Apron! I love cooking but honestly just don't have the time to meal plan and shop for groceries. I think it would change my life!! Such an awesome post, btw!

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