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Friday, November 7, 2014

Franny Friday

It's a rough life being Francis.

Being a pet owner has taught me so much.  I've had pets all of my life, but they always lived at home with me and my family.  It wasn't a big deal if I came home late, Momma would feed them.  But with Francis, she's my responsibility.  If she destroys something, I have to pick it up.  If she goes in the house, I have to break out the disinfectant.  The most fun part about being Franny's Momma is discovering her personality.
These items are hits in Franny's world:

Every time that Francis re-discovers this toy, she has to "kill" it all over again.  It has some stuffing in the head, but as soon as your dog tries to decapitate it (so like five minutes after getting the toy), you'll be able to pull it out no problem.

This is great for puppies who like to gnaw on everything!  This toy has actually survived like three weeks and is still going strong!

After Fran pulled her little escape number on us, we have discussed getting a harness for her.  Any suggestions on brands or if it is worth it?

What is it that your dog can't get enough of?  I'm always looking for new goodies to spoil Franny with, so I would love to hear!

Have a great Friday & a wonderful weekend!



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  1. Aw, what a cute pup! I love the stuffing-less toys, all of my pups abuse theirs so it's time to invest in some more :)

    xoxo, SS

    1. Thank you! And I agree - stuffing-less is the way to go!

  2. You should post more pictures of Franny she's such a cutie!! My dogs tend to chew through just about anything, so we always just buy them plain old tennis balls and that tends to do the trick.

    Pick Your Beau

    1. Aww, thank you! We tried tennis balls, but Fran's mouth is a little too small for them so she gets bored quickly :(

  3. Yes I can totally see how rough life is being Francis. Poor poor dog, it's so hard to keep killing that dang chicken toy over and over again...........awwwww SS what a cute dog she is.

    1. Thanks, Lenya! She is cuddled up next to me as I type this... so rough ;)

  4. Misa loves all forms of stuffed animals, especially ones she can rip to shreds (ugh) also the occasional sock... that I have to pry out of her mouth!

  5. Awe love this post! Your dog looks so comfy in that pic. My dog loves his toys too!

    xo, carli
    Puppies and Polka Dots