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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Be Your Best Self

I think it's important to embrace who you are and to love your flaws.  But at the same time, I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to be the best version of yourself.  It seems contradictory, but think about it.  I'll use myself as an example.

I don't love my teeth.  I leaped fell off of a countertop as a kiddo and knocked a tooth up into my gum.  I never needed braces, but fast forward to my college years when that tooth took a mind of it's own and started to angle.  My teeth aren't perfectly white, which stresses me out.  At the moment, it's not really financially feasible to get professional whitening services and adult braces, but in an attempt to be my "best self," I'm using whitening toothpaste.  Simple, right?

Aside from not loving my teeth, I'm not a big fan of the bags under my eyes, Chicken Pox scar on my forehead, or the cellulite that's starting to speckle the back of my thighs.  This is where Body Merry comes in!  I'm currently using their Day-to-Night Eye Gel, Stretch Marks and Scars Defense Cream, and Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream.

I dream of the day when I won't feel naked without concealer, so I start my routine with the Day-to-Night Eye Gel.  The gel can be applied twice daily and worn under makeup, but I prefer to put it on at night.  (My eyes are really sensitive, and I've found that I feel better if I take my contacts out before using this.)  At $15.99, it's one of the most affordable eye gels I've encountered!

From there, I move on to the Stretch Marks and Scars Defense Cream.  I apply it to the Chicken Pox scar on my forehead and to the cancer scars on my arm and armpit.  I was surprised at how quickly I noticed a change in the scar on my arm.  It seemed to blend better with the skin!  I mostly lather this on at night after a shower, but occasionally I'll put it on in the morning if I remember.  The cream has kind of a minty-coacoa smell and is also available in Vanilla Orange!  $17.99 is such a steal for this product; I've done so much research on scar creams over the past 4 years, and I've never seen anything that affordable that works so quickly.

The last step in my Body Merry routine is the Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream.  This product is made with caffeine, retinol, and seaweed, and the texture is what I imagine Flubber would feel like.  Like any product, I recommend giving this one time.  I didn't experience results as quickly as I did with the scar defense cream, but slow and steady wins the race!  This product is also only $17.99.

If you're on the fence about trying Body Merry, know that they offer a 90-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.  (Plus free shipping on orders over $25 and a discount if you sign up for emails when you visit their website!)  I think that it says a lot about a company when they are willing to completely refund you if you don't see results from their product!  If you have any questions about the products in this post, feel free to shoot me an email!  I'll be glad to answer them.

What do you do to be your "best self"?

A big thank you to Brandbacker and Body Merry for providing me with product in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.  Thanks for supporting brands that support Seersucker Sass.

PS - Thanks so much for all of your kind words on my Weekend Reading post.  They mean the world to me.


  1. I finally started to get my teeth fixed (my brother knocked out my front tooth when I was 9 so I have a gap) and then I think I might get some filler to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes. I think it has helped a little knowing that I am at that age where I am doing it for myself wanting to look good and not for others.

  2. Love that you loved these products as much as I do! Especially the stretch mark/scar cream :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  3. What an awesome product!
    I'd love the cellulite cream.
    I need that to combat the cellulite on my thighs.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  4. I should really check out the scar cream because I got terrible scarring this summer from my bed bug experience studying abroad! Sounds like great products!

    xoxo A

  5. Such a great post! I have such a bad scar on me knee!

  6. It's such a struggle to be your best self. I have this rare skin condition that makes me feel so ugly when it flares up.

    Loved your review of these products. ❤️

  7. Oh wow, I have a bunch of scars that I just haven't really thought about trying to get rid of. I do have to say the cream does sound magnificent especially if it worked so quickly and well for you.

    Jadore l Jadoregrace

  8. I totally agree. I think it's okay with wanting to be our best self. And I think your teeth look great. I never noticed :).. I have horrible acne scarring on my face and sometimes really get down about it but have to accept myself the way I am!
    The Fashionista's Diary

  9. I have acne scars that I would love to get rid of! I also wish my teeth were whiter! It's so hard to be your best self sometimes, and I hate the days where I am struggling with accepting these things. It's so important to remind yourself of all of the things you have to be thankful for and to accept yourself for the way you are!

    xo Ashley

  10. Nightly routines are so crucial! Love getting new ideas for them!

    xo,Sara Kate Styling

  11. I've used the Body Merry retinol serum and I am completely in LOVE. I think we all want to be our best selves and that doesn't mean we aren't confident. We all have quirks and flaws and differences, sometimes they can make us a little insecure but overall I think it is these quirks that make us interesting.

  12. I've never heard about this brand before.Their serum sounds great (:
    Nati xx

  13. You are already beautiful, but I'm glad you found some awesome new products to introduce us to! I am also struggling with my teeth, and they're too sensitive to whiten more often than once a week (which is not optimal for noticeable results). My gums get inflamed and my teeth become even more sensitive! No good. I love the price point of these products and will need to check out the eye gel for sure!

  14. I love your review posts! It's nice to hear opinions on a product before I go out there and waste money on something that may not be worth it. Glad to hear these are worth the money!

    How 2 Wear It []

  15. Body Merry sounds like a really great company! I've come to embrace my flaws over the last few years - I'm not completely at ease with myself, but my confidence is much higher than it was before. Great products help a lot, though! Thanks so much for the review!

    Alessandra |

  16. I totally relate and can agree. I'm not really happy with much about how I look but I try to find one thing that makes me happy. I will have to try these things. I don't want bags under my eyes and I reallllyyy don't want to look older than I am!! Thank you for your post! I need to go find these!

    Nicole // chronicling home

  17. I need this in my life. Definitely going to try!

    Diary of a Debutante

  18. Great review! I may have to try this!

  19. I read about these products a few weeks ago, and yet again they seem awesome! I love that they're helping your scars, I have an unruly scar on my lip from a soccer injury and it always makes me feel self conscious.
    I love taking care of my skin, it is definitely my favorite way to be my best self!