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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

SS Adpots a Pup (Part 1)

My boyfriend and I have been living in the same town since June 1.  We moved to the town where I work - a 30 minute drive for me, and a 5 hour drive for him.  And now that we are both finally feeling settled in our places, the discussion has come up that maybe we could get a dog together.  I have been so hesitant and defiant about the whole thing.  And then my co-worker shared a photo of this sweet baby onto my Facebook timeline, and it was all over.

Chris had been wanting a Lab or a hound, and it couldn't seem any more perfect that this pup was the perfect mix of the two.  He wasn't available for adoption until a couple of weeks from the day the picture was posted.  So we used that time to figure out the financials of the situation, discuss what changes would occur when we did get a dog, and what we would each be responsible for.  Yesterday, we made the decision to go to the animal shelter and spend some time with Shadow.  (She still can't be adopted yet.)  My boss shared in my excitement, and let me leave work 15 minutes early since the shelter closed at 5:30.  A co-worker who is passionate about animal rescue and on the shelter's board gave me a bag of dog treats and bed sheets to deliver when we went.

We got to the shelter at 4:55.  When we went in, we were told to leave, because the shelter was closing in five minutes.  When we asked if this was a permanent change or just a spur of the moment thing, we were told there were "unforeseenable" (great language) events happen, and they were closing early.  We couldn't look at dogs.  We weren't thanked for our treats.  Their response was beyond rude, it was mean.  And my heart broke, because if they treated people like that, I couldn't imagine how the animals were treated.

So I went home and did my research.  As someone who is employed by a company who receives city funding, I know that there has to be transparency.  I found out online exactly how much money they get from the city (a disgusting amount), how much goes to salary (over three fourths of it), and that they have gotten in trouble for failure to record payments and donations.

So, we face the dilemma of where to go from here.  Do we go back to the sketchy animal shelter and attempt to rescue Shadow for a second time?  Do we go to a different animal shelter?  Do we go to a breeder?  

We're going to Cincinnati this weekend for the boyfriend's grandpa's birthday (I am meeting the extended fam!!), so we hope to have our game plan in action by Monday.

Here's my favorite part of every blog post - hearing from y'all!  What kind of dog do you have?  What is your fur baby like?  Did you go the rescue or breeder route?

Hope that y'all are having a happy Wednesday!  We're halfway to the weekend!!




  1. That's so exciting! I have one rescue dog (we think cocker spaniel/poodle mix) and one dog (poodle) from a breeder. Both are great! The only thing is that with a breeder, you know what you are getting personality and health wise most of the time. With rescue dogs, that is more up in the air. We paid a lot of money up front for the poodle from the breeder, but more in vet bills for our rescue. Either way, we love them both and you just have to find the right dog for you! Good luck on this journey!

  2. That is super sketchy, but it's so nice you want to rescue Shadow and give him a safe and loving home! I got my akita from a breeder but it took us forever to find one! We traveled a couple hours to get Misa.

  3. I've only ever adopted dogs and you do get a mixed bag. You have to be willing to put in A LOT of work with a rescue dog. However, I just can't imagine paying money to a breeder when there are so many dogs already out there in crappy situations. I would give the shelter one more chance so that you can actually meet Shadow. You may find out that he's not the dog for you after all.

    Did you ask your co-worker about the way they treated you? If she's on the board she should know about that.

  4. I think you might need to get Shadow out of there! But just realize, shelter animals are typically a lot of work. Have a personal vet take a look at her before officially adopting her, I've heard horror stories where people adopt shelter dogs only to find out they are dying.

    I've got a Jack Russell (who we rescued - was definitely abused beforehand), and a german shepard an old dog of ours had (delivering puppies is a crazy experience btw)! I don't typically believe in getting dogs from breeders because they are always so overpriced, my family has always gotten dogs from mutual friends.

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