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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Weekend Thoughts

I can't tell y'all how good it felt to wake up this morning with no plans, no work, and no one to entertain (besides Franny!)  Re-charging was definitely necessary.  As I flipped through my Us Weekly (finally found the one covering Lauren Conrad's wedding!!!!!!!!!!) & enjoyed a homemade pumpkin spice chai latte, I made a list of thoughts and things to do.

- My pumpkin spice chai latte is amazing.  How I made it through every morning without one of these, I will never know.  Expect the recipe on the blog next week :)

- What will Francis be for Halloween?  My best friend suggested a hula girl & my boyfriend suggested Smokey the Dog (Tennessee mascot.)  What do y'all think?

- Who is Rita Ora?  I don't have cable, and on the rare occasion that I drive somewhere, I listen to country music.  I pick up a magazine probably once a month.  She is all over my Us Weekly & TMZ though.

- The Dad from Married…With Children is also the dad from Modern Family.  C & I got Hulu two weeks ago just to watch Modern Family.  Lilly is so sassy is this season!

- I'll never understand excessive first birthday parties.  Maybe this is where I'm a "bad blogger."  I just can't imagine spending a ton of money on a first birthday party that rivals a wedding.  I did have crazy birthday parties growing up, but I was also old enough to choose a party over getting a lot of gifts.  (I'm sure there are people out there who will never understand my desire to dress my dog up for Halloween, so this is probably an ironic statement.)

- Reese Witherspoon is adorable.  Can I be her?

- I need a doormat.  Now that I'm walking in grass when I take my dog out, a doormat is a definite need.  I love this one, but I would feel bad wiping my feet on it because it's so cute!

- I also need a new book.  Maybe I'll finally get around to reading Gone Girl.

What are y'all up to this weekend?




  1. Gone Girl is good, but I'm not gonna lie I liked Gillian Flynn's other two books better, check those out too!

    1. Thank you! I will write that on my list :)

  2. I've head good things about Gone Girl, I'm definitely putting it on my list to read! This weekend I'm reading Sheryl Sandburg's Lean in; I'm loving it so far!

  3. I'm already looking forward to that drink recipe - sounds yummy! And don't worry I wouldn't be able to step on that mat either, its too gorgeous!

    Pick Your Beau

    1. It is AMAZING! I am hoping it will help me to not dread mornings so badly. Haha.

  4. Can't wait for you to share the pumpkin spice recipe & I've been looking everywhere for that magazine cover, lucky duck!

    Makeshift Munch

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