Seersucker Sass: October 2015

Friday, October 30, 2015

October In vs. Out Linkup

I'm so excited to be linking up with Allison of Because I Said So for her monthly In vs. Out linkup!  I look forward to these posts each week because they offer a little insight into Allison's life.  I always appreciate when a blogger writes about their life in a way that makes you want to read it and know what happens next, and Allison always does that.

Here are my In's and Out's of the week!

My anxiety hit a point this week that I didn't feel safe outside of my home, and that included going to church on Sunday morning.  So I streamed this video, and it rocked my world.  My goal is ultimately to watch a video a day on my lunch break!

I never spent much time focusing on Pinterest.  Instead, I channeled all of my energy into Instagram.  When I started to use Ahalogy, that changed everything; it schedules my pins for me so that I'm not blowing up Pinterest, and schedules based on peak times for the boards.  I continue to gain Pinterest followers, and it is now my number one "referral" to my site!

Burrito Bowls
I've had them for dinner the past two nights, and I'm feeling a three-peat tonight.  Being sick has absolutely killed my appetite, so I'm thankful I'm still hungry for something!

Helene's E-Courses
I'm a little late to the party, but I'm obsessed with Helene in Between.  I'm currently enrolled in Quit Your Job to Blog and Instagram for Success.  I haven't really made a dent in them yet, but I hope to this weekend if I'm feeling a little less like I have the plague!

Turtleneck Sweaters
Seriously, I want them all.  I ask myself every day why I don't have more of them.  My current turtleneck wishlist:

Allergic Reactions
I'm having one now, and I don't love it.  Best part?  It's on my face and scalp.  Imagine the cuteness.  Currently trying to find a Halloween costume that allows me to wear a mask, because the only product I feel safe putting on my face is hydrocortisone.  In related news, I'm about to switch to all natural skin care products.

Donald Trump
Because he still sucks.

Happy Friday!  What's In & Out in your world this week?!

PS - If you still need a Halloween costume (*raises my own hand*), I've got nine for you here.  They're all based around a little black dress!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Subscription Box Roundup

Do you know why I love subscription services?  I love getting mail.  Letters, invitations, packages full of goodies, they all make me so happy!  But with so many subscription services out there, it can get a little overwhelming and a lot expensive (and both of those make me not so happy.)  Because of that, I've teamed up with some of my awesome blogger friends to share our experiences with nineteen different subscription services.  Here's what we found!

(PS - Some of the services offer specials if you use certain links or codes!  When possible, I've linked the affiliate link to the title of the service, and I will include the special code in the post.)

Subscription Box Reviews

Birchbox Review

explained by Jenny of Breakfast at Lilly's

Cost:  $10/month

Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription box that sends you 4-5 sample sized products with each box. Although I am no longer a subscriber because my budget doesn't allow for it, and I need to use up my mountain of beauty products , I truly enjoyed my experience with the company. I loved getting to try new products each month without spending a fortune on a product that I may not even end up liking at the end of the day. The only con was that sometimes they would send too many tin foil packets in one month, but from the looks of it, they have significantly reduced that and have upped their game tremendously.  I plan to subscribe again whenever I have a little extra wiggle room in my budget.

Blue Apron Review

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost:  $60/week for 3 meals for 2 people

Hate planning dinner? Me too! Blue Apron is a life saver. Not only do you get to skip the trip to the grocery store (everything you need comes to your door), you also get recipes that are created by their chefs. Now to be fair, not every meal we've ever tried has been a hit, however, the majority of the meals are quite enjoyable. It is a little pricey, but the amount of time it saves me every week makes it worthwhile.

Club W Review

explained by Jenny of Breakfast at Lilly's

Cost:  $39/month + $6 shipping fee  (use link above to get a bottle of wine for free!)

I recently became a Club W subscriber after receiving a referral code from a friend. Basically, you choose 3 wines per month to be delivered directly to your doorstep...or in my case, my apartment's office because you have to have someone 21 or over sign for it if you're not readily available. The boxes are $39 per month with a 6 dollar shipping fee. If you choose a more expensive wine for your box, you will have to pay a little extra...but I think $39 bucks for 3 bottles is a great deal! I have only tried one of the wines that I ordered so far, but let me tell you, it is absolutely amazing...and most of their wines have the cutest packaging so that's a definite plus. I can't wait to try the other two!

Dailylook Elite Review

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost:  $40 styling fee, items you keep vary in price

DailyLook already sells many great clothing, accessories, shoes, and jewelry items, and their Elite Box just upped the game. A stylist will select 6-8 (on average) pieces in your box and ship it off for your consideration. Keep what you like and deduct the $40 styling fee. Personally I felt the styling fee was a little high and the cost of the items sent varied so widely that it didn't work out in the long run, but I did find a few amazing pieces during my subscription.  Read more here!

Ditto Review

explained by me!

Cost: $24/month (first month free using my friend Mindy's code - AMIXOFMIN)

Sunglasses are probably my favorite accessory.  When I was in high school and college, I would buy myself a new pair of designer glasses every year with my holiday money.  Fast forward to post-college life and bills... that's not really an option any more!  So I signed up for Ditto so I could rent a new pair of glasses for a beach trip.  The glasses were awesome, but now that summer is over, I plan to cancel my subscription.  I reached out by email once and never got a response, and the next month, they raised the price from $19/month to $24/month with short notice.  Other than those experiences, everything else has been positive with Ditto!

Fabletics Review

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost: $49.95+ for one outfit (Get your first month for $25!)

Founded by Kate Hudson, Fabletics offers comfortable athletic wear. Like Lululemon, but cheaper, in fact. I love the Salar Leggings and the comfortable cotton tee shirts I've purchased in various outfits. The only downside is that collections are released on the first of the month and you only have 5 days to skip before being charged.

Golden Tote Review

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost: $49.95 for a small tote, $149.95 for a large tote, individual boutique prices vary

Golden Tote isn't technically a subscription service, but it's model is similar to one. What I mean is that you instigate the tote purchase whenever you'd like, however, they release brand new collections at the beginning of each month. Tote purchasers pick out 2 items from the collection in a large tote, or 1 in a small tote, and receive 4-6 pieces that are a surprise curated based on their style profile. Some months are better than others, as surprise items sometimes just aren't a fit for everyone. Their house brand, Puella, is one of my absolute favorites and I try to fill my tote with as many items from their brand as possible.  Read more here!

Graze Review

explained by Sockwun of ExtraExtravagant

Cost: $6.99 for four snacks or $11.99 for eight snacks (first and fifth boxes free using code SOCKWU1RP)

Graze is a great subscription service that sends you boxes of four snacks or eight snacks. You can also choose boxes specifically for sweet treats or low-calorie snacks. I was a Graze subscriber for many months, and I've loved every single box. I liked some snacks more than others, so the good thing is that I could go on my profile and rate the snacks, and Graze will "learn" from those ratings and tailor your future boxes to your tastes. The only downside is that this is quite a costly box. The snack packs aren't that big, so paying around $1.50 to $1.70 for each snack is quite expensive. 

Honest Company Bundle Review

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost: Bundles $35.95, individual product prices vary  (Save $10 on your first purchase by using code "Invited10" at checkout!)

If you're looking to make your home or beauty routine a little more "green" you're going to love Honest Company! Their bundles are where the value is at in my opinion. I love their laundry detergent, dryer clothes, and many of their other home products. Not everything is a hit though - I did not enjoy their deodorant and I do think depending on what items you include in your bundle it could be a little pricey.  Read more here!

Ipsy Review

explained by my grand little, Emily

Cost: $10/month

I recenly joined the Ipsy community and LOEV IT!  I mean, who doesn't love new makeup every month?  Like any other monthly makeup box, Ipsy sends you five items that relate to your skin and hair type and what your interests in makeup are.  Oh yeah, and Ipsy gives you a reusable makeup bag, which is fabulous!  So far, I have just received sample size items in my glam bag, but I do believe Ipsy sends full size items in bags on occasion.

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost: $45/quarterly

A brand new subscription box for 2015 from Jouer Cosmetics! This box is filled with makeup and skincare goodies from the brand. This subscription is perfect for anyone looking to develop a makeup collection, or who loves to have a lot of makeup to choose from. I like the wide selection of products, however, I do find the amount of makeup a bit overwhelming, even if it is only quarterly!

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost: $19.99-24.99/month  (Free welcome box for new subscribers, just pay $2.99 shipping!)

Julep Maven is a nail polish and beauty subscription box. Every month, Julep curates a new collection of polish colors and a new beauty product. In the past year, they've also opened up their subscription to allow fully customized options where you can pick items from past months that you may have missed. You also can skip the month if you feel like you have too much nail polish or don't like the offerings. I personally love their nail colors and formulas - the Stardust Finish is my absolute favorite - and I've found some really great beauty products over the years.

JustFab Review

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost: $39.95 for shoes, accessories, or clothing item (First month, buy one get one free!)

JustFab and Fabletics are owned by the same parent company, and have a similar business model. (So the pick or skip date applies here too.) JustFab offers shoes, accessories, and clothing at a reasonable price in a wide variety of styles. I personally have been pleased with their jeans and boots for the price point.

Rocksbox Review

explained by me!

Cost: $19/month (Use code "seersuckersassxoxo" for your first month free!)

I love Rocksbox!  I never really buy jewelry when I go shopping, so I love that this service sends me three pieces at a time, and I can wear them as long as I would like.  It gives me an opportunity to see what pieces go with my wardrobe, instead of buying a piece and then trying to figure out what I'm going to wear with it.  You can also make requests, so if you have a special event coming up, you could request a piece of jewelry appropriate for that event.  MY favorite thing about Rocksbox is that everyone gets a referral code - not just bloggers.  When someone signs up, you get $25 towards merchandise, allowing you to earn up to $75 a month.  I've managed to get all of my Kendra Scott goodies free through Rocksbox, which makes this blogging on a budget gal so happy!  Read more here!

Shoedazzle Review

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost: $39.95 for shoes or clothing  (50% off your first item + free shipping!)

While ShoeDazzle isn't part of the "Fab" family, it also runs the same business model. Trendy clothing and shoe collections are offered at the beginning of each month for a flat price of $39.95. I've been happy with sandals and boots I've purchased from them in the past, and they often offer some crazy good promotions around the holidays. 

Stich Fix Review

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost: $20 styling fee, items you keep vary in price

Stitch Fix is probably most synonymous with "clothing subscription." You set the schedule to receive your "Fix" and for a $20 styling fee (that you can put towards any purchase from your Fix) you'll receive a box of clothing and accessories. The element of surprise is probably my favorite part of this service, however if you keep your style profile and Pinterest board up to date, your stylist will more than likely send you great pieces.  Read more here!

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost: $100/quarterly  ($10 off your first box!)

My absolute favorite box and, of course, it's the most expensive! I do think it's worth the splurge, however, because the items I've received in past boxes are some of my most treasured pieces now (the fedora from the fall box and the lipstick from the summer box both come to mind as top picks!) I can't say I dislike anything about this box with the exception of the price, which is a small investment if you're new to subscription boxes.

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost: $5/quarterly

If you're a drugstore product junkie, you'll love this bargain. For $5 every quarter, you'll receive a random assortment of sample and full-size products that are typically sold at Walmart. Think new Revlon lipsticks, deluxe size mascara samples, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and sunscreen.

Wantable Style Edit Review

explained by Jenn of hellorigby

Cost: $20 styling fee, items you keep vary in price

This is probably Stitch Fix's current top competitor. Wantable already has an intimates, jewelry, and makeup box, but they recently added clothing to the mix. For a $20 styling fee, receive 5 pieces of clothing tailored to your style profile. Personally, I wasn't very impressed with any particular box I received, but did like that their pieces were "upgraded" basics.   Read more here!

Whew!  Did y'all know that many subscription services existed?!  A big thank you to my friends Emily, Jenn, Jenny, and Sockwun for collaborating with me on this post!

Which services are you subscribed to?  (If I missed one, shoot me an email!  I have plans to do a follow-up post with more boxes!)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Social Media Slim Down

As bloggers, we're all aware of the importance of numbers.  We count page views, unique monthly visitors, and (of course) our social media stats.  I keep my blog and personal social media accounts separate, and up until recently, I kept my personal social accounts public.  I was even hired at my new job because of my social media skills.

I was recently alerted that a photo of me was being used.  My first thought was that it was a blog photo... wrong.  It was a selfie taken a few years ago that had been yanked from my personal social media account.  It was creepy, and I'm still feeling all kinds of uncomfortable about it.

My response?  A social media slim down.  My first step was adjusting the security on my personal social media accounts.  I always thought public accounts were a great way to show that I had nothing to hide.  In all reality, they're great at giving someone who doesn't need insight into your life the opportunity to have insight into your life.  If someone wants to yank a poor quality selfie of me, imagine what other info they'd like to get their hands on.

I didn't finish by making my account private.  I started taking control of who could see what I posted.  When you take a look into who you're connecting with, you might be shocked.  On Facebook, I deleted over 700 people - exes + their friends and family, exes of my friends, names I didn't recognize, that girl I didn't care for from dance class, people I couldn't pick out of a crowd if my life depended on it, prom dress stores, someone that I barely knew that kept my feed clogged up with potty training stories about her child, animal accounts, men that were acquaintances, and a ton of people from middle school and high school that I hadn't seen in the past three years.  I currently have about 1200 Facebook friends, and I still find that to be excessive.

I don't post as much on my personal Twitter or Instagram, but I felt like it would be nice to just clear it all out at once.  I discovered I had accumulated quite a few rando dude followers during my three years of 'gramming, so that was really fun.  (FYI - Blocking followed by unblocking is the trick to force someone to unfollow you.)

You know when you go get your hair trimmed, and even though you got like half an inch cut off, you feel like a new person?  That's how cleaning out my personal social media made me feel.

This post isn't meant as a scare tactic, just a reminder that when it comes to social media, your safety comes first.  I learned in my self defense class that sometimes women put themselves in dangerous or uncomfortable situations because they don't want to be seen as a bitch.  Never feel guilty about denying a friend request, deleting someone, or blocking someone.

I'd love for you to share your favorite online safety tip with me!  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to take some selfies to share with my slimmed down timeline ;)  Stay safe, friends!

Isn't the photo from this post cool?  I can't take credit!  Check out more of Jack Moreh's work here.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Life with a Chronic Illness: Infusions

I rarely blog about having a chronic illness, but the main question that I get from people isn't an affordable foundation recommendation or where I got the booties I wear 90% of the time - it's about the infusions I receive.  So today's post is going to explain what my infusion is, what to expect if you get an infusion, and the best ways to prepare for it.  I know this post may not be relevant to the majority of my readers, but I'm excited to create a resource for those who need it.  I want to preface this by saying that I'm not a doctor or medical professional, I'm just sharing my experiences and what has worked for me.

What is an infusion?

This is probably the easiest question to answer.  When you get an infusion, you are receiving your medication intravenously.  This allows it to go directly into the bloodstream.

Why do I have infusions?

I have infusions because I have ulcerative colitis - a chronic illness that causes my immune system to be overactive and attack healthy cells in my GI tract.  My infusion (Remicade) blocks the protein that is overproduced and attacking my immune system.  For the first diagnosed year of my illness, I was able to treat UC orally with chemo pills.  When my body stopped responding to oral medications, the next step was to try an infusion.  I've been really fortunate, because the infusions have worked for me for six years.

What are my infusions like?

I've had infusions multiple places over the past six years - pediatric and PICU units of the hospital, in an arthritis clinic, and now in an extensivist unit.  I leave work early, check in at the extensivist unit, and I'm taken back to my little room.  If you've ever seen chemo administered, it's really similar to the way that Remicade is administered.  I chill out in a recliner, take my pre-infusion cocktail of Benadryl and Tylenol, they mix my medicine, and then they hook me up to an IV.  It's simple, and I have the next three-ish hours to do whatever I please... as long as I don't plan on going more than five feet.  When I stopped treating my infusion like a burden and started treating it as an opportunity to have "me time," my whole outlook on the situation changed.

How do I prep for an infusion?

My three biggest tips are to hydrate, dress in comfy clothes and pack an "infusion bag."  Hydrating is important because it makes your veins nice and plump.  #yum  Sounds gross, but you want plump veins so that it's easier to get the IV in there.  I've been told that caffeine shrinks your veins, so I try to avoid it 48 hours beforehand.  Because I'm going to be sitting for a few hours, I like to wear comfy clothes that I can also wear to work that day pre-infusion - usually a dress with leggings or a tunic with these pants that are more comfortable than jeans.   

When I first started receiving infusions, my mom went out and got me a new bag specifically to serve that purpose.  It doesn't have to be anything special, but I always pack one, because you are pretty much tethered to a pole and have to create your own entertainment.  Here's what I like to pack in mine:

Blanket poncho //  Medical offices are always freezing in my opinion, but I don't want to be that girl that lugs in a blanket.  Blanket ponchos are awesome because they're clothing and a blanket.

Adult coloring book + colored pencils //  I brought these with me to my infusion last week, and it kept me occupied and relaxed for quite some time. I hate feeling like I'm not being productive, so adult coloring books offer me the chance to chill out and have results.

Books or magazines //  I don't touch magazines in doctors offices.  They just freak me out.  Bringing a book or magazine is a great way to pass the time, and sometimes I cut off my address and leave the magazine for the next visitors.

Snacks //  I always get really hungry during an infusion.  The nakd bars that I tagged are awesome, as are peanut butter crackers.  I'm usually cramped for time before an infusion, so I bring my lunch since I have a private room.

Hydration //  I discussed it above, but hydration makes things go sooo much smoother in my opinion.  

Headphones //  Sometimes the dead noise just wears me out, so I like to listen to music on my phone. Or I'll pop on headphones when I want to cover up in my blanket poncho and take a little snooze. 

Chargers and/or a power bank //  I play on my phone a lot during my infusion, so I always bring a charger or a power bank just in case.  The last thing I want to happen is to have a dead phone when people know I'm getting an infusion... they'll freak out!

Hand Sanitizer //  In case you accidentally touch something or in case you want to eat a snack.

What are the side effects like?

After the infusion, I take time to chill out.  I allow my body to recover.  I usually feel weak, tired, and irritable the day of and the next two days following.  (There's a good chance you will wake up the next two mornings feeling like you got hit by a bus.)  My appetite is absolutely fantastic, and I take complete advantage of that.  Sometimes in the days following an infusion, I get the spins; it's not my favorite, but life goes on.  (I flew to Mexico the day after an infusion once, and between the turbulence and the spins, I legitimately thought I was going to die.)  I get my infusions ever six weeks, and my body knows the schedule - about five days before my IV, my energy level and appetite tapers off. 

The biggest side effect is that I don't have much of an immune system.  The first year that I had infusions, I caught freaking everything - mono, walking pneumonia, strep so many times that I had to get my tonsils taken out, you name it.  It sucked, but I think that was partially because it was also my first year in a dorm.  It has made me much more cautious about my health hygiene - before I wouldn't have thought much of touching a door or touching my face.  Now I carry hand sanitizer everywhere (plus lotion, because it will dry your hands out so badly!), avoid touching pretty much everything, I carry my own pen, avoid cash like the plague (it is seriously so dirty!), and if I have to go to the doctor during flu season, I wear a mask.  I get vaccinated for everything they will let me get vaccinated for, especially my flu shot.  It seems excessive, but you would be surprised at how quickly you get used to it.

Anything else?

If you have any questions or need encouragement before your infusion, send me an email!  There's a contact box on the side of my page :)  I'd love to help you, answer your questions, or just assure you that it's all going to be okay.

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Dress I Can't Stop Wearing

Yesterday was my momma's birthday (Happy birthday, Momma D!!), and I immediately knew what I was going to wear.  This striped dress from the Gap has been a staple in my wardrobe since I picked it up a little over a month ago.  I don't want to admit how frequently I've been wearing it.  It's such an easy piece, and I love long sleeves with hemlines that hit right above the knee for fall weather.

It's also super easy to accessorize - in this post I've styled it with a fur vest and booties, but I've also paired it with a grey knit infinity scarf, and towards the beginning of fall, I rocked it with Jack Rogers sandals.

I don't know about y'all, but when a piece is easy to throw on and can be styled a million different ways, it ends up on repeat in my wardrobe.

Striped shift dress from Gap

Striped shift dress from Gap

Striped shift dress from Gap

Striped shift dress from Gap

Striped shift dress from Gap

Striped shift dress from Gap

Dress:  Gap  ||  Booties:  Vince Camuto via TJ Maxx (similar)
Vest:  TJ Maxx  (similar)

There's a navy version of this dress available, and I can't wait to scoop it up!  (Because if you love something, you should buy it in every color, right?!)

Do you have a piece of clothing that you just can't stop wearing?

Happy Monday, y'all!

PS - Shout out to my boyfriend for braving the rain to take these photos for me!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Weekend Reading // Link Love

How to (Halloween Edition!):



Happy weekend, my friends!  I've had plans every day after work this week, with the exception of Wednesday (aka infusion day!), so I'm tickled to be writing this post from the comfort of my bed while eating mozzarella sticks and drinking La Croix.  #lifeisgood  Between the Vols & Buckeyes games today, I plan on starting Helene in Between's Quit Your Job to Blog e-course that I recently enrolled in.

Tomorrow will be spent celebrating my momma's birthday.  Thanks to a suggestion from my little brother, I picked up an Erin Condren planner for her.  (I now have an affiliate code for them, so if you place an order through my link, we both get $10 credit!  Woo hoo!)

I wanna know - what are you up to this weekend?  And if you'd take a second to vote in my poll below, it will help me to tailor future weekend reading posts to your interests.  Happy weekending!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Shoe Obsession: Alterre

Do you ever have those days where you go into work with a set plan for what's going to be going on that day and dress appropriately, only to find out you'll be doing something totally different?  That's me the day these photos were taken... and the reason that I rarely wear heels.


On the day these photos were taken, I knew my day would consist of a social media management in the morning, a lunch meeting at the Chamber of Commerce, spending the rest of the afternoon working on the website, and then driving home for photos.  Simple enough, and completely appropriate circumstances to wear my new little kaleidoscope dress and my brand new Alterre heels.  Except that's totally not how my day went.  After lunch, I ended up doing a plant visit.  And then I had to climb into the grass to take photos of a sign on one of our properties.  And then I realized I needed to do 50 things on the way to my parents house.  I ended up wearing these shoes for the first time for over 12 hours that day, and my feet didn't even hurt.  That's when I completely fell in love with them.


I don't usually love shoes or get excited about them.  I buy practical shoes that will go with multiple outfits.  When I heard about Alterre, I was really intrigued by the concept.  You choose your "lift" (either a mule or sandal shoe base) and "look" (shoe strap.)  The pieces are interchangeable... How awesome is that?!  Along with saving cost, you also save storage space.  And as someone who lives in a tiny apartment, I appreciate things like that!

Alterre graciously gifted me a starter kit with a blush mule, evening sky Marilyn, and a black suede Billie.  I love the Marilyn strap for work, and the Billie strap for evening!

Snap off the strap from the bottom of your shoe



Then snap on the other strap!  Simple enough, right?! 


For reference, this unflattering foot shot is a great close up on my shoes
(Billie Look is on the left, Marilyn Look is on the right)


I'm sharing this super unflattering shot of my pastel, bony little feet so that you can check out the quality of these shoes.  Doesn't the leather just look fancy?  (It's Brazilian!)


I love the Billie (above) for a night out!  The fringe is so fun and flapperish, and I love wearing them with a little black dress to an event or even just to the wine bar!  I can't tell y'all how many compliments I have received on the shoes when wearing the Billie look!

The Marilyn (below) makes for a sexy work shoe!  I really think the nude pump and ankle strap elongates my short, muscular legs!


And if you are a fan of the kaleidoscope dress trend, I've linked my favorites under $100 below!

Have I converted you into an Alterre fan yet?!  Good news - the shoes are currently available for pre-order on their website!  (I love pre-orders, because I usually order something, forget, and then a little gift to myself shows up unexpectedly!  #thanksself)  If you'd like to connect with Alterre, be sure to check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

What do y'all think?!

Happy Thursday!

A big thank you to Alterre for providing me with product in exchange for feedback.  All opinions are my own.  Thanks for supporting brands that support Seersucker Sass!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Nine Halloween Costumes - One Little Black Dress

When I was a freshman in high school, I had to have this ridiculous Dorothy costume.  My mom obliged simply because my little brother was having a Halloween themed birthday party.  It was from one of those party stores, super overpriced, and I couldn't imagine spending the extra money for a crinoline to wear underneath and make it poofy.  So I wore a little white skort under it, and later wore it with white Soffe shorts.  It's so embarrassing that I'm not going to share the photo.

From that point out, I skipped out on the Halloween excitement.  In college, I made outfits out of pieces from my closet - a devil, Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island, and Cruella de Vil.  So today, I'm going to throw back to those days and share nine costumes that you can make from one wardrobe staple... a little black dress!  Perfect if you're on a budget, need a last minute costume, or share my distaste for mass manufactured, sexy Halloween costumes.

Holly Golightly

Holly Golightly Breakfast at Tiffany's Halloween Costume

This tends to be a super popular Halloween costume, but that's a good thing because it's recognizable!  Start out with a classic LBD, add kitten heels, dramatic pearls, a tiara, and black gloves.  (Bonus points for a cigarette holder and rhinestone brooch pinned to necklace!)


Devil Halloween Costume

My sophomore year in college, I decided to be a devil.  It was a hit!  Just be prepared for random drunk guys to continually grab your devil horns.  The devil costume is one that you can do just about whatever you want to do as long as you have the horns and red lipstick!  Other pieces to the costume could include red heels, a pitchfork, red silk gloves, fishnet stockings or a red garter.  (For mine I did a horn, red lips, a pitchfork, and a garter.)


Masquerade Costume

Did anyone else notice that there were like 12 masquerade balls in Gossip Girl?  Channel your inner Serena or Blair (or Little J!) and don a mask with your LBD!  I would pair mine with sparkly shoes (or feathery shoes like these!) and over the top jewelry!  #WWBWD

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood Costume

I think this one might be my favorite, because I can incorporate so many trends that I love!  (You probably have all of this in your closet!)  Start with your LBD, then throw on layers - a red poncho, booties, and a basket!  (Bonus points for thigh high socks or lacy gloves!)


Witch Halloween Costume

Confession - I was a witch at the age of six.  My dad hated it, my mom loved it.  I wore the ridiculous hat, and my (disgusting) finishing touch was this mole the people at the costume shop made me, complete with a piece of hair they snipped from my witch wig.  It was awesome and disgusting all at the same time!  Here are my tips for a much cuter and less authentic witch - LBD over a pair of funky tights, with pointy toed heels and a witch hat (or a mini witch hat!).  Slap on a coat of MAC's Diva lipstick... and Voila!

Mouse... duh!

Mean Girls Mouse Costume

It's been 11 years since Mean Girls was released, but I don't think a day goes buy when I don't quote the movie.  This gives you the perfect excuse to quote Mean Girls, so be a mouse... duh!  All you need are mouse ears!  (Bonus points if you throw in a pink ribbon like Karen was wearing & some adorable little shoes!)  Pair it with natural makeup and glossy pink lips!


Emoji Halloween Costume

I some of these at Target, and I thought it was the cutest thing.  Pop one of these little emoji vests on over your LBD!  Top off the look with statement heels & emoji earrings!  The earrings are only $6... talk about a steal!

Morticia Addams

I love that Halloween is all about being something that you're not.  If you're usually sunshine and rainbows, why not dress up as the matriarch of  a kooky and spooky family?  This one is easy - throw on a black lace kimono and sexy black heels.  Then let your makeup do the talking for the rest of the look - pale skin, red lip, false lashes, and a cat eye.  Don't forget the dramatic center part!

Jackie O

Jackie O Costume
This one is inspired by Scream Queens.  Chanel Oberlin is requiring her minions to go as the spouses of dead presidents, and she is going as the fabulous Jackie O!  But you don't need a tweed Chanel suit to pull off the look.  Find a tweed jacket (this one is $30!), a pillbox hat, sensible pumps, pearl earrings and necklace, and a pair of gloves.

Here are some more LBD options if interested!

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