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Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Birthday, Lilly Pulitzer!

It all started with a juice stand...

Today we celebrate the birth and life of Lillian Pulitzer Rosseau, the Queen of Prep!  The story of the Lilly Pulitzer brand is one of my favorite - Lilly's husband owned citrus groves in Florida, and Lilly had a juice stand where she used his products.  However, the juicing left stains on Lilly's dresses, so she had dresses made in colorful prints to better camouflage the stains.  And that's where the classic Lilly shift was born!

In celebration of Lilly's birthday, I have picked my favorite pieces!

(1) Pink Cashmere Wrap  I love wraps, and I love cashmere so this baby is perfection.  It also comes in blue and white, but the pink is my favorite.

(2) Gypsy Bohemian Tassel Necklace  It is no secret that I love tassels.  Besides the tassel, this necklace also includes a few of my other favorite things - yellow gold, hot pink, and tortoiseshell!

(3) Layton Short Sleeve Shift Dress  I'm a huge fan of the classic Lilly shift dress; I practically live in them in the summer!  The sleeves on this dress are such a nice touch and what makes me love it so much.

(4) Beckett Shirt Dress  I have a pink/navy striped version of this dress, and I absolutely adore it.  It is cute and comfortable, and always brings a lot of compliments!  I am so excited to see that there is a classic black version.

(5) Devlin Sweater Shift Dress  As you can probably tell by my picks, I'm a sucker for anything pink and gold.  I can think of a ton of different places that I would wear this dress.

(6) Skipper Printed Popover   Every day after work, I immediately go home and change into something more comfortable.  One of my favorite things to wear in the colder months is a pullover.  I love how colorful this one is!

(7) Stemless Acrylic Wine Glass Set  Make every hour a happy hour ;)

What are your Lilly Pulitzer faves?  And what is your all time favorite print?!
(PS - Mine is Skinny Dippin'!  It's the print that my first Lilly dress came in.)



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  1. I've always wanted one of those popovers, they would be perfect for those cooler summer nights.

  2. Love a good Lilly piece! They are great for any season. Adore that shirt dress!


  3. I love the story of how Lilly all started - I think my favorite print would definitely have to be Chin Chin!

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