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Friday, August 15, 2014

Links I Love

Last night's unexpected trip to the ER put a little damper on today's blogging plans.  So instead of writing something original for you that may not make sense (I have been so disoriented lately,) here are some posts that I think y'all will enjoy!

So You Want to Start a Blog  A lot of people ask me how to start a blog.  Cathleen at Classy Cathleen explains it a million times better than I ever could.  Even if you already have a blog, she has some great tips. 

What Your Ponytail Says About You  Super guilty of "The Antenna."

Doc CarrieO's Relationship School  Awesome and honest relationship and communication advice.

7 Places to Find Free Photos to Use for Your Blog or Website  I have this site bookmarked on the toolbar of every computer that I blog from.

Have a great weekend!  
(Since I took a sick day today to attempt to recover from whatever is ailing me, I've already kicked my weekend off by laying in bed eating French Silk ice cream from the carton.)




  1. Oh no, I hope everything is okay girl!

    1. It was mostly precautionary! Results came back alright, so now we just have to figure out what is making me so disoriented. Could be much worse!

      Hope you have a great weekend!!

  2. Oh no! I hope oure doing okay! I feel like I missed so much of your life by taking a month off blogging!

    Love Always,

    1. I am starting to feel like myself again! Breaks are always necessary; hope you enjoyed your hiatus :)