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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wild Cards

Sometimes when I go shopping, I go into a store that I wouldn't usually go to and end up finding "wild card" items.  Like something that I would never ever go shop for, but suddenly wonder how I spent my life without it, or something that I never knew existed, but wish I owned yesterday.  Here are some (super affordable) pieces that I found while shopping this weekend:

Lipstick Top -  I really loved the Lilly Pulitzer lipstick print, but never got my hands on any of it.  This top sent me into instant flashbacks.  I really liked the top when I tried it on, but it just wasn't a good fit for my body type!  It's on sale right now for $19.99, and I think it would be perfect to hold onto until Valentine's Day!  (Now that I've realized when I could wear it, I'm going to have to order it.  PS - I recommend going a size up!)

Double Tassel Necklace - At this point, it's no secret that I'm obsessed with tassels.  Throw this on to add some pizzazz to your little black dress!  Best part?  It's also on sale for under $20!

Flannel Boxer - I'm on a major gingham kick right now!  (I made my first trip to IKEA, and now I want everything in my apartment to be covered in gray and white gingham.)  I justify my cute pajama obsession since I have to take Fran out at night.  Not only are these adorable, but they are under $15! 

Scottie Dog Patterned Turtleneck - This is silly, but I can't wait to wear it!  I paid less than $10 for it!  My mom really loved Scottie Dogs when I was little, so they were on my baby outfits, in my room decor, etc.  (We seriously loved Juicy Couture for the Scottie Dog!)  I plan on pairing it with red lips, a pleated black skirt with black tights, and my black Tory flats!

Lilly Pulitzer Pen with Highlighter Set -  These go perfectly with a Lilly planner... And they're only $12!  So glad that I stumbled across some this weekend.

Glitter Wristlet - I don't know about y'all, but I hate lugging my purse to parties.  I never feel safe hiding it under a table, and I feel silly having it hang on my arm the entire time.  That's why I like wristlets - you can keep them with you, or even tuck them into a large coat pocket!  I love that this one is super sparkly, comes in silver and gold, and is right under $20!

The Wet Brush - Once upon a time, I tweeted about how my hair has horrible tangles, and the people at Wet Brush tweeted me back telling me I should buy a Wet Brush.  Fast forward to this weekend when I realized that my good hairbrush was gone forever, I needed a new one, and here I was at Bed Bath and Beyond, staring at a Wet Brush.  Probably the best $9 ever spent.  It works MIRACLES.  My hair has a tendency to turn into one big tangle sometimes.  This pulled that tangle right out, and I didn't cry once.  I'm seriously getting them for all of my friends for Christmas! 

Do y'all have any "wild card" items you ran into this weekend?  See anything on my list that you like?




  1. I am obsessed with those Lilly P highlighters & I personally think I may have to alert my mom to them...they scream stocking stuffer to me!

    xoxo, SS


    1. I definitely have added them to my wishlist, as well! Xo

  2. Ahh everything is so perfect, I love this list it's random things you don't usually think of but are great gift ideas. Love the lilly pens!


  3. Such cute lilly pens! The other day I finally found the starbucks mug I've been looking for and I'm already addicted! Granted, I could live without it, but 'tis the season, right? New mugs are my weakness, and this one was just to cute to pass up!


    1. Tis the season for new mugs! Definitely agree :) Xo

  4. omg I want that turtleneck like now! So cute! oxox

  5. What cool picks! I love the Wet Brush. It's my have! I'd love if you would check out my blog as well!


    Justine of The Desert Mermaids