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Friday, January 16, 2015

Franny Friday

Happy Franny Friday, y'all!!

There is never a lack of excitement being Fran's owner.  Her personality is so funny & so ridiculous, in the best kind of way!  I know I say it all of the time, but there is nothing better than coming home and having someone so excited to see me.  Here is what Fran has been up to since we last spoke!

Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday!  I have this horrible habit of buying a new toy every time that I leave Pet Smart, so this time I picked up a little heart chew toy for Franny.  It lasted 15 minutes.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, how cute is this sweater?!  Definitely watching for it to go on sale.

We have started doing this really obnoxious thing where we sit Francis up like a person and move her paws like she's typing, complete with type writer noises.  Ridiculous, but she loves it, and it is so funny to watch!

This fuzzy blanket is an absolute nightmare.  Fran really loves certain textures - the curtains, my coat, and now this blanket.  The issue is that she loves to lick it or chew on it.  #gross  As for the unmade bed in the photo, Fran likes to mess all of the covers up in the morning while I'm showering and getting ready for work, which is amazing because she is the laziest dog!

Enough about Franny... What are your fur babies loving this week?

Hope you have a great weekend!




  1. I always buy Misa a new toy at Petsmart too! Their clearance section is perfect for little surprises.

    1. I found this one as I was checking out, and I couldn't say no. I am such a sucker for anything Valentine's Day related!