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Thursday, July 10, 2014


 My thoughts have been scattered and a little bit of everywhere lately.  Here is a little update on my life at the moment!

I somehow made it five years without a serious flare up a chronic illness that I was diagnosed with back in 2008.  Fast forward to two weeks ago... I felt feverish on my way home from the bachelorette party and I knew it was all over.  A week later, I was given a same day appointment with my specialist and BOOM, back on steroids.

If you've never taken Prednisone before, it is basically the devil.  My body will sweat, but I will be so cold that my teeth are chattering.  I only crave processed foods.  (Because of the nature of the illness, I can't have salad or basically anything else with seeds, "ruffage," etc.)  I'm wired, but have no motivation.  I have a cute little "moon face" and the backs of my knees and stomach are so swollen.  Hot. Anyways, counting down the days (35) until I'm off of these suckers and feeling like myself again!

New Makeup Haul

I've always been kind of a makeup snob.  I think part of it is because I can try the products on in advance at a makeup counter or have someone apply it for me so that I know how to do so properly.  I've always found drug store cosmetics to be a risk that I wasn't willing to take.  However, my budget at the moment doesn't allow for fancy makeup, and I'm out, so I gave Maybelline a try.

I paid $8.99 for the Maybelline BB Cream, and I can't complain about the price for the quality.  (I should note that this is the first BB Cream that I've tried, so I'm not comparing it to anything else.)  I do wish that it came in a few more shades, and I'm slightly concerned that I'm going to fly right through the bottle.  (But with that price, I can afford to purchase it more frequently than my Smashbox CC Cream that lasted forever.)  I love that it comes with SPF!

When I had my makeup done for my little's wedding, my makeup artist used eyeshadows from her Naked Palette to do my brows!  I was in awe.  Since I own Naked 3, the colors aren't exactly what I need for my brows, so I decided to cheat and use a pencil - Maybelline Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil.  My hair is naturally a light brown, but my brows are naturally black and super coarse.  I'm still learning how to make this pencil look natural, but so far, I have been pleased! It's cheap and easy to use - I seriously just blend out all of my mistakes.


I'm still writing over at Makeoverly!  My most recent post is about office appropriate accessories.  If you haven't already, be sure to check out my other posts on there.  And if you like something that I've written, please share it via their site!!  It helps me out tremendously :)

Upcoming Blog Posts 
I'm currently working on a guest post for Lauren Rose Prep about what to expect during sorority recruitment, so keep an eye out for the next week!

I've also partnered up with another great company to do a review, and I am super excited about that.

If y'all have any suggestions for posts, want to/want me to guest post, have your product reviewed, or anything of that nature, just shoot me an email!

Little Problems Giveaway

I sent the winner an email yesterday, so if you entered, please check your email!  If I don't hear from the winner within 48 hours of the original email that was sent, I will be selecting a new winner... so don't miss out :)

Shew, that felt like I was at a staff meeting!  Haha.  Now I want to know, what have you been up to lately?!  I would love to hear all about it!

Happy Thursday!




  1. That Define-A-Brow pencil is a Godsend. Hope you feel better soon!

    xo, That Boston Prep

  2. I have had my BB Cream from Maybelliene for at least a few months - and I use it every day!! I love my BB Cream so much and I hope you like yours as well!

    Love your blog :)

  3. Wow you've come to far with all your treatment, sending positive vibes for the next 35 days... hope it flies by for you!

  4. Ooh, definitely going to check out the Define a Brow pencil! Hang in there with the steroids!

  5. Great update! Hope you feel better soon and I can't wait for next week! :)

  6. Good to know you like that BB Cream, I was considering buying and now I will definitely try it


  7. I hate that you have to be on meds again! And I love me some high end makeup but I also really love cheap makeup too! haha I used to use the Define a brow for a long time and I LOVED it!!!

    Love Always,