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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

24 Before 24: Update Nine

Y'all, we are almost there!  My 24th birthday is two months away!  Here's what I've been up to in the past month.

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  1. Learn calligraphy - So last night I decided to try my hand at some fancy writing for notes to go with my Secret Santa gift... I suck.  Badly.  But I am hoping to work on this after the new year!
  2. Devote myself to a devotional -  I haven't been very good about The Best Yes.  :(  I've thought about blogging as I read it, so maybe if I do that I will be more devoted.
  3. Spend a weekend in Asheville - One of my best friends graduated with her Masters this weekend, so I hope to go visit her and spend a day there!  
  4. Regularly attend church - I am so embarrassed to admit that I still haven't gotten better about this.
  5. 100 Happy Days Challenge 
  6. Utilize the shift key 
  7. Become a devoted yogi - If stalking the sale rack at Lululemon counts, I'm doing great...
  8. Plan an amazing bridal shower 
  9. Law school "stuff" - Working on a game plan!  A school about two hours away recently received their provisional accreditation.  I have been praying about it a lot, so I really feel like that was a "God thing" for me!
  10. Visit a "Paint your own pottery" studio 
  11. Have a 3-year cancer free celebration 
  12. Plan another sold out event - I can now mark this one off!  Wooohooo!  The gala I planned for my program at work was a success!
  13. Stay away from caffeine - I have been doing pretty good on this one!  I have had a couple of cheats, including a cup of black coffee on Thanksgiving (to counteract the multiple glasses of chard + Mexican after dinner drinks... oops!) and a glass of sweet tea on the day of my event.  Other than that, I have grown really fond of decaf black coffee, decaf green tea, and peppermint tea (which is naturally decaffeinated!)
  14. Do more Meals on Wheels routes - Well, haven't done that one...
  15. Add to my Lilly Pulitzer collection - I picked out some super cute Lilly earrings for Christmas!  If no one gets them for me, I'm going to get them for myself because they are only $28 and will go with SO MUCH.
  16. Continue improvements on the blog -  I now have "pinnable images" so if you see something you like, please pin it!
  17. Visit Nashville again - My boyfriend and I are looking into going for my 24th birthday!  We'd love to see a hockey game and go to my favorite restaurant - Demo's!
  18. Be a birthday fairy - I've not been perfect at this, but I'm proud of myself for what I have done so far!
  19. Go to a concert 
  20. Plan a brunch - Birthday Brunch is a possibility!
  21. Find a diet that works - Current diet:  Eating any/all catering that arrives at work.  Our clients and members are so sweet and always spoiling us with food.  How can I say no to that?  Plus, I'm vacationing on the holidays, so I'm not even going to bother.  2015 is the year that I will be busting my butt to get healthy!  (Seriously, I have felt so arthritic the past month, and I think being more active would be helpful.)
  22. Put more effort into my professional appearance 
  23. Keep smiling 
  24. Continue doing things that scare me - I'm now on a board!  AND I'm spending Christmas with my dad this year... I have spent it with my mom every year since I was born.  I'm nervous, but thankful for the opportunity!
What have y'all been up to for the past month?  Thanks for following along with my journey!




  1. You've accomplished so much! I love the idea of setting goals & holding yourself accountable for them, it's so much easier to do when you know your readers are watching to see if you're crossing things off ;)
    I would love to know how you make pinnable images, I'm still getting used to this blog thing!

    xoxo, SS


    1. Here is the tutorial that I used! http://www.bloggersentral.com/2012/11/pinterest-pin-it-button-on-image-hover.html

  2. Here's hoping you have a wonderful first Christmas with your dad. I'd say it looks like you accomplished a good portion!
    :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. Thank you so much :) Hope that you have a wonderful Christmas! Xo

  3. I think you have done pretty well so far, SS. Here's hope that you'll have a wonderful first Christmas with your dad and many mores to come.

  4. Love this update and seeing all you have accomplished! Wow wow wow is all I can say- you are one busy bee! :-) Can't wait to see all that you're up to in year 24.

    xoxo A

    1. You are so sweet! Thank you :) It's getting so close!!

  5. you're doing a great job! I just updated my list too, only a few more weeks left for mine :)

    1. Thank you! I will have to check out your updated list :)

  6. I'm the same as you...always making a list and trying to cross stuff off the list! I took a couple of calligraphy classes, but I'm still not good at it,

    1. It's the perfect way to stay motivated! I am about to just accept the fact that I will never have pinterest worthy handwriting and keep printing like a Kindergarten teacher!