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Monday, December 8, 2014

My Christmas List

Growing up, I was expected to turn in my Christmas list between Halloween and Thanksgiving Day.  This year, I am a little behind.  (My aunt actually had to hound me for it... So sorry!)  I've learned that as I get older, my list shrinks.  But here are a  couple of practical things that I wouldn't mind having this year.

1. A Personal Trainer  A personal trainer my be a little excessive, but I really would love to have a gym membership!  I'm not very disciplined when it comes to working out alone, so I need someone yelling at encouraging me - whether it be a trainer or a class instructor.   (P.S. - I feel like I would be a lot more motivated if all of the barre classes weren't at 11:30 am on weekdays...)

2. Pillow for sitting in bed  As bad as it sounds, my bed often doubles as my desk after hours.  My back and neck will start to ache after sitting like this for too long.  I used to have one of these growing up since I read so much, and I really would like to have another!

3. A gold ring  I started wearing a thin gold band on my right pointer finger last fall.  However, I've only bought costume rings, which I have continued to have to replace due to discoloration of the ring and - worse - a green finger!  My Kate Spade Sailor's Knot is on it's last leg.  I would love to have a cheap (but real) thin gold band to replace it - potential replacements include this one,  or this one (it's not a thin gold band, but I honestly like it better than the other one.)

4. A vest  I am vest obsessed.  I love them all - furry, fleece, puffy, you name it!  I honestly can't decide which style I like best, but here are a few of my favorites - Monogrammed + Striped | Fleece | Puffy.

5. New Jacks  After 2 fun years together, my poor little platinum Jack Rogers have bit the dust.  I have contemplated getting a pair of Palm Beach Sandals, as I've heard they're more comfortable and easier to break in, but I have such a hard time "cheating" on my Jacks.  Suggestions?

But enough about me... What's on your Christmas list?
Hope you're having a great Monday!



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  1. I love the look of Jack Rogers, but I guess my feet are just too wide for them :( Instead, I opted for several cheaper pairs of HotCakes &...I can't think of the other brand right now, but that way I can have them in several colors & if something were to happen to them, I wouldn't be absolutely heartbroken!

    xoxo, SS

  2. I'm with you on the vest, there are so many cute ones available this season! Also after the holidays, with all the sweets I've been eating I'll probably need a trainer too haha!