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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Concert Cute

I have not been to a concert in ages, so I'm pretty excited to be seeing Train in concert this weekend!  (Fun fact:  Seeing a concert is on my 24 Before 24 List, so I'm also excited to be checking that off of the list!)  Train's music is just so feel good, and I feel like they're one of those bands that you can't help but sing along to.  It helps that my boyfriend's parents have seen them in concert before and really talked them up to us.  Hopefully the weather will be pretty!

For my concert look, I'm channeling the song "Meet Virginia"

I'm finally feeling like maybe it's time for me to try out the flower crown trend!  I really like this romantic looking one from Windsor.

I love this adorable little romper from 90's Lullaby.  The fringe is such a fun touch!

 I think these simple Jack Rogers sandals would perfectly complete the look!

And it's an outdoor concert, so I can't forget my sunglasses!   (P.S. - These are $12 knockoffs of the Versaces that I bought 3 years ago... What. a steal.)

  Planning my outfit out makes me even more excited to go!  Are y'all planning on going to any concerts this summer?!  What will you be wearing?



P.S. - I love reading & responding to y'all's comments, but for some reason, my account won't let me reply on Blogger any more.  While I'm trying to get this worked out, I'll be responding by email.  Please make sure that you aren't a no-reply blogger, or I won't be able to respond to you! 

Instructions (borrowed from Life with Emily)
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  1. My fav by Train is Hey Soul Sister. I've not been to a Train concert yet but I am sure you'll have a blast. What would I wear? Dunno....but not a romper or overall, too much hassle if you have to use the public ones ;)

  2. Sorry to hear about your Blogger not being able to reply - I've never heard of that before! By the way, love the look! ;)

  3. Love those Jacks!! And I've been to the festival Rock Werchter in Belgium :)

  4. LOVE THIS LOOK! Rock that flower crown girlfriend!
    The Tennessee Life

  5. Thank you so much for putting that how-to at the end of this post. I couldn't figure out how to become a reply blogger after adding my blog to google +. Hopefully now I fixed it.

  6. Cute outfit inspiration! I love Train, especially Meet Virginia! Hope you have a blast!


  7. I love Train! They are definitely on my must see list. I love the outfit you put together!

    xo, Michaela
    The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  8. Me neither, I would love to get to an outside concert sometime this summer. Love your picks, this would make for a great festival look.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

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