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Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Recap - Roadtrip!

My weekend kicked off at 4pm on Friday, and it couldn't have come soon enough!  My boyfriend picked me up in the parking lot at work and we were OFF!  6 hours later (we made a couple of stops including a trip to Sonic & an absolutely terrifying visit to a gas station in Kentucky that allowed people to smoke inside...) we were in Ohio!

Horrible iphone photo, but look at the dunebuggy that broke down in the middle of the road.  Gotta love the South!
We were greeted by C's grandparents, and I was terrified to meet them!  I haven't met a guy's grandparents since I was in high school.  They were so sweet and welcoming.  One of the things that I'm most thankful for about my boyfriend is that I'm not marrying into crazy. His family is so wonderful to me.  We were also pretty excited to be reunited with C's childhood dog, Macy!

Kisses for the big sweetie, Macy

Saturday we went shopping... TWICE!  C has been wanting a suit for his new job, but the selection is limited where we live.  So we did some shopping, met C's Aunt & Uncle who have really spoiled us with the moving situation, and then went back to the mall for more shopping and to pick up his dapper new suit!

We had dinner at Pitrelli's in Mason, Ohio.  Believe me when I say that it is some of the most amazing Italian food that I've ever had!  (And I have an Italian mother, so I'm picky about my Italian food.)  Dinner involved lots of food and lots of wine.  I managed to capture this precious photo of Norm blowing out the candle on a canoli for his 85th birthday!

After dinner, we settled in to have cake, beer, and football.  Even though my poor Vols lost & C's Dad's Boilermakers lost, we were both pretty happy that our typically losing teams scored!

Sunday morning started with breakfast at Bob Evans, and then we said our goodbyes to C's extended family.  Even though I had spent less than 48 hours with them, I was sad to say goodbye to them.  Soon after, we loaded the car up with our clean laundry, furniture from C's mom and dad, apartment supplies from C's aunt and uncle, and Halloween decorations from C's grandma and grandpa.  And of course there was a cooler packed full of Armenian food!

Saying goodbye to C's family, including Macy, never gets any easier, but we are going to take a mini-vacation with them in South Carolina next month, so that's definitely something to get excited about.  AND, we finally stopped at the Scenic Overlook that we always pass.  It's funny because we had both wanted to stop there on trips to see each other, but never had because it felt weird to go there alone.  The view was beautiful!

So what about y'all?  What did you get into this weekend?  Tell me all about it :)



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  1. Coming from an Italian family I'm picky about Italian food too, I'm always looking for authentic restaurants! Glad you had a good weekend.