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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

DIY with Darby Smart: Mason Jar Aquarium

You can't use up creativity.
The more you use,
the more you have.
-Maya Angelou

For starters, I was super annoyed that this was called an aquarium and not a terrarium on the Darby Smart website.  However, it was explained that the blue Mason Jar was supposed to represent blue water like beach waves, so I'm cool with that.  Moving right along…

I usually like to order craft kits that involve more steps (i.e. are messier, because I love making a good mess), but I ordered this one from Darby Smart because I had a credit that was about to expire.  What I like about this craft is that it's easy to replicate - mason jars, sea shells, sand, moss, and air plants.  I feel like this would be an awesome craft for babysitting, and I'm sure there's a science lesson in there somewhere.

For those of you who have never ordered from Darby Smart before, here is how your packages will arrive:

 Internet Rehab Inside!

 They are so resourceful with their packaging!  Everything arrives cutely, but the jars are also stuff with materials.

Everything that you will need for this craft:
- Mason Jars
- 6 oz bag of sand 
(I would recommend purchasing more) 
- Assorted seashells
- Moss
- Air Plants
(and a card with a code for getting directions online!)

Before you start on your project, let your air plants soak!  They only need about 10 minutes, and only need to be watered every 2-3 days.  Mine had been soaking the perfect amount of time when I finished the project.

Voila!  Here are the jars that I created!  I started with a base of sand, followed by some shells, followed by moss, more shells, more moss, and an air plant on top!  Ultimately, it will look however you want it to :)

What do y'all think about my DIY?  Have you ever shopped with Darby Smart before?



Note:  I own all photos in this post.  Please link back to this post if you choose to use a photo.  Also, this is not a sponsored post, and I have no affiliation with Darby Smart.  I purchased this kit, along with my other Darby Smart kits, through the use of personal funds and credits that I received.  If you click on one of the "Darby Smart" links in this post and purchase something, I will receive a credit.  All opinions are my own.


  1. Oh this is so cute SS. Nope never. I am not much of a DIY you know :/

  2. How cute are these. I think Tutu would love to make these.