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Friday, August 7, 2015

How to Plan a Bachelorette Bash

Tis the season... Wedding season that is!  Everyone around me is in love and getting married, and there is an abundance of wedding festivities.  My favorite? The bachelorette bash!  I've helped plan two in the past month - Savannah for my grand little and a night out in our college town for my best friend from high school!  (The latter is actually taking place tonight... Pray for us!)

While I'm certainly not an expert, I am experienced.  Here are some tips that I think will help you throw your bride-to-be bestie the perfect bachelorette bash!  (I also thought this was the perfect excuse to share some photos from my recent trip!)

  1. Obtain a guest list with contact information from the bride-to-be.  It's also important to find out what her expectations are and what she's comfortable with.  Last summer, I went to a bachelorette party that was dry.  When I was in Savannah this summer, the bride wanted to see a drag show!  It's all about preference, and the last thing you want to do is make someone feel ultra uncomfortable.

  2. Start looking into dates and locations.  Find out some dates that work for the bride, as well as some locations she's interested in.  I personally find it really important to look into what's going on in a city.  You may want to plan to be in town for a wine festival, but might want to opt out of visiting a city that's having Bike Week.  Discuss them with the bride and get her thoughts.

  3. Start a group chat or group email thread.  This is kind of that annoying necessity, and the level of annoying depends on how well you know everyone.  I loved our Savannah group chat because it was small, and it gave me an opportunity to get to know Calleigh, who was the only person I didn't know out of the group.  This is the easiest way to present options for dates and see when the majority is available to attend.  Having a tentative number will allow you to start looking for lodging.  (After announcing a price for lodging, no matter how cheap it is, expect to lose a few people.  Also, as mean as it sounds, sometimes you just have to pick a date, present it to people, and say whoever can come should come.)

  4. Find lodging.  This is when you're going to figure out your budget almost immediately.  When planning for Savannah, we realized that finding an affordable hotel just wasn't going to happen for our dates.  Emily got crafty and started searching VRBO, Airbnb, and rental places specific to Savannah.  Our budget was "cheap, but not something out of NCIS cheap."  We ended up only paying about $500 for three nights in a two bedroom home and had much more room than we would have in a hotel room.  When looking at rentals, I recommend punching the address in on Google maps.  It's also important to look at distance.  Is it worth it to pay a little more so that you're in the heart of downtown and can walk everywhere?  Or would you rather be in a cheaper location away from the excitement and pay a cab fare?  It all goes back to personal preference.  (PS - Always confirm your reservation.  We were overbooked, and since Nikki thought ahead to confirm, they realized the mistake and upgraded us!)

  5. Download the Square Cash app.  I learned about this app through my boyfriend, and we use it every month when it's time to write the rent check.  Paying for things for large groups is expensive, and this eliminates draining your bank account to pay for something large and then having to wait for everyone to pay you back.  It's super simple to set up and use, and it's secure.  (I've never had an issue.)  Plus, it's a free app, so there's no excuse for someone in the group not to have it!  Don't delete it after sending money for lodging.  You'll need it for your trip, as well!  (We didn't all take enough cash to Savannah, so it was easier for one person to handle paying with cash, and then the rest of us using Square Cash to pay her back immediately.)

  6. Create a loose schedule.  No one likes a micromanager, but it does help to have a loose
    schedule.  We knew Nikki wanted to go to a drag show, so we had to check out what days those were offered.  We made dinner reservations, which helped us to know what time to schedule our cab.  Having a loose schedule also helps to eliminate drama.  If you're going to do any outfit coordination, plan it on this schedule!  (The fact that Emily created a physical schedule also made packing a million times easier.)

  7. Divide responsibilities.  Nikki's bachelorette bash went soooo smoothly!  Why?  Because everyone going stuck to their strengths.  Calleigh works at a winery, so she handled alcohol.  I'm the blogger of the group, so I brought my DSLR and carried it the entirety of the trip.  Emily likes to plan, so she did research and made the schedule.  Other things to think about besides alcohol and photos are games, driving, mixers, snacks, decorations, and games. It's also important to discuss who will be buying what extras - Calleigh wanted Nikki to have a sash, so she let us know she was buying one so we didn't end up with multiples.  We decided that we would each buy Nikki's dinner one night, and since it was decided ahead of time, there was no akwardness when the checks came.

  8. Create a hashtag.  In our social media obsessed world, who doesn't love a good hashtag?!  If you're curious about our Savannah shenanigans, you can follow along with #Swaffslastsail!

  9. HAVE FUN!  Seriously, have a blast!  I know we did ;)
I know y'all are master planners, as well, so I'd love to hear what tips you have for planning a bachelorette bash!

Have you used Square Cash App before?  Be sure to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!

Happy Friday, y'all!



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  1. This is so great! And what an adorable bash for the bride-to-be. Hope it turned out lovely :)

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  3. How fun! I've been to quite a few parties and only planned one- but I agree with all of these tips whole-heartedly. I think the most important thing you can do is make sure that everything reflects the bride and her tastes!

    Awesome post and have fun!!

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    I've only been to one bachelorette party and hope to be attending more in the future.
    It seems like y'all did a great job of handling everything so that the bride to be didn't have anything extra to worry about.

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