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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday Hostess Gifts

I never liked to show up to a party empty handed.  When I lived at home, my mom and I always kept a stash of goodies in a drawer to give as "emergency gifts."  We would pick up little things we found on a mega sale - nail polishes, small leather goods, candles, coasters, costume jewelry, the occasional umbrella - and keep them on hand just in case we got invited to a last minute birthday dinner or party.  
If you share my "never show up empty handed" mentality, here are some ideas for all of the happy hostesses in your life:

1. Bottle of wine + wine tote   I love this adorable SCOUT Spirit Liftah from LPS Designs - cute, functional, & affordable.  I'm a big fan of giving gifts in reusable bags, so this is absolute perfection in my eyes.

2. Macarons   Macarons are such a cute & dainty little snack.  I found these online, but I'm super excited because next year I will be able to WALK to a macaron bakery from my house!  (Then everyone will be getting them as gifts...)

3. Wind & Willow Dip Sets  I worked in a small boutique for two years, and we sold Wind & Willow products.  They are super simple and taste amazing.  The Asiago & Roasted Garlic Dip, Homestyle Potato Soup Mix, and Chocolate Chip Cheeseball are my favorites.  

4. A nice candle  I know, candles are a little cliche... but who doesn't love a good candle?  I think this Aromatique one seems really nice, and I own a set of the Old Factory Candles that I really enjoy.  TJ Maxx usually has a great unique & affordable selection.

5.  Leather Monogrammed Coasters  My favorite kinds of gifts are those that are practical, yet luxurious.  These completely embody that.    (PS -Pretty sure giving these guarantee you an invite for the next party ;) ) 

What is your "go-to" hostess gift? 




  1. I love those dip sets. As someone who loves to cook, its always fun to receive gifts like that because it allows me to try new things!

  2. Candles are my go-to hostess gift & coasters are a close second!
    Great list :)

    xoxo, SS

  3. Great gift ideas! I usually give a bottle of's an easy go to that is always welcomed
    The Doctor Diva

  4. Those macaroons look delish!