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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Home Office Inspiration

When I was a little girl, I always loved playing with my mom's desk.  It had all these fancy little drawers and slots for things like photo albums.  (Remember photo albums?!  Weren't those the days?!)  Fast forward 18+ years, and my mom is giving me the desk so that I'll have an official "office" to do my blogging in.  Since I don't have to purchase an actual desk, I'm excited to buy a few little goodies to spruce it up a bit and make it my own.  I don't like buying lots of pieces at one time, because I feel like it makes a room look too "done," so I've been picking up pieces here and there.

I love structure, so I've created a mood board to figure out the feel I want for my office area:

I started by picking my colors - white & gold, with pops of pink.  The white and gold are soothing, and the pink is a good way to add my personality to the room.

My first order of business is updating my desk.  The cushion for the seat is a cream color, so we're going to change it out for a nice shade of pink.  From there, I'm going to change out some of the knobs that have gotten a little worn.

I've also decided what my "non-negotiables" are for my desk are.  I think great bookends are important, because I plan on putting my prettiest motivational books on display.  I also want a cute tape dispenser (the big clunky black ones give me nightmares about wrapping presents with my mom at midnight on Christmas Eve,) an inbox (super important because I am messy,) and some coasters (because who wants water rings all over their desk?!)

Here are some pieces that I really love, a few of which are featured in my mood board:

I've linked to everything possible in the widget, but there are a few pieces that couldn't be added that way.  You can find them here:
Pink & gold pineapple print | Pink engraved pencils

And if you're looking for more office inspiration, here are some offices that really inspired me
+ some tips on office set up:
one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

Do you have a home office?  What's your favorite thing about it?  If you have a post about it, I would love to read it!

Happy Tuesday, y'all!




  1. I have been sprucing up my desk space in my room for the last couple of weeks! Can't go wrong with white and gold;) You need this too
    (http://www.potterybarn.com/products/1696392/?catalogId=18&sku=1696392&bnrid=3380801&cm_ven=Google_PLA&cm_cat=Shopping&cm_pla=Feed&cm_ite=Google%20Base-1696392&gclid=CJPIqqye28YCFUoXHwodVP4Bfg&kwid=productads-plaid%5E93661126651-sku%5E1696392-adType%5EPLA-device%5Ec-adid%5E43832302891) I snagged it and I'm in love- great sale price! I also found cute little marble boxes with gold details at west elm! Love your mood board.

  2. I am LOVING the pineapple print and the little pencils.
    I am also dying for some agate coasters and found some pretty ones on etsy.
    I am still working on getting a desk to build my little office, but boy do I already have all of the desk accessories picked out.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  3. This colour scheme is gorgeous! It's very you! I have bookends that are very similar to the ones that you linked to! It's a little stick figure person trying to brace itself against the weight of the books (on either side) :)

    Alessandra | blog.pumpup.com

  4. We totally have the same pretty, girly office aspirations. Eloise is darling, I love that you're using the book as a touch of inspiration (:

  5. I love the pop of pink idea! I have a little office corner in my room! I have a desktop Mac, so it takes up quite a bit of space, leaving little room to decorate the desk. Because of this, I have lots of pictures and canvases hanging on my wall right above my computer so I have inspiration and nice things to look at when working! :)

    Savannah from http://thealwaysblog.com

  6. How exciting, I don't know why but I think that (cute) office supply shopping is so fun. I love your color scheme!

  7. I don't have my own office (yet!) but... you know me... once I get my own I'm going ALL OUT. I'd love for my office to double as a craft room... sigh... I'm literally day dreaming about my future office right now.

    In all seriousness, your colors are adorable and will totally suit you! Gold + white are timeless and if you ever get tired of the pink you could always switch it out for a new color. Easy peezy!

    Kayla | kaylablogs.com

  8. Ah that pineapple print is perfection! Also love the pig book ends - soo funny!! I've never been good at actually using a desk...it usually ends up just getting cluttered but I really want to try to start using mine. After all, they always look so cute! haha

    Annie // Annie N Belle

  9. Okay so all of your picks are basically perfect. They're beautiful and I LOVE that pineapple And that painting. And the abstract art. I can't wait to see how everything turns out... you have amazing taste!

    The Fashionista's Diary

  10. Oh yessss! I love the white, gold and pink theme of this inspo! It's gorgeous! <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  11. White, gold and pink... woman after my heart! Our dream offices look very similar! I'm redoing my dorm room for next year and I want to create a mini office space and have been searching endlessly on Pinterest! This couldn't have come at a better time :)

  12. I just bookmarked this post! Currently working on putting my office/closet space together and need all the inspiration I can get! Thanks love!

    xo Ashley
    Twenties Girl Style

  13. Love your ideas! I do have a home office and I think my favorite part is all the organizational items I bought for it! I love organizing! Haha

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  14. I wish I had an office! I love organizing things with girly decor! The pineapple print is amazing and on trend!!! :)

  15. Great choices! I have that acrylic tape dispenser (and a stapler to match) I also have an Eloise book that I love!

  16. I love organised areas and workspaces so this post was such a delight for me!!

    Pop over to my blog!


  17. First of all, seriously awesome color choices! Those are my favorites! I totally share your enthusiasm for making your desk your own for you blogging, I hope to have an office someday of it! Xo
    Chelsea // trendychelsea.wordpress.com

  18. Girl if I didn't live in a 1br apt I would LOVE to fill an office up with all these pretty gold items. Sigh. Great picks! Kate Spade just killllls it.

    Currently Coveting

  19. I thought I already commented, but I guess I didn't, fail. I absolutely cannot wait to see the final product! These are all such cute picks and I love the color scheme! My desk is black so I try to go with some brighter accessories when I can!

    xx. Brittany | Southern Soul

  20. I don't have a home office, but I do have a desk in my room that has always served me as a hub where I can get stuff done and be inspired. I have some of my favorite books and magazines stacked on mine, as well as a mason jar (to collect loose change), a pretty perfume bottle and a framed photograph.

    I love the look you're going for, but a few personal touches wouldn't hurt! Thanks for the post inspiration-- I may have to feature my workdesk in a post soon, too.

    Melissa | These words are my own.

  21. So, our offices are going to be identical, haha! My entire apartment is black, white and gold with hints of pink, so I absolutely love everything here. That pineapple print is too cute!

    xo, Alicia | Alicia Tenise

  22. I love the mood board you created! I have been itching to have my own personal office. I sort of have an "office" in my sister's room (she has her own apartment now), but it definitely doesn't look the way I would like it to. Hoping to redecorate it soon!

  23. The pineapple print and golden pig bookends definitely caught my eye! Now you've inspired me to re-do my office!

  24. I'm so in love with that pineapple print, so polished & fun!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  25. I love that you included Eloise in this. She's the reason that my dream is to live on the floor of a hotel. Love her. I love all of your inspiration. That pumpkin print is adorable.

    1. And by pumpkin, I mean pineapple. It's Monday. That's my excuse.