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Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Getaway - Sunset, SC

Y'all may have seen me tweeting about vacation two weeks ago... Well, turns out my boyfriend and I had to dates wrong and vacation was going to take place this weekend.  There was so much going on at work, that I didn't get the okay to leave until 6:30 pm on Friday.  When we finally got on the road, we had a disastrous trip to Wendy's, and honestly, contemplated just turning around and heading home.  But I am so glad that we didn't.

The courtyard outside of the rental home we stayed at the first night.

Sunset, South Carolina is basically the middle of nowhere, a lot like my hometown.  When we arrived Friday night, we didn't have ANY cell service.  I definitely had a love/hate relationship with that.  We stayed in a private community, which was really neat, because it was pretty self-contained - there was a post office, small market, church, fitness center, park, art gallery, golf course, country club, etc.

I was super in love with this duvet cover.  Doesn't it remind you of the quintessential Ralph Lauren button-up?

Saturday morning we got up early and went to explore the grounds.  It was beautiful, and there was even conversation about C & I doing a destination wedding and getting married there.  I could ramble on and on about how beautiful it was... I really have never seen anything quite like it.

We also got to see where C's parents would be building their home.  This was pretty exciting for us, as we will be spending holidays here eventually, and when we have children, we will get to bring them here, as well!

Our view of the lake from the property

We also went and looked at boats.  This will probably sound weird, but it was one of the coolest experiences ever - partially because I really enjoy learning and there was a lot to be learned, but also because I really just enjoyed climbing on and off of them.  I had on a great outfit that day, so I felt a little Jackie Kennedy. *hairflip emoji*

Looking dapper on the boat

We had lunch at the club, then C and his dad split off to play golf, while his mom and I went to get our nails done.  I was nervous to spend time with her alone, but we have similar personalities, so we got along great and had the best time.  We drove around and explored Seneca a little bit, and then went to get drinks at the club while we waited for the men to finish golfing.
I had to try a pumpkin-tini.

The second night of the trip, we stayed in a bed & breakfast on the grounds called The Guest House.  It was my first b&b experience, but I'm obsessed.  (Can I be a professional b&b blogger?  It's my new life goal!)  I took lots of pictures to share with y'all because I thought it was just so beautiful.

The entryway!  I really want an arch like this at my wedding (in five years... I could probably start growing my own now. Haha) The shale walkway and stairs reminded me of my papaw's house.

Saturday night we ordered a pizza & salad from the club and had dinner on the porch.  It was so nice sharing conversation and wine with loved ones.  Sunday morning we had brunch as a group, and then took a long walk of the community again.

 Wasn't the view from our personal porch gorgeous?  I could sit out there all day, every day and write.

On our way out, we saw this statue, and it reminded us of our sweet Franny girl and how she loves to roll around and scratch her back.  When the house is built, we'll get to bring her with us, and she can enjoy all of the smells!  (She loves to sniff... everything.)

We also took a little pit-stop in Asheville on the way home!  It was so crowded downtown, and pedestrians were just walking right out in front of moving cars, so we got stressed and headed over to Biltmore Village to enjoy shopping and (another) brunch at The Corner Kitchen!  Next time we hope to go on an actual tour of Biltmore, but our little Fran was waiting on us!

How were y'all's weekends?  What did you get into?  Hope Monday has treated you nicely!!



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  1. It's always nice to take mini trips together and it sounds like you ended up having a fantastic time! You're making me want to hop on a plane to SC!

    1. DO IT! So relaxing & the weather was still ridiculously warm :)

  2. This looks like so much fun!

    Nathalie | THE COVETING