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Monday, September 28, 2015

Current Wishlist

It's been awhile since I've shared a wishlist with y'all!  I've had so many necessities to pay for over the past month that I haven't splurged on myself or purchased anything that could wait.  Here's my wishlist of goodies for when my paycheck hits my bank account Wednesday!

Lilly Pulitzer Marlowe Dress ||  It's the only Marlowe that I don't have!  I've got to complete my collection ;)  And at just under $100, it's one of the more affordable Lilly Pulitzer dresses.

New Heels ||  I carry myself so differently when I wear heels, and I feel a million times more confident.  I'm currently on the hunt for a new pair of heels that's comfortable and versatile enough to wear all day, multiple times a week.  I think these are pretty cute, but I'd love to hear y'all's suggestions!

Gap Striped Dress  ||  I own the red version of this dress, and I want to wear it every day.  (Am I the only person guilty of buying something they love in every color?!)  My store didn't have the dress in Navy, but I plan on ordering it because it is such a comfy and versatile piece!

Rent the Runway  ||  I'm renting this dress for an upcoming Gangster Gala!  Sooo excited!  It's my first experience actually renting, but I've only heard great things about RTR.  I've always wanted to wear a dress with feathers, but I've never actually had a reason to, so I'm taking advantage of this one!

iPhone 6s Phone Case ||  I'm (hopefully) getting a rose gold iPhone 6s!  (Verizon customer service has been the biggest pain in my tush this morning, so hopefully we can get everything worked out this afternoon.)  It never fails that I get a new phone right before a super new one is released, so I waited it out this time.  My phone is hanging together by a thread and a phone case right now, so fingers crossed I can get another week out of it!  I've always used charging cases in the past, but I'm not sure what kind of case I'm going to get for my 6s.  (I don't drink rose' any more, but wouldn't this look cute with my rose gold phone?!  Also in love with thisthisthis, and this.)

Jumbo Monogram Necklace ||  I'm obsessed with the marble and howlite trend, and I love how this necklace is a warm take on marble.  I have really been wanting a jumbo monogram and a mini monogram, so I can mark the jumbo off my wishlist with this one!

Rodan + Fields Skincare ||  My big sells R+F, and I've been on the fence about trying it.  My breakouts are getting more frequent, more severe, and more inconvenient.  (Like the side of my nose where my eye is... Really?!)  I'm going to try the products for three months, and then make a decision of whether or not to commit.  Do any of y'all use R+F?

Toiletry Travel Bag ||  This has been the year of travels for me!  Between visiting family scattered across North America, conferences and retreats, and weddings, I have gotten to see so many cool places!  I have also been reminded each time I travel that I don't have an appropriate travel bag for my toiletries.  Time to buy one before my holiday travels kick into gear! (PS - I love that this one hangs from a door!)

It's almost time to stock up on foundation and mascara... What do you love/hate/recommend?  Comment here or tweet it at me @seersuckersass :)

Also, I need to do something with my hair!  Do you vote for bangs or bayalage? 
I had bangs in college, but didn't have the time to put effort into them and my mom hated them.  I would love to try them out again!  I'd also love to try the bayalage trend, but I wonder how it will be received in a professional work place.

What's on your wishlist?!




  1. Love that monogram necklace! If you want to go the drugstore route for foundations, I would suggest the Covergirl Stay Fabulous Outlast 3 in 1 foundation. For a little higher end, the MUFE Ultra HD foundation is a miracle worker! Your hair would look amazing bayalage.
    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  2. Totally obsessed with that feather dress!! I cannot wait to see photos of your in it :) Also that phone case is simply precious!

    Annie // Annie N Belle

  3. Oh my I so need that phone case in my life!!!

  4. I really want to get the new rose gold iPhone next weekend! I definitely need to keep these case ideas in mind. I'm also wondering about good foundations. I'm not much of a makeup person but I'm trying to learn more and get better at it!

    Kayla |

  5. You need the monogram necklace! I have it and love it!
    The Fashionista's Diary

  6. I recently tried on that Marlowe and fell in love with the fit, but I can't wear the Elephant trend because I'm an Auburn fan! Haha! My vote for mascara is the Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara. I use it every day and it makes my lashes full and dark but not over the top (perfect for the workplace :) Plus it's only $15! And I don't sell Mary Kay so you know I'm being honest lol

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  7. Splurging on yourself is a mustttt. That dress you picked via Rent the Runway is amazing - have a blast in it! x Nicole |

  8. I have bayalage (I always spell that wrong) but honestly you can't really tell the difference (I used to get foils). The biggest difference I have noticed is that it looks more natural growing out which I would say is a definite PRO in the workplace. I love your wishlist 100%! I've used Rent the Runway a handful of times and I've always had the best experience. The dress you picked out is adorable, you better post photos girl!

  9. That pink and black dress is so major! What a great list!

  10. I love the Marlowe dress in PYT and think I need it too!
    So cute.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  11. Love that Lilly!

  12. You always have the best wish list items! I can't get over how cute that striped dress is from the Gap! Totally envisioning it with a plaid scarf and boots!

    xo Ashley

  13. That Gap dress is super cute and perfect for those warmer fall days. There are so many ways you could accessorize it!

  14. I need it all. UGH. You always have the best wishlists and seriously read my mind.

    xx. Brittany | Southern Soul

  15. I swear by Bare Minerals foundation. I use the matte powder on top of a BB cream. It lasts and I've never had a problem with it causing breakouts- and I have super sensitive skin! For that reason, I can't go cheap with drugstore foundations. Covergirl and the likes don't really agree with my skin. The power from Bare Minerals is around $32, but one thing of it lasts me about 5-6 months, so it's definitely worth the investment!

    xo, Taylor
    Positively Taylor

  16. Girl, I'm currently coveting EVERYTHING from Lilly's fall line, and it's horrible. The struggle is REAL.

    Diary of a Debutante

  17. I am so with you on the heels. I love them. But I have to find ones that are comfortable!


  18. Love that striped dress and phone case!!

    Pop over to my blog!


  19. I love love love all the dresses. And I use Rent the Runway for several things and I love it!!! And I love the "they're real" mascara!

    Love Always,