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Friday, November 21, 2014

Franny Friday

What day of the week is it?  It's Franny Friday!  Whooooo!  (If being obsessed with my dog & the weekend is wrong, I don't wanna be right.)  Here's what is hot over in Franny's world.


Lay's Classic Potato Chips, 13.75 oz 
My boyfriend does some of his work from home, so it's rare that Francis is in her crate for more than three hours at a time.  One day this week, he was on a phone call, and she got into the trash and found a bag of stale potato chips.  Fran doesn't get table food, so she was in absolute puppy Heaven.  C took care of the situation, and it seemed that all was well.  I was laying around reading that evening when Fran started munching on a potato chip.  A few minutes later, she came back with another potato chip.  She had buried them like bones throughout the apartment!!  She never ceases to amaze us.  (P.S. - Don't you wish you had that kind of willpower?  I do!)
I've never had a dog that hates rain as badly as Franny does.  She will honest to goodness fight me before she will get on wet grass.  And now that it's getting chilly outside, she shivers.  This coat is just like a human coat - water resistant, fleece lined, and hooded.  Perfect for a pup that thinks she's a human!

Buffalo check is all of the rage right now.  Shouldn't Franny be on trend, too?

 Happy Friday!  Hope you have a great weekend!


P.S. - Fran's take on the Kim Kardashian butt photos... okay, I'm done ;)


  1. There is nothing cuter than a pup all snuggled up. I just want to come give her a big kiss!

    1. I gave her some kisses for you! She is one big cuddle bug! Sending love to Misa!

  2. Aww your dog is so cute!

  3. I think Franny Friday needs to happen every Friday - she's such a cutie! What a funny chip story. When I was itty bitty my dog got into this huge bag of venison jerky (my favorite food at the time) and I remember I couldn't look at him for a month, it was the saddest thing!

    Pick Your Beau

    1. Aww!! Luckily we don't have to be sad because the chips were stale :) I'm glad that you like Franny Friday!!

  4. Can I have your dog??? haha soooo cute! <3


  5. Replies
    1. Isn't it adorable?! There's a matching leash, too :)

  6. Aww your pup is too cute! I have 3 myself and I can't imagine life without them (I'm obsessed too hehe)


  7. Your dog is the CUTEST!!