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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Five Items That Represent Me

I am going through a yearlong leadership training, and my retreat is next week.  (I'm equal parts excited and kicking myself because I'm socially awkward.)  One of the things we're required to do is bring a $5 gift that represents us, and it has to be unisex.  Mission impossible.

Thinking about this task really made me think about things that represent me as a person.  Do you ever see something and think "Wow, that really reminds me of Friend XYZ!"?  I spent a lot of time trying to think of what people saw that reminded them of me.  My friend Nicole did a similar blog post last week, and it inspired me to do my own take.  

Here are a few things that I feel "represent" me.  Some of them may seem a little materialistic, but I hope that if you feel that way, you'll read the reasoning of why they resonate with me.

My hot pink Lilly Pulitzer dress:

If you've been with me for awhile, you know that I celebrated four years cancer free on June 1.  (If not, here's the post!)  The dress I'm wearing in the photos is my first Lilly Pulitzer dress.  I had dreamed of owning a Lilly for years, and my mom bought me this dress the day that I was declared cancer free.  (It was a bribe so that I would stop wearing cardigans to hide my scar.)  I fell in love with Lilly because the bright colors were representative to me of the new lease on life I felt.

Skinny diamond band:

When I started my senior year of high school, I found out that my "first love" was cheating on me while I was in the hospital.  I was devastated and embarrassed and living in a small town did not help.  My mom gave me this ring as a reminder that I don't need to be in a hurry to settle down or to "get a ring" like a lot of the girls I went to high school with felt pressured to do.  The ring was my mom's first engagement ring from my dad, and even though they've been divorced for years, I still wear it every day.  It's subtle, classic, and sparkles despite being so small, which is exactly why I love it.

Bobby pins:

My hair is a mess quite often, and that's how I like it.  One of my former co-workers used to comment on the fact that my hair was a mess, and I would always reply with "I'm too busy living a life I love to worry about my hair."  It's basically my life motto at this point.  Bobby pins are a life saver, because when I need to look like a respectable adult, I can just pin my hair out of my face.

Pink fleece blanket:

My sophomore year of college, one of my sorority sisters bought me this pink blanket for Christmas.  She was older than me, and I really looked up to her.  This blanket and I have been through it all together, y'all!  When I was so depressed about my cancer diagnosis that I wouldn't get out of bed, I cuddled up in this blanket.  It's been with me through two apartments and a stint on the sorority hall.  This blanket is kind of a local celebrity.  At my old job, I had an open office and often came in contact with lots of influential members of my community.  They would always see my legs wrapped in my blanket and make a joking comment about it.  And you best believe it's with me at my new office!

A ballet shoe:

My love for ballet really shaped my life.  My mom put me in lessons at the age of two, and even though I was never the best, I learned so many lessons that would carry me in life - discipline, poise, confidence, teamwork... you name a life skill, and I probably learned it in dance class!  I knew no one when I started high school, but because I joined the dance team, I actually had a few friends the first day at my new school.  My dance team coach really worked with me on the requirements necessary for the University of Tennessee Dance Team, and I had every intention of dancing in college until I was diagnosed with a chronic illness the summer before my senior year.  Throughout my life, people have told me that I "look like a ballerina," and I grin from ear to ear whenever I hear it, because I'm so thankful for the fifteen years that dance impacted my life.

Shew, that turned into kind of a heavy post!  I hope that y'all feel like you learned a little more about me, and now I'm going to turn the tables because I want to learn a little more about you! 

What items do you feel represent you?



PS - If you're curious about my $5 gift, I'm going with whiskey in a teacup!  Pretty representative of my personality, and a little airplane bottle and dollar store tea cup mean that I won't have to cheat on the budget.


  1. I've had to do this Five Items game for lots of team building activities, and it's not easy! I always put a ballet shoe, too - I was also a dancer for about 15 years, and you were spot on with all the life lessons it teaches!


  2. This is so fun!
    I feel you on the bobby pin one -- my hair is always all over the place and I always need to tame it.

    Also, yes to the ballet shoe! I danced from age 2-18 so I feel like that represents me as well.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  3. Love the gift that you ended up picking!!! And this post was such a fun and unique way to learn more about you! (Now I want a comfy and beloved blanket of my own haha)

    xoxo A

  4. Love this post! Such a great way to learn more about you!

  5. I absolutely loved this post - it was such a fun way to get to know you better! Also that ballet photo of you is too precious.

    Pick Your Beau

  6. Such a creative way for us to get to know you better! I think you + Nicole should turn this into a link up, it would be a fun way for us bloggers to connect and learn more about each other!

    Kayla |

  7. AWWW I love this post so much!! Your ring, blanket, and Lilly dress are beautiful stories. I love all of this. I never knew some of the things about you and I think you are absolutely beautiful on the inside. Great post dear. Your pictures darling!

    Nicole // Chronicling Home

  8. What an interesting excercise, I have no idea what I would put in the gift on being cancer free for 4 years, I learned a lot about you in this post, how fun!

  9. This is such a cute idea for a blog post. I loved learning more about you through this and the picture of your "messy hair" with the bird made me smile. My hair is always a mess and I think your response is perfect...I'm too busy loving life to fret over messy frizzy hair. Embrace the chaos that is life! (:

  10. I love this post and being able to learn more about you!


  11. I love this post so much! It's so interesting to learn more about my favorite bloggers!

  12. The post with your mom's engagement ring hit home. You're a lucky girl! x Nicole |

  13. This is such a great get-to-know-you post! It's really fun to hear the back story on all of these items because it really isn't about the item, it's about the sentiments attached to it. It seems like you have a great mom from this post!

    - Courtney

  14. I love posts like these! It's always fun to get to know fellow bloggers better!!
    xo, claudia

  15. What a fun post! I have no idea what 5 items would represent me.

  16. I loved this post & getting to know. It's nice hearing the stories that go with these items that represent you. My parents gave me a similar ring in high school for the same reasons. It's a great reminder.

  17. Great way to learn more about you!! Such great post!!

  18. You are such a fun girl! I love that the blanket and bobby pins were 2 items you included! I can't think of 5 off the top of my head but my list might include my volunteer shirt, blog planner, and a coffee cup! Haha - I might have to share a post like this myself - I love it!!!

    How 2 Wear It []

  19. No way, I did ballet growing up too! I had no idea you were a former dancer. Also, CONGRATS on being 5 years cancer free, you are a boss!!

    xo, Alicia | Alicia Tenise

  20. Congratulation on your Cancer free accomplishment! This is such a fun post. The bobby pin story is so me but I can never find one when I need it.

    xoxo Dani

  21. Such a sweet post! I love your Lilly Pulitzer dress. It's so delicate + cheery. And I can't live without bobby pins, either. My hair would be a mess if I forget to put them on.

  22. Such a cute post. Girl, I can't live without my white tassel fleece blanket either. No shame!

    Diary of a Debutante

  23. This is such a cute post! And I think your hair is gorgeous haha no bobby pins needed!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  24. This is such a cute idea for a post; I absolutely LOVE it!
    The Fashionista's Diary

  25. Great way to get to know you in a post! Love the gift that you chose too lol

  26. This is so cute! First off, I'm so happy you're cancer free. Such a story. Second, awesome reason to buy a Lilly! My first Lilly is for my bridal shower and graduation from school, so it's tied to future memories too...gotta love it. Third, I love how you can openly talk about what you love about yourself. It's honestly inspiring. <3

    Coming Up Roses

  27. I love how this post showcases your personality! I'm a fellow dancer too!!! Plus, the story of how your mom gave you that diamond band is precious!

  28. This is such a cute idea for a blog post. You have me thinking about what five things could possibly describe me. I love your Lilly dress, and you look so sassy in that last picture. Love it!

  29. Such a lovely post! I love learning more about the blogger! It sucks when things get in the way of your goals - I also had to drop out of uni due to my health condition, but now I have re-started it again through part time learning! Congrats on being cancer-free xx

    Pop over to my blog!


  30. Loved getting a little glimpse into your life, I'll have to do the same on my blog!