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Friday, November 14, 2014

Unplugging + Pin It to Win It

Is it just me or does the holiday season get crazier each year?  I remember when I was little, there was a distinct difference in fall and Christmas time - our tree did NOT go up until after Thanksgiving and dedicated Black Friday shoppers started their shopping at 6 am.  Maybe it's because I'm an adult now, but the holiday season feels like such a whirlwind already, and Thanksgiving is a good 16 days away!

This weekend, I decided that I'd had enough.  I got a library card and checked out a book.  I gave myself this very strict rule that I needed to read 35 pages a day to be finished by the due date.  I got so into my book that I ignored my phone, social media, and the outside world... I read over 300 pages in two days!

I wrote a blog post a in May about unplugging, and it continues to be one of the highest viewed posts on my site!  I am taking a cue from that post and taking some time out of this holiday season to "unplug" or take a "tech time out."  I'm pretty sure we've all figured out what I'll be doing while unplugged (#bookworm) - what will your tech-free activity of choice be?  I'd love to know!

And while, we're talking about unplugging and tech time outs, be sure to enter this awesome Re-Pin to Win Sweepstakes from Foresters.

I hope y'all have a great weekend!  How do you plan on unplugging?



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  1. I have kind of "unintentionally" unplugged the last few days because of school and assignments, but it's actually a pretty great feeling!

    xoxo, SS