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Friday, December 19, 2014

Franny Friday

Time is flying by!  This will be the last Franny Friday of 2014!  Is it just me or has this year been faster than the rest?  Regardless, here is what Francis has been up to since our last FF.

Sick Fran Fran
Two Sundays ago, I went to bed early.  It was a big work week for me, and I knew I would be getting little sleep.  Little did I know that I would be up all night with a sick Francis.  She had a serious tummy ache, and it broke my heart.  The next day, she was exhausted, but fine!  Hopefully that is something we won't have to experience again.

Franny's New Collar

I was so excited to win the York River Traders giveaway on Alexandra Bee Blog!  When we went to pick Francis up at the pound, we realized we didn't have a collar, so we just purchased a cheap one there.  She was SO EXCITED to have this new collar!  It's like she knew that it was fancy.  (I also think she enjoys it because it looks like one of her daddy's belts that she ate...Oops!)  I'm tempted to be "one of those dog moms" and buy the matching belt.

Franny's New Couch

After living in my new apartment since June, I finally have a couch!  (Shout out to my Aunt Susie for the awesome Christmas gift!)  Of course, Francis thinks it is her new couch and sprawls out on it whenever she gets the chance.  She also enjoys being a dog and standing on the back of the couch sometimes... Oh, Franny!

What have y'all's pups been up to these past few weeks?  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



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