Seersucker Sass: November 2014

Friday, November 28, 2014

Small Business Saturday Deals!

I don't have to explain to you that today is a HUGE shopping day.  However, did you know that tomorrow is Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday originated in 2010 and was created by American Express.  The purpose was to bring more merchants to small businesses.  One thing that I'm very passionate about is supporting small business, so I've compiled a list of some participating businesses for y'all to check out!  In my opinion, an awesome sale is a great reason to give a new company a try.  I've also shared a few "wishlist" items from each company!

See anything that you like? Be sure to check out all of these shops tomorrow to get these great deals!  Hope that everyone had a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving!



Note:  This is not a sponsored post, and I have received no compensation or product in exchange for this post.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful for... Blogging?!

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! I hope that everyone is having a blessed day celebrating! While there are so many things that I’m thankful for – God, family, friends, my relationship, sweet Franny girl, my sorority sisters, a comfortable lifestyle, freedom, my job, an education – today I wanted to discuss something that’s a little more off the wall: how thankful that I am for blogging!

 [credit:  The Pleated Poppy - p.s. - It's a printable!]

I started blogging because I wanted a creative outlet. My relationship was long distance at the time, and I really didn’t have much of a social life outside of work events and yoga classes. Winter is dreary, and I love writing, so it seemed like the perfect hobby (especially since it could be done while laying in bed. Haha. #lazy) Since I started blogging, I’ve gotten much more confident in my writing skills. (And I also have seen my fashion sense improve because of all of the other blogs that I read!)

When people ask me how I feel about my job, I tell them that I love it, because it is something new every day. That’s also how I feel about my blog! I love that it’s a learning experience! (Like when I tried to navigate through Google Analytics before 9 am this morning… Yikes!) I’ve become proficient in Hootsuite, learned which companies I will say, “never again!” to, and I become slightly less nauseous every time that I create a giveaway using a widget.

Without a doubt, though, my favorite thing about blogging is getting to connect with such outstanding women! Most days I am amazed that people actually read what I have to say, much less comment on it or send me encouraging feedback. I am so blessed to know y’all, and so thankful for your friendship! If we aren’t already connected on social media, feel free to leave your twitter name in the comments. (I’m @seersuckersass.)

I hope that you enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving, and please be careful if you go Black Friday shopping! (PS – I’m nosy so I’d love to know your Black Friday finds! Hehe.)

What are YOU thankful for today?



I do not own the photo in this post, and I have linked back to it's original source - The Pleated Poppy.  If you choose to use it for a post, please remember to credit back to her site, as well.  Thank you :) 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Winter Event Wardrobe

I work in events, and my busiest season is winter, specifically around the holidays!  I've made a promise to myself that I will try to avoid wearing black lace to everything.  Instead, I plan to integrate some of this winter's trends into my event wardrobe.  See anything you like?

What's your favorite dressy winter trend?


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Marley Lilly Lovin'

My love of tassels is no secret, and neither is my love of monogramming most everything.  With that being said, Marley Lilly's tassel bracelet is right up my alley!

Four years ago when I got my first iPhone, my mom ordered a monogrammed Marley Lilly case to go with it.  I have been in love with the brand ever since!  I've never been let down by the quality of a Marley Lilly product.  When I received this bracelet, I was really nervous because the tassel is a suede-type fabric.  But I've accidentally gotten it wet numerous times, and once even washed the dishes with it on.  It still looks just as nice as the day that it arrived!  I have been wearing it non-stop over the past week and a half - sorority sister's engagement party, work, with casual pieces out running an errand. It truly is one of those pieces that you can wear with anything and everything.

| coat:  Brooks Brothers | shirt:  J. Crew Factory (in gingham) | vest:  TJ Maxx
| pencil skirt:  Ann Taylor (similar & on sale!) | tights:  Target |
| flats: Tory Burch (similar) | bracelet:  Marley Lilly (c/o) |

I'm pretty confident that a good chunk of my Christmas list will be items from the Marley Lilly site... like this Monogrammed Signature necklace in gold,  this Monogrammed Long Tassel Necklace (because tassels... duh!), this Monogrammed pullover (perfect for casual Friday at work!), this super preppy stainless travel coffee mug for my peppermint tea addiction, this 14k gold monogram ring (to replace the little costume one I've been wearing... goodbye green finger!), and this navy gingham acrylic wine cup because who can say no to gingham & wine?! 

Seriously, I'm obsessed.  Now it's your turn... what's on your Marley Lilly wishlist?!  Have you shopped with Marley Lilly before?



A big thank you to Marley Lilly for partnering up with me for this post!  I am honored to have been chosen as a blogger with your program.  Xo.   

Monday, November 24, 2014

Secret Santa Shopping Tips

I don't know about y'all, but Secret Santa is a big deal at my work place.  While entirely optional, those who participate come prepared!  Last year, my best friend's boss had me, and they got me good!  (I spent the entire week completely convinced that it was someone else.)  Giving gifts is one of my favorite things to do, so I wanted to share some of my Secret Santa shopping tips with you!

The dollar store/dollar aisles/coupons/Black Friday are your friends.  Our budget is $5 a day with a $20 splurge on Friday.  As soon as we draw names, I check in the dollar aisles every time I go to Target or Michaels.  I also get coupons in my email about Bath & Body Works sales, because holiday scented goodies make great gifts! 

Want to avoid looking like you just threw a bunch of dollar items together?  Theme your days.  This year I'll be doing the following themes: Holiday Spirit, Treat Yo Self, Organization, and Get Crafty.  (I'll have a breakdown of ideas for these themes later on in the post!)

Look for free things.  I collect (hoard) note cards.  Why not use some left over spray paint to make a $1 frame a funky color and pop in a cute note card that you lost the envelope to?  Or use your artistic talents to paint a canvas?  One of my favorite gifts to do for my sorority sisters for their 21st birthday is get a rhinestone letter at Hobby Lobby and a $1 oversized wine glass at the Dollar Store.  Cover the base with rhinestones that were just hanging around in your craft box.

Play with quality and quantity.  Some days during the week I'll do a bunch of little items.  Other days, I'll do one item that's a little more expensive.

Write nothing, print everything!  Sometimes people will leave notes to their secret pal or have someone else do it for them to throw them off!  My advice is to type it all out and then print it! 

Here are some ideas for the themes that I discussed earlier:
(P.S. - Most of the items are under $5!)

 | Wallflowers:  'Tis The Season, Winter, Fresh Balsam |
| Mini-Lotions:  A Thousand Wishes, Vanilla Bean Noel, Winter Candy Apple |
| Holiday Candy:  Life SaversHershey's Candy Cane Chocolate, Pop Rocks |

 | Nail Polish - Wet n Wild, Sally Hansen, L.A. Colors |
| Manicure Set | Dry Shampoo | Soothing Eye Mask |
| e.l.f. - Moisturizing Lipstick, Matte Lip Color |
| Dr. Teal's Epsom Salt Soaking Solution  c/o |
(^^ P.s. this is a 3 lb bag... Buy some Mason Jars & distribute it among multiple people!)

| Pastel Mechanical Pencils | Pink Paper Clips | Page Flags | Binder | Pencil Cup |
P.S. - For the best (& cheapest) finds, try the dollar aisles at Target and Michaels :)

| Chalkboard Paint | Chalkboard Easel (only .49!) | Brush Assortment |
| Acryclic Paint Set | Mini canvases | Hot Glue Sticks |
P.S. - Another time when the dollar aisle at Michaels comes in handy!

| Ear Buds | Picture Frame | Golf Tees + Sharpie | Bottle Opener |
| Shotglass Set | Airplane bottles | Coozie | Croakies |

What do you think?  Will you use any of these tips during your Secret Santa shopping?



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Friday, November 21, 2014

Franny Friday

What day of the week is it?  It's Franny Friday!  Whooooo!  (If being obsessed with my dog & the weekend is wrong, I don't wanna be right.)  Here's what is hot over in Franny's world.


Lay's Classic Potato Chips, 13.75 oz 
My boyfriend does some of his work from home, so it's rare that Francis is in her crate for more than three hours at a time.  One day this week, he was on a phone call, and she got into the trash and found a bag of stale potato chips.  Fran doesn't get table food, so she was in absolute puppy Heaven.  C took care of the situation, and it seemed that all was well.  I was laying around reading that evening when Fran started munching on a potato chip.  A few minutes later, she came back with another potato chip.  She had buried them like bones throughout the apartment!!  She never ceases to amaze us.  (P.S. - Don't you wish you had that kind of willpower?  I do!)
I've never had a dog that hates rain as badly as Franny does.  She will honest to goodness fight me before she will get on wet grass.  And now that it's getting chilly outside, she shivers.  This coat is just like a human coat - water resistant, fleece lined, and hooded.  Perfect for a pup that thinks she's a human!

Buffalo check is all of the rage right now.  Shouldn't Franny be on trend, too?

 Happy Friday!  Hope you have a great weekend!


P.S. - Fran's take on the Kim Kardashian butt photos... okay, I'm done ;)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Trim the Tree

I know, I know... It isn't even Thanksgiving yet!  I refuse to put my tree out until after Thanksgiving, but it doesn't hurt to start stocking up on adorable ornaments in the mean time!  I have been on the hunt for fun, unique ornaments... Here are my finds!

There were so many cute ornaments from Bendel's that I couldn't choose just one!

If you want to follow me as I continue to search for the cutest ornaments & stockings out there, follow along on Pinterest!  

Which ornament is your favorite?  I think mine is the blue champagne bottle!



A Little Seersucker Sass is part of an affiliate advertising program. If you click and/or make a purchase through certain links on this site or any related social media platforms, I may make a commission from that purchase. All opinions are my own and gifted items are disclosed. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday Wisdom: Learning to Say No

“A woman who lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule will often ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.” 
– The Best Yes, Lysa Terkeurst

Life is stressful enough as it is, but I feel like the holidays make it so so much worse.  When I read the above quote from The Best Yes, I immediately ordered the book & workbook.  Do you ever feel like you have an overwhelmed schedule and an underwhelmed soul?  Those words really hit home for me, because I feel like I give and I give, but there's not a lot of reward.  I'm not saying that you should give with the expectation of giving in return, but I'm also not saying that... Hear me out.

I helped plan a mud run for my local young professionals group; we were going to be assisting a professional with the planning, and in turn, our organization would be reimbursed.  I love events, and I was excited to get involved.  However, as we got involved in the process, we realized that the support we were supposed to be receiving was just a facade - the race organizer pushed everything off on us, the organization wasn't very supportive, and we still aren't sure what kind of contribution will be coming in for our organization.  Long story short - there was no reward for anyone on the committee, and very little (if any) reward for the organization.

I told myself that I wouldn't sign up for anything else, and that I would "prioritize my passions."  Except I didn't, and when our CEO asked me to sign up with a mentoring organization that I had previously been involved with (and all of the students I was mentoring dropped out...), I did so.  And instead of signing up for the minimum number of students - don't worry - I signed up for the maximum!

And then I get the email, asking me to switch to another school.  I was currently mentoring a school less than 5 minutes from my house; the other school was 45 minutes away.  Finally, I put my people pleasing instincts aside, and I said no.  And do you know what?  No one died.  No one sent me a nasty gram in return.  In fact, I even received a nice email in return!  That single experience helped me to feel much more confident in my ability to say no.

One of my biggest goals for the new year is to "Prioritize my Passions."  There are things I'm passionate about, and then there are organizations that I volunteer with.  And sometimes, those don't match up.  As much as I want to have my hand in every pot and save the world, I'm starting to realize that concentrating my efforts on my passions is more beneficial for everyone involved.  I've also decided to adopt the term "politely decline" instead of "say no." ;)

Do you have trouble politely declining?  What passions do you plan to prioritize?



Tuesday, November 18, 2014

OOTD: Bean Boots + Plaid

When I posted my Cold Weather Essentials,  a few of y'all asked me how I style my Bean Boots.  I walk to work about 95% of the time, so I have been wearing my Bean Boots to work a lot on these yucky days like today.  Last year, I made an effort to pack extra shoes so that I could change out of my Bean Boots.  This year, I'm focusing my efforts on how to make them look cute for work!

Here's what I wore to work on Monday:
(P.S. I also learned that dogs are unreliable in photos... Sorry about the dog butt shots :/ ) 

What do y'all think?  How do you style your Bean Boots?

By the way, if you've ever wondered what I look like without a stitch of makeup on, see above!  Have a great Tuesday, y'all!



A Little Seersucker Sass is part of an affiliate advertising program. If you click and/or make a purchase through certain links on this site or any related social media platforms, I may make a commission from that purchase. All opinions are my own and gifted items are disclosed. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

24 Before 24: Update 8

It's hard to believe that my 24th birthday is only 3 months away... This year has absolutely FLOWN by!  I didn't do an update last month because I had one of my busiest work weeks + immediately left for a much needed vacation.  Here's my progress!

  1. Learn calligraphy - I'm going to buy myself the pens this month from Michaels and try to learn some online!
  2. Devote myself to a devotional -  I'm about to start The Best Yes book & workbook if anyone wants to join me!
  3. Spend a weekend in Asheville - I don't think this one is going to happen, and I'm pretty okay with that.  C & I stopped into Asheville for lunch on our way home from South Carolina, and it was an absolute mess and way more stressful than it should have been.
  4. Regularly attend church - I have to get better about this one.
  5. 100 Happy Days Challenge 
  6. Utilize the shift key 
  7. Become a devoted yogi - I have been slacking.
  8. Plan an amazing bridal shower
  9. Law school "stuff" - Postponed...
  10. Visit a "Paint your own pottery" studio
  11. Have a 3-year cancer free celebration
  12. Plan another sold out event - It's so close to happening!  I am trying to prolong it as long as possible, because the earlier you sell out, the more nasty phone calls you receive.  
  13. Stay away from caffeine - I cheated a little on this one when I wasn't able to get my infusion when I needed it and needed something to get me through the day.  However, I have stopped again!
  14. Do more Meals on Wheels routes - They're all taken for this year.  I wish that I would have signed up for warmer months.  Maybe I'll be able to get one in January!
  15. Add to my Lilly Pulitzer collection - Still adding!
  16. Continue improvements on the blog -  I have some really exciting stuff coming up that I want to scream from the rooftops, but it is a little premature.  However, I am thrilled to have been chosen as a Marley Lilly blogger!!  
  17. Visit Nashville again -  It isn't looking like this one is going to happen this year.
  18. Be a birthday fairy - I can finally check this one off!  There were a ton of birthdays at work over the course of a few days, so I brought a cake to work to celebrate!
  19. Go to a concert
  20. Plan a brunch - I really want to have a glamping party for my birthday, so I may tie in a brunch with that somehow.
  21. Find a diet that works - I have scheduled a glucose test... hooray.
  22. Put more effort into my professional appearance
  23. Keep smiling - I told y'all - this one will be on here every time!
  24. Continue doing things that scare me - Done!  I think I've done more accounting type work in the past few weeks than I did in my undergrad accounting classes.  I don't enjoy it in the least bit, but it had to be done.  I came out of the situation feeling more confident about my abilities!
    And a quick plug - If you liked the monogrammed t-shirt from The Preppy Pair, but didn't win the giveaway, they are running a special on with them right now!  Great for the holidays!

    Hope everyone has a happy Monday!  How's the progress going on your list?



Friday, November 14, 2014

Unplugging + Pin It to Win It

Is it just me or does the holiday season get crazier each year?  I remember when I was little, there was a distinct difference in fall and Christmas time - our tree did NOT go up until after Thanksgiving and dedicated Black Friday shoppers started their shopping at 6 am.  Maybe it's because I'm an adult now, but the holiday season feels like such a whirlwind already, and Thanksgiving is a good 16 days away!

This weekend, I decided that I'd had enough.  I got a library card and checked out a book.  I gave myself this very strict rule that I needed to read 35 pages a day to be finished by the due date.  I got so into my book that I ignored my phone, social media, and the outside world... I read over 300 pages in two days!

I wrote a blog post a in May about unplugging, and it continues to be one of the highest viewed posts on my site!  I am taking a cue from that post and taking some time out of this holiday season to "unplug" or take a "tech time out."  I'm pretty sure we've all figured out what I'll be doing while unplugged (#bookworm) - what will your tech-free activity of choice be?  I'd love to know!

And while, we're talking about unplugging and tech time outs, be sure to enter this awesome Re-Pin to Win Sweepstakes from Foresters.

I hope y'all have a great weekend!  How do you plan on unplugging?



Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Getting to Know You... Third Time's a Charm!

This post continues to be one of my favorites!  In my opinion, one of the best things about blogging is being able to connect with other bloggers!  So here's another opportunity for that :)  Can't wait to read y'all's answers!

Just a reminder:  you can answer as few or as many of the questions as you would like.  Don't forget to leave your blog url with your answer. And of course - comment on other comments if you would like!

1. What are you most self-conscious about?  (mini-survey for a future blog post!)
2. What's at the top of your Christmas list?
3. What is your favorite family tradition?
4. Hot cocoa or apple cider?
5. If you were a Spice Girl, what would your name be?
6. Read any good books lately?
7. Vote:  Should I chop my hair off or leave it long?
8. WiLdCaRd!  Ask a question that you would like answered!

1. What are you most self-conscious about?  I know this is weird, but I am so self-conscious about my hands.  I look younger than I really am, but I feel like I have the hands of an old lady.  If I had the opportunity to get work done for free, I would have collagen injected into my hands.
2. What's at the top of your Christmas list?  A personal trainer.  Feel free to get me one if you win the lottery, because it's definitely not in my budget!
3. What is your favorite family tradition?  Growing up, my family did all of the holidays at my Mamaw and Papaw's house.  However, my mamaw passed away a few days before Thanksgiving when I was six, so we went out to eat and from then on out have always kind of alternated where we have holidays.  Two years ago, we started having holidays at my papaw's house again.  I am sooo happy that my little brother is able to experience holidays the way that I did growing up.
4. Hot cocoa or apple cider?  Apple cider!  I love both, but we keep hot chocolate at work year round, so I can have it whenever I want.  I love apple cider because I only indulge in it in the fall and winter.
5. If you were a Spice Girl, what would your name be?  Sassy Spice!
6. Read any good books lately?  Embarrassingly, no.  I have been reading plenty of blogs, though!
7. Vote:  Should I chop my hair off or leave it long?  I spent ten minutes this morning trying to get it into a ponytail.
8. WiLdCaRd!  Can't wait to answer y'alls wild cards!  *insert red dress, salsa dancing emoji here*

Can't wait to read y'all's answers!  Hope you're having a great Wednesday!



Tuesday, November 11, 2014

#ModaVoxBox Review!

I love being an Influenster!  This month's #ModaVoxBox was the best one I have received to date!  Here are my thoughts on the products that I received in exchange for an honest review.

I had really high hopes for this mascara.  My Mary Kay lady gave me the waterproof version of the mascara that I usually use, and it has been driving me crazy, so I realllyyy wanted this mascara to be amazing.   My first impression was that the tube was massive.  And then I opened it up, and the brush was not only massive, but also s-shaped.  I really had no idea how to apply it, so I kind of just guessed and tried to really coat my eyelashes since it didn’t seem to be making much of an effect.  I also posted a picture of my eyelashes asking for an opinion post-application, and two ladies said that my lashes didn’t look full enough.  I tried to give this mascara a second chance the next day – it was Halloween and I was wearing fake eyelashes, so I just needed to blend the real and the fake.  I had even worse results the second day.

Would I repurchase?  No.

This lipstick has a lot of potential.  However, the shade that I was sent – Nude Delight – was not my cup of tea.  It looked like I had rubbed a shade of foundation two shades darker than my skin on my lips.   However, I was really happy with the lipstick for the 30-seconds that I had it on!  It definitely felt creamy and moisturizing, and I’m assuming that it’s long lasting because I could not get it off for the life of me.   (Side note:  I passed this on to my mom who has beautiful Italian skin, and it looked amazing on her.  She confirmed that it is moisturizing and long lasting. )

Would I repurchase? Yes, but in a different shade.

It’s rare that I wear a lipstick without wearing lip liner.  This makes buying drug store lipsticks a little bit trickier.  I had really high hopes for this lip liner, and I was not let down!  I can't bring myself to try it with a red lip yet, but I did try it with my every day lipstick, and it eliminated bleeding of the color!

Would I repurchase?  Yes.

I seriously never buy tissues, with the exception of those little tiny Kleenex packs.  Even then, a three pack gets me through winter.  But now I’m kind of weirded out by the fact that I’m so obsessed with these tissues.  My allergies have been killer this year, to the point that some days I could go through an entire little portable tissue pack.  I love that the Puffs SoftPack is decorative – it actually looks cute sitting on my desk!  And I love that the tissues are soft, but aren’t super aloe-y or lotiony.

Would I repurchase?  Absolutely! 

Hair Food Moisture Mask ($14.99)

I used this on my hair one night then went to bed with it wet.  I woke up with textured hair that didn't seem like anything special.  But throughout the day I realized that the bottom of my hair (which is more than likely dead since my hair is SO long) had shine again!  It also didn't feel as coarse as it usually does.  I hope to continue doing this about once a week.

Would I repurchase?  Yes, but I will be looking for coupons!  I definitely don't feel like it lives up to it's price tag.

Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa ($2.29)

This requires milk, and my stomach hasn't been up for milk lately :( #chronicillnessprobs I will report back though once I try it!  I love Swiss Miss products, so I bet this stuff is amazing!

I was really excited to try this product, probably so excited that I actually squirted a little too much into my hand.  I definitely recommend starting with a little bit and then adding more if you need it, because this stuff is thick!  (Also, if you ever get a ring stuck on your finger, I recommend using this to get it off, because my rings slid off so easily!)  Ultimately, I really enjoyed this product.  And it comes with the “1Week to Gorgeous” Guarantee!  

Would I repurchase?  Yes – maybe even two bottles!  (A small one for my desk and a large one for my bathroom.)

In all honesty, I was saving this bottle of water for a day when I felt extremely hungover, since it is high in electrolytes and those are supposed to help dehydration.  Then I had to remind myself that I’m no longer in college and on my wildest nights I have two drinks.  So I drank it on a day that I accidentally binged on sweet tea and ended up feeling super gross because of that.  I drank a fourth of the bottle and instantly felt less gross!  The same thing may have happened if I drank regular water.  All in all, this is good bottled water – the water tastes fresh and not plastic-y, and the bottle is made from 50% recycled plastic.

Would I repurchase?  Yes!

So, what do you think?  Any products that you want to try?  A big thank you again to Influenster for providing these products!  

Hope you're having a great Tuesday :)



A Little Seersucker Sass is part of an affiliate advertising program. If you click and/or make a purchase through certain links on this site or any related social media platforms, I may make a commission from that purchase. All opinions are my own and gifted items are disclosed.