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Thursday, September 18, 2014

24 Before 24: Update # 7

Has it really already been a month since the last time that I posted?!  This year is flying by wayyyy tooo quickly!  I'm afraid to blink at this point!

  1. Learn calligraphy - I'm optimistic that I will be able to start this the second week of October!  It will be just in time to do make all sorts of cute fall prints for my home :) 
  2. Devote myself to a devotional -  I need to order a new one TODAY.  I'd really like to start one based on Proverbs 31.  Feel free to leave suggestions if you have one that you love!!
  3. Spend a weekend in Asheville - Still haven't gotten around to this one.
  4. Regularly attend church - I am so ashamed that I haven't gotten better about this one.  Since sleeping in seems to be my issue, I'm going to start exploring online services.
  5. 100 Happy Days Challenge
  6. Utilize the shift key
  7. Become a devoted yogi - Still needs major work... Gotta get back on my yoga grind.
  8. Plan an amazing bridal shower
  9. Law school "stuff" - This one is postponed... again.  See ya eventually, law school!
  10. Visit a "Paint your own pottery" studio
  11. Have a 3-year cancer free celebration
  12. Plan another sold out event - It's coming along, and we are expecting another sell out!  (P.S. - I went through my event book yesterday, and between 2/5/14 and 10/02/14, I have planned TWENTY-THREE work events.  Wow.)
  13. Stay away from caffeine - I have been cheating a little on this one.  There was an issue with my insurance, so I haven't been able to get the medication that I need, and won't be able to until (hopefully) Oct. 2.  Instead of going six weeks between infusions, I will have waited almost ten weeks.  I have been praying that God will give me energy to get through the workday, and I have been so fortunate because he has provided.  I have also been allowing myself to have a chai or green tea once a day if I feel like I'm going to fall asleep at work, as they have minimum caffeine.
  14. Do more Meals on Wheels routes - Still haven't figured out why this one stresses me out so much.
  15. Add to my Lilly Pulitzer collection - The After Party Sale was great for my collection!  I went to the Lilly store last weekend, and surprisingly didn't buy anything!  I loved the fall collection online, but I didn't love it as much in store.
  16. Continue improvements on the blog -  Starting to feel like my re-branding is never going to get completed after all.
  17. Visit Nashville again - Maybe I'll go for my birthday next year?  It just hasn't been in the cards.
  18. Be a birthday fairy -  I've felt more like the baby shower fairy the past few months, but I guess that works too!
  19. Go to a concert - 
  20. Plan a brunch - Currently burnt out on planning things.  Someone please plan a brunch and invite me.  Haha.
  21. Find a diet that works - Last month's low carb diet lasted a total of three days, and that is being generous.  Because of the insurance situation, I have realized that I really need to take better care of my body through exercise and diet.
  22. Put more effort into my professional appearance 
  23. Keep smiling
  24. Continue doing things that scare me - In the past month, I have done a lot of babysitting for a newborn.  It was terrifying, but definitely a learning experience.  I also had to plan out an entire month of social media at work, and it was another scary experience.  But once I got it figured out, I realized how much easier it made my life and my work day!  Oh, and I now share my space with a dog... Talk about adjusting!  (PS - It's the best kind of adjusting.)

What have y'all been up to in the past month?  Do you have a list of your own?  Hope that you have a great Thursday!  (How is it already Thursday?)




  1. hi gorgeous:) thanks a lot for your comment over on my place:)
    ahh.. time flies. sometimes i don't find the time to blog either.

    loved to read through your goals! keep it up!

    lots of love xx
    Nee from ROSECANDLE11

  2. Id love to visit a make your own pottery place
    Great blog,
    Im now following you via GFC
    Rachel XX

  3. I definitely think getting a new pup counts as doing things that scare you! You're doing pretty good on your list, definitely making progress!

  4. Last year I did a devo on Proverbs 31.... "Beautiful In God's Eyes" by Elizabeth George was GREAT- I loved it!

  5. Great list! I think I really need to start my own similar one! Thanks for sharing :)